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Top 6 Pilates Reformers with Tower of 2021

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Gone are the days of ‘new year, new me’ but it isn’t too late to make 2021 the year you truly kick your Pilates fitness into gear.

How to do this? The answer’s simple. It’s time to invest in a Pilates reformer with tower.

One of the most innovative, accessible, and adjustable pieces of equipment on the market. While there are plenty of incredible options this year for a standalone Pilates reformer, a Pilates tower significantly elevates the quality and possibility of your workout, making it a highly desirable purchase.  If you want the new you- with profound confidence, fitness, and athleticism- to ‘tower’ over the old you...what’s better than a literal tower? Especially when that tower can increase your flexibility, improve your posture, nurture your muscular strength and help you drop a few pounds.

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

But, I hear you say- how do I know what Pilates tower for sale to buy? How do I know which reformer with tower is best for me?

You don’t have to. Because I’m going to tell you. With this list of the best Pilates reformer with tower for sale for 2021. Jokes aside, I can’t tell you what the best one will be for you. Not because this is secret CIA-level information, but simply because I don’t know you. I don’t know your fitness level, your body, your lifestyle, your budget, and your specific exercise needs- and these are all the things that should inform what equipment machine is best for you.

I can tell you what I DO know though. I know of some extremely highly rated, high-performing, and affordable Pilates reformer with tower. Some could be the best for you, some may not, some may even just help you get a sense of what you don’t want. Either way, it’ll help your search to evaluate a series of examples. This is why after reading this list I hope you feel one step closer to finding your perfect Pilates tower.

Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer With Tower

You guessed it….it’s another Pilates tower by Elina Pilates! If this repetition is surprising, it really shouldn’t be- Elina Pilates is one of the most premier equipment options on the market for Pilates equipment, especially for towers. To explore more of their incredible we recommend you visit their page, to browse all of Elina Pilates reformer with tower for sale.

This stylish tower reformer has several major advantages over other options- it has an easy conversion system, there is no need to lift, turn or flip the carriage, it stands an impressively high off its base and its tower is especially strong and durable.

Best For?

Those doing Pilates to heal from injury rather than get a lean toned body. This tower reformer features a lot of built-in comfort and security features and looks aesthetically stunning.

BASI Systems Wood Pilates Reformer With Tower

Made of sumptuous premium wood and polished aluminum, this is a dynamic and extremely comfortable reformer that works best for studio use.

Its tower is removable, which makes it incredibly easy to store away, and gives you a lot of freedom and choice when exercising. This reformer accommodates a huge variety of bodies, from the big and tall to the truly tiny. And with its padded, adjustable headrest all of them will be comfortable. With a color-coded three spring resistance system that is extremely sensitive, workouts can be altered to be more challenging or relaxing at the flick of a spring.

Best For?

Your stylish studio, where robust, comfortable equipment is needed that accommodates every Pilates enthusiast, big and small. You can put away the tower as needed, making customizing workouts a breeze.

Elina Pilates Physio Wood Reformer With Tower

First up on our list is this beautifully constructed Elina Pilates wooden reformer with tower. Constructed out of glossy, premium maple wood it’s stylish, sophisticated, and priced within a reasonable range.

This Pilates tower for sale is extremely adaptable and versatile, accommodating a diversity of individual sizes, heights, and abilities. It’s super comfortable, durable, and reliable, despite not having the best resistance system in the world.

It however is positively distinguished from other models due to its patented rolling mechanism to ensure precise and silent movement, which the brand calls its whisper smooth technology.

Best For?

This reformer functions as both a Pilates tower for home studio use. It’s a middle-of-the-road option with an affordable price and great performance. If you prioritize exercising on silent and smooth equipment, this could be the Pilates reformer with tower for sale you’ve been searching for.

Private Pilates Premium Wood Reformer with Tower

This Private Pilates option is incredible for improving your strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and endurance- its sliding carriage and ball-bearing rollers give quick, smooth, and silent platform movement.

Its tower, featuring a dynamic spring-loaded push-through bar generates an astonishing amount of resistance, while still being highly customizable and accessible for all users. A Pilates tower for home, enjoy the unprecedented advantages of tower Pilates in the security and privacy of your own space with this stylish machine.

An attractive bundle that provides a host of additional accessories and add-ons for all your home exercise needs, Private Pilates has truly catered to the home Pilates enthusiast with this unique and innovative tower. 

Best For?

Those who want to get a sweat on, without leaving the house. Private Pilates is one of a growing number of Pilates equipment retailers renowned for providing affordable equipment options for everyday people, who want to enjoy their favorite exercise without major financial investment. This Private Pilates reformer tower is super affordable, lightweight, stylish, and performs incredibly well- making it a great choice for anyone.

Elina Pilates Wood Reformer With Tower

Once again we say ‘Hola’ to Elina Pilates, the Spanish equipment brand taking the world by storm with their range of truly special Pilates tower for sale.

With a snazzy built-in tower anchoring system and sophisticated resistance system, this is a machine that’s all about ‘elite’ performance. It’s stylish, incredible at toning your muscles, from your arms to your legs. And best of all, it’s stackable.

Meaning once your done, fold and store it away- it’s that simple. Elina Pilates was the first to introduce this feature for their Pilates reformer with tower, a testament to how forward-thinking the brand is. 

Best For? 

It’s best for Studios due to its high performance, easy storage, and stylish, modern look. Or, if you live in a home featuring a minimalistic, clean design this could be the Pilates tower for home for your needs. 

Elina Pilates Aluminium Reformer with Tower

We finish up with, of course, Elina Pilates. With another gem of a tower reformer from the innovative brand.

Constructed from sustainable, powdered aluminum, this reformer is significantly more robust and durable than a wooden reformer. The benefits of an Aluminium model over a wooden option are significant- the reformer and tower are more resistant to scratches, marks, and stains, it’s more lightweight and easy to store, and it provides additional support and structure to your workout.

This makes this tower reformer option especially appealing for home use. Enjoy experimenting with your exercise, reaching literal and metaphorical new heights, all in the privacy and sanctuary of your own domestic space with this state-of-the-art reformer. 

Best For?

Those searching for the perfect reformer tower to use at home. Combines a sleek, stylish design and finish with a lightweight, durable, portable, and highly robust machine. All lovers of Pilates who truly appreciate the benefits of Pilates would benefit from considering this option, and Elina Pilates as a brand as a whole.


So….there we have it! Our top six tower reformers for 2021. From Elina Pilates to BASI Systems, there are a whole host of impressive brands selling exceptional equipment options this year. With the sheer popularity, positive reviews, and high ratings of many of these options they sell out quickly, so make sure you find that perfect Pilates tower reformer sooner than later!

On that note- If you realize after reading this that a tower reformer does not fulfill your equipment needs- don’t worry, we have plenty of alternative equipment options, including Pilates Cadillac, chairs, barrels, spine correctors and so much more here for sale. Visit our complete best-selling Pilates reformers equipment collection to discover the most exceptional options we stock.

Either way, I sincerely hope this list has helped you in your equipment journey and provided some enjoyable laughs, tips, and advice along the way. Exploring and understanding Pilates equipment is a lengthy journey, to the point it feels like you need a guide on every piece of equipment, so make sure you read up using educational and trustworthy resources as you navigate an equipment world practically bursting at the seams with potential options. 

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