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Lagree Fitness Megaformer & Microformer Machines

At Pilates Reformers Plus, we’re committed to becoming the world’s foremost platform for Pilates equipment. We work with the world’s premier brands in Pilates reformers and other Pilates equipment to provide you with essential fitness tools to enhance your workouts.

We’re proud to partner with Lagree Fitness to bring you their Megaformers, Microformers, and fitness accessories. As part of our commitment to bring you world-class Pilates equipment, these unique training machines offer varied exercises for a full-body workout to suit any age, body type, and level of fitness.

Over the years, Lagree has gained a reputation as being one of the premium workouts in the fitness industry. Growing exponentially in popularity, more and more people are finding that Lagree products bring them the results they need, providing incredible progress in fitness levels in an exceptional amount of time.

Their varied workouts focus on six key elements of fitness: strength, cardio, endurance, core, balance, and flexibility. It’s this variation that makes Lagree so special. Instead of focusing on one area, like in traditional gyms, Lagree brings a holistic approach to self-improvement, meaning you’ll see gains across the board...

Lagree is spearheading a fitness revolution and we’ve partnered with them to bring you the best-selling Megaformer and smaller Microformer. For those looking to add equipment to the home, Lagree offers the perfect solution.

How is Lagree Fitness different from traditional Pilates?

Although Lagree was originally called Pilates Plus, their products have evolved, with many large differences between the two kinds of exercise. Lagree Fitness focuses on high-intensity techniques, which are taken from bodybuilding. Combining this with low impact movements, Lagree Fitness is a very different type of exercise from Pilates, which focuses on stretching and rehabilitation.

For those who are looking for quick results, we believe Lagree is a go-to choice for full-body conditioning. By placing an emphasis on ‘time under tension’, Lagree ensures your muscles develop quicker as they spend more time resisting forces. With sets taking 1 to 2 minutes instead of the traditional 15 to 25 seconds, Lagree creates a more focused kind of muscle building.

Lagree also helps with injury prevention. By focusing on reps that take 8 or more seconds, the controlled movement ensures little to no risk of injury. Muscles do more work per unit time compared to fast movements, seeing quicker improvement. This is perfect for beginners, allowing them to expose muscles that haven’t previously been worked on to strain.

By emphasizing sensory-motor training, you’ll see quicker results, centered on balance as well as strength and flexibility. Most injuries occur when you come into contact with unexpected forces. By improving your balance, you’ll be better prepared when doing unfamiliar movements, therefore reducing your chances of being injured. Many people take up Pilates to rehabilitate injuries. On top of rehabilitation, Lagree ensures that injuries are not repeated.

These are just some of the ways that using a Lagree Megaformer can transform your body in a different way from traditional Pilates

What is the Megaformer?

One of the many things making Lagree unique is their Megaformer — a state-of-the-art fitness machine that was inspired by the Pilates reformer. A unique, refined, and highly specific machine, the Megaformer is designed to deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time. It’s the ideal equipment for those who are looking for a machine that goes the extra mile.

While we look to bring you a large range of Pilates reformers, the traditional reformer design is almost 100 years old, something that speaks to its timeless construction and consistent results. However, many have been looking for an updated design that is built to work with new discoveries about fitness and the human body. The Megaformer has taken the Pilates reformer in a completely different direction. It is longer, more versatile, and tailored to the human form.

Boasting a 130-inch length, the Megaformer for sale via our online store includes two large platforms at either end, picking up where the traditional Pilates reformer falls short. This ensures that the Megaformer allows all of the exercises available with a Pilates reformer as well as hundreds more. You can take part in more focused exercises, tailoring your workouts to the muscles you want to tone.

Additionally, there are two sets of cables connecting to the carriage, enabling different kinds of movement to a Pilates reformer. Compared to a traditional Pilates reformer class, in which most time is spent on your back, the Megaformer includes many planes of movement, providing a more varied workout with little to no time spent resting on your back.

Instead of the muscle stretching of traditional Pilates, the Megaformer focuses on breaking down muscle fibers and raising your heart rate. This changes the body's composition, taking you from weaker muscles to having a stronger, more enduring makeup.

If you weren’t convinced by Lagree’s impact on the fitness world, the Megaformer holds more patents than any other Pilates reformer. It has also been rated as the premier fitness trend by USA Today, ranking first out of 100 million workouts. The Megaformer truly is a fitness revolution.

Step into today

Choose a Lagree Megaformer for sale via our online store to update your workout. While using a Pilates reformer has always provided an effective workout since its conception in the 1920s, knowledge about the human body has evolved exponentially in the years following this.

That’s why it is time for a more effective workout, which is backed by research and innovation. The Megaformer is the answer to this problem. With huge leaps in fitness design, don’t miss out on astonishing results that are enjoyed by millions.

We offer the full range of Megaformers for either a commercial gym or home use. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for something to replace your existing fitness equipment, we stock a wide and varied range of Lagree products to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

From the Megaformer M3SEVO, M2, and M3 ranges to the Microformer and Lagree Fitness accessories, we’re pleased to be able to offer the key to your fitness journey.


Lagree Fitness Megaformer FAQs

Created by Sebastian Lagree, the Lagree Fitness Method is a full-body conditioning method taught in over 500 studios globally.
Lagree believed that fitness consists of five essential elements: cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility.
He felt pilates, with its lack of intensive cardio and most strength training that impacts the joints were not sufficient in addressing these five elements.
So he created the Lagree Fitness method, featuring high-intensity but low-impact exercises that improve muscular strength, core strength, and muscular endurance.
This method is adaptable to all fitness levels and was designed to be used on the Lagree Megaformer.

The Lagree Fitness Method is one of the fastest-growing fitness trends, credited by major celebrities for delivering on its promises to improve strength, flexibility, endurance, and body composition.
Lagree Fitness even features a section on their site dedicated to the success stories of people who the method has helped achieve their fitness goals.
Meaning there is significant evidence the Lagree Fitness method is working for a lot of people.
However, the only way to truly know if it will work for you is to try it out for yourself.

Despite the fact Lagree was first called ‘Pilates Plus’ when Sebastien Lagree founded the company, there are only tiny similarities between pilates and Lagree.
Pilates focuses on rehabilitation by stretching and realigning the body, while Lagree centers low impact movement with high-intensity bodybuilding techniques.
So it’s hard to say which is necessarily better, as they are extremely different methods. Not to mention, ‘better’ is a subjective judgment based on individualistic fitness goals.
We recommend trying out both methods, to get a sense of what works better for you.

A Megaformer is a long contraption made of two stable platforms, a gliding carriage and straps, springs, and platforms.
It was inspired by the classic Pilates reformer but is far bigger, more robust, and contains a greater diversity of interactive features.

The Lagree Megaformer can be used in a way extremely similar to the reformer. You can sit, kneel or stand on the platform, and use the spring-loaded carriage for resistance workouts.
However, it majorly differs from the reformer in the fact you can stand on it. A feature Lagree implemented to allow for a more intense workout.
This standing feature, unfortunately, means the Megaformer is more dangerous to use than a reformer due to risks associated with losing balance.
That’s why we strongly recommend learning how to use a Megaformer by visiting a studio for a private lesson or group class.

Of course! We have every Lagree Megaformer for sale imaginable at Pilates Reformers Plus.
We recommend though you experience using one first before you purchase (if and when possible). Here in the US, the rate for a drop-in class is on average $35, which is a small price to pay for professional guidance.

The Lagree Megaformer is a specialized piece of equipment, exceptionally constructed with robust and high-quality materials.
The machine is considered by all specialists in the Lagree method a step up from a conventional reformer, making it an advanced investment.
Naturally, the price will reflect this. At Pilates Reformers Plus our prices range from slightly above $13,000.00 to as low as under $7,000.00.
We at Pilates Reformers Plus will always strive to have a Megaformer for sale for an extremely affordable price so everyone can experience using one.
We recommend you browse our collection of Lagree Megaformers to get a sense of if buying one is right for you.

The Microformer was designed by Lagree fitness to deliver the same benefits as a Megaformer, without taking up the same space.
Designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone the muscles, the Micro was made with home use in mind but can be adapted commercially for studio use.
Lightweight, portable, and renowned for its versatility, the Microformer is adaptable for all fitness levels, genders, and body types.

In combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle, absolutely. The Lagree Fitness method trains your body to EMS, aka ‘effective muscle stimulation’ which is a major catalyst for your cardio burn.
EMS is influential in helping you burn calories, decrease body fat, and increase lean muscle. Which leads to substantial weight loss.
If you’ve started on the Lagree Fitness method and haven’t seen a drop on the scale, don’t sweat it.
Muscle weighs more than fat, meaning it’s better to focus on the way your clothes fit and how your body looks rather than the number on the scale.

Lagree Fitness recommends you do Lagree classes or practice the method 3-4 times a week, with a rest day in between to achieve optimal results. Ideally, you should be doing Lagree for 2.5 hours per week.
However, you must create a workout schedule that suits you and your body and allows your muscles adequate time to rest and rebuild.
We recommend you consult with a qualified exercise specialist to assess what weekly schedule will work best for you.

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