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Peak Pilates Reformers & Equipment

Reach your fitness peak with the Peak Pilates equipment collection, featuring the standout Peak Pilates fit reformer and sophisticated Peak Pilates Casa reformer

Meticulously handcrafted with premium oak, every single unit of Peak Pilates equipment has been professionally tested for durability, stability, and performance. Meaning you can exercise with the utmost security and support, on equipment designed to endure even the most energetic, and intense workouts. 

About The Peak Pilates Brand

Peak Pilates is a brand dedicated to ideals of sustainability and innovation, constructing their equipment out of natural materials to suit a plethora of clients, no matter their needs, experience level, or type of Pilates.

High-quality equipment is key to having a high-quality workout, so the fact Peak Pilates makes their Pilates equipment simultaneously so innovative and accessible is a testament to the brand’s commitment to ethical inclusivity.

This commitment is reflected in the precise engineering of all their sought after Pilates equipment, which updates Joseph Pilates’ original designs with contemporary technological features. 

The Peak Pilates Collection

With a Peak Pilates reformer with tower, you will truly ‘tower’ over your former self, advancing in your Pilates journey with the speed and precision only high-quality equipment can provide...

But no matter what Peak reformer you pick, prepare to be impressed. They combine ultimate support and durability with mechanical innovation, sustainable production methods, and beloved classical designs.

And in addition to this, they boast vertical stackability, convenient storage features, non-slip grip pads, and a full studio height sure to make your Pilates progression soar. This vertical stackability is especially impressive when we consider the amount of space often needed for a Pilates reformer. 

All products in the Peak Pilates collection also include cutting-edge integrated side-split platforms, locking foot bars, and a four-position gear bar. Sophisticated upgrades to a conventional reformer that are sure to impress even the most distinguished Pilates experts, as they browse the exceptional Peak Pilates collection. 

With all these impressive technological features you will be free to experiment with your exercise experience to your heart’s content. Take full advantage of the therapeutic and rehabilitative properties of Pilates, with an advanced Pilates machine that allows you to achieve movements and stretches you never thought possible. 

What’s being sold here isn’t just a collection of premium Pilates equipment- it’s full creative control. Take complete ownership of your workout with Peak Pilates, with their diverse and daring range of innovative additions.

Ramp up the resistance or cool down in comfort on any piece of Peak Pilates equipment, because all of them have been constructed with your comfort and security in mind. 

Why Invest in Peak Pilates

A Peak Pilates reformer for sale is an extremely worthwhile and advantageous investment, not just due to its impressive aesthetic and technological qualities. From a monetary standpoint, all items from the collection are extremely affordable, and with innovative stacking and folding options, they are engineered to save you space. 

You even have the option to add a reinforced jump board to every Peak Pilates reformer, as Peak Pilates is constantly endeavoring to help you elevate your Pilates experience even further. 

With the Peak Pilates collection, finding the Pilates reformer that suits you can be as easy as clicking a button. 

Especially if you opt for our professional installation and home delivery service, which ensures your perfect Pilates reformer is successfully integrated into your studio or home gym by licensed professionals. 

Eliminate the hassle and risk of setting up on your own with a small additional one-time fee, and streamline your buying experience with our superior service. 

An item from any of our collections, including Peak Pilates, is worth it. As we at Pilates Reformers Plus ensure all the collections we carry have been meticulously vetted for quality, authenticity, and reliability. 

We Are Here To Help 

This is because providing outstanding customer service is our number one priority. If you have any concerns, queries, or suggestions concerning the Peak Pilates collection we implore you to reach out. You can easily access us 24/7 via our webchat in the right-hand corner of your screen for a relaxed chat. Or, alternatively, feel free to email or give us a call.  

If you just want to read the glowing testimonials and highly positive reviews for the Peak Pilates collection, visit any of the collection’s sensational products. Here on our site we proudly display beneath all of our products, including the Peak Pilates range, your customer feedback.

Because of our sheer dedication to ensuring you have all the information and support you could possibly need to choose the piece of Pilates equipment suited to your unique needs, lifestyle, and exercise goals. 

We at Pilates Reformers Plus are acutely aware of these needs, and of the fact that every person who visits our site possesses an entirely unique financial situation full of its own individual challenges. That’s why if you’re ever reconsidering a purchase due to your situation, from Peak Pilates or any other of our premium brands, we offer a helpful solution. 

Flexible financing options. Options that allow everyone no matter their current financial situation to acquire their dream piece of Pilates equipment. Forget endless scrimping and saving with our plans with PayPal Credit and Klarna, which allow you to pay for your Peak Pilates purchase in installments over a defined period of time. 

Because at Pilates Reformers Plus, the number one Pilates equipment retailer in the US, we're passionate about providing products that adapt to you- not the other way around.

We are driven by the belief that your buying experience should be as easy, efficient, and fulfilling as possible. And the root of making that happen is equipment that soundly delivers on all of our promises. 

That’s why we're proud to stock the Peak Pilates collection, full of innovative, state of the art products like the stunning Peak Pilates fit reformer and the elegant Casa reformer that let you take total control of your workout. 

As you browse the Peak Pilates collection and marvel at its modern reformers, always remember every single piece of our Pilates equipment is advertised with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Purchase your dream Pilates reformer today with Pilates Reformers Plus, and take your fitness to the next level.

At Pilates Refoemrs Plus, we carry the best of Peak Pilates reformers & equipment, and some of their products also made it onto our list of the 11 Best Pilates Reformer Machines.


Peak Pilates FAQs

Peak Pilates is a Pilates equipment brand that strives to celebrate the original exercise techniques of Joseph Pilates through high-quality materials and methods of construction.
They were set up over 25 years ago in Boulder, Colorado, and credit the peaceful beauty of the Boulder mountains as one of their primary inspirations, hence the ‘Peak’ in their title.
Peak Pilates also specializes in offering high-quality instructor education, alongside their impressive equipment.

Peak Pilates aligns their brand more with classic Pilates. They even state their comprehensive instructor certification is rooted in traditional Pilates, ergo the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.
However, they do also note their certification, and equipment leaves room for more contemporary interpretation and experimentation with Pilates.
So yes, while Peak Pilates as a brand is more geared towards supporting classic Pilates exercises, you can practice any form of Pilates you want on a peak reformer, with its state of the art craftsmanship.

Peak Pilates offers instructor certifications that are either comprehensive or focus on mat and bridge.
They also offer certificate renewal and education in the form of in-person workshops in small or large groups, online learning, and even international training.
Peak Pilates is a company dedicated to giving back to the Pilates community by supporting and educating a whole new generation of future instructors.

Peak Pilates primarily specializes in the reformer. You use a peak Pilates reformer for sale in the same way you would a standard reformer for any brand.
This means adapting mat exercises or progressing to more challenging and unique positions that were designed for the reformer’s features.
These often involve pushing, pulling, or holding the carriage steady through the use of limbs, pulleys, or ropes while holding a specific pose.
You can also get an additional Peak Pilates Reformer with tower, which will complicate your exercise and provide a greater challenge.

With greater height and additional bars, you can further challenge your strength, flexibility, and balance through moves focused on an upward stretch.

Defining what is ‘best’ can only be done through the lens of the individual. You need to consider what you want from a Peak Pilates Reformer in terms of your unique fitness and wellness goals.
If your unsure what these are, consult a registered medical professional and a professional Pilates practitioner.

They will be able to give you critical insight into the state of your body and health which will help you come to your own conclusions on what those goals may be.
Ultimately, the best piece of peak Pilates equipment is one that not only adequately supports and safeguards your body but also enhances your entire exercise experience.

Peak Pilates in terms of price sits in the mid-range of most Pilates equipment. For example, a Peak Pilates fit Reformer typically ranges from between $2200.00 and up.
Meaning a Pilates reformer for sale from Peak Pilates, like the sleek Casa Reformer, is an option you should consider if you still desire an advanced, innovative Pilates machine, without an extremely high cost.

You can invest in a stunning piece of Peak Pilates equipment by visiting their exclusive collection here on our site.
We also recommend you visit our full reformer collection, to contrast and compare your options while picking that perfect Pilates reformer for purchase.

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