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The Best Pilates Reformers with Tower of 2021 - Pilates Reformers Plus

Top 7 Pilates Reformers with Tower of 2023

Looking to add new exercises to your Pilates workout? Consider a Pilates reformer with a tower and browse this list of the top ones in the market.


If you’ve ever been to a Pilates class, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the multitude of options you have, whether mat Pilates, Pilates reformer or tower Pilates.

But what if you could combine all of those exercises into one device? Introducing the Pilates reformer with a tower, the ultimate Pilates reformer device that combines the endurance of a carriage and mat with the versatility of a tower.

Purchasing a Pilates reformer with a tower opens up a range of exercises, including curls, reverse crunches, squats, and much more, to tone your core and entire body. In addition, a Pilates reformer tower can also improve spinal mobility and achieve deeper workouts in your glutes, thighs, and arms.

So if you’re thinking about getting a home Pilates reformer and want a wider range of workouts like you get at the studio, check out our list of the top 7 Pilates reformers with tower machines.


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Pilates Reformers with Tower Buying Guide 

What is a Pilates Reformer Tower?

The reformer tower combines a traditional mat and carriage with the verticality of a tower that allows users to engage in suspension-based exercises and adds more resistance to traditional Pilates workouts. A Pilates reformer with a tower will often feature a standing tower with a vertical sliding bar, rollback bar, push-thru bar, a stopper, and adjustable springs.

Some Pilates reformer towers may also come with a jump board, straps, ropes, or a separate Pilates chair to achieve a wider range of workouts.

Ultimately, the more workouts you can achieve with a Pilates reformer machine, the better your results will be and the more likely you will stick to your exercise routine.

What are the Benefits of a Pilates Reformer Tower?

A Pilates reformer with a tower features high-quality vertical beams with sliding crossbars that allow users to customize their workouts and achieve the right resistance level.

In fact, there is a wide range of benefits that a Pilates reformer tower offers over a traditional reformer device.

  • Easy folding and storage.
  • Often includes straps, ropes, and a jump board for greater aerobic exercise.¬†
  • A wider range of workouts.
  • Adds new challenges, which make people more likely to continue workouts.¬†
  • Improves spinal mobility.
  • High-quality metal/wood construction offers long-lasting durability.
  • Higher resistance than traditional mat-based exercises.
  • Targets muscles beyond your core, including biceps, triceps, glutes, and quadriceps.

Can You Add a Tower to a Reformer?

Yes, you can add a tower to a reformer as long as the manufacturer includes this option. For example, many Pilates Cadillac reformers offer detachable trapeze towers that allow users to alternate between a conversion mat, a reformer with carriage, and a tower Pilates machine.

However, several reformers don’t feature mounts to incorporate a tower, so you are often better off purchasing a Pilates reformer with a tower or a standalone tower if you want the best of both worlds. 

What Workouts Can I Do on a Pilates Reformer Tower?

There are literally hundreds of workouts you can complete on a Pilates reformer with a tower. Some of our favorite exercises include:

  • Glute bridges
  • Supine leg springs
  • Side-lying leg springs
  • Tower
  • Hip extension
  • Leg circles
  • Squats
  • Chest flies
  • Suspended push-ups
  • Seated push through
  • Boxing¬†
  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep dips
  • Reverse crunches
  • Planks with varied resistance

Furthermore, you can duplicate any exercise on a mat or reformer on a Pilates tower with even greater resistance and new challenges.

With these wonderful benefits in mind, let’s run through our list of the seven best Pilates reformer towers for any home or studio. 


Most Popular Pilates Reformers with a Tower

1. BASI Systems Wood Pilates Reformer with Tower

Best Overall Pilates Reformer with Tower

BASI Systems Wood Pilates Reformer with Tower


  • Convertible design swaps between reformer or reformer combo
  • Foldable tower
  • Available in standard or short models¬†
  • Enhanced Pulley System (EPS) allows for adjustable pulleys that match the height and width of the tower¬†
  • Multiple spring settings with 3 gears per spring
  • Springs available for straps, roll down bars, and push-thru bars
  • 3 extension leg heights
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum tracks and frame¬†
  • Orthopedic padded cushioning
  • Longest/widest carriage available¬†
  • Four integrated ports compatible with BASI Systems F2 upgrade¬†
  • Adjustable headrest, footrest, and shoulder rests
  • Sturdy silicone wheels
  • US 10,393,163 B2 Patent

BASI Systems tops yet another one of our lists with the best Pilates reformer tower. This all-in-one Pilates reformer allows for easy conversion between a raised mat, traditional reformer, or reformer combo with a tower.

Its lightweight, aircraft-quality aluminum rails, silicone wheels, and folding frame allow users to transport, store, and adjust this reformer to fit their workouts. Users can also upgrade their workouts by incorporating state-of-the-art EPS spring adjustments with three gears per spring that allow maximum precision when calibrating their workout difficulty.

Additionally, this Pilates reformer tower opens up a whole new range of workouts, thanks to its bevy of straps, 4 stoppers, push-through bar, roll-down bar, ropes, pulleys, and the largest carriage on the market. Achieve a full-bodied and holistic workout, taking comfort with the orthopedic cushioning, adjustable headrest/foot bar/shoulder rest heights, and 3-prong extension leg heights.

In terms of quality, functionality, and durability, no Pilates reformer with a tower can top this machine by BASI Systems. As a bonus, users can also upgrade their reformer with the BASI Systems F2 upgrade, which provides even greater functionality.

Merrithew At Home SPX¬ģ Reformer Package Reviews
"I know a good pilates machine when I see one and this is the real thing. Customer service was quick to help me with my assembly problem. Thanks!" - Janet J. Verified Buyer

Starting at $9,299


2. Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Machine with Tower

Best Pilates Reformer with Tower for Injuries


  • Stackable design
  • Rock maple wood frame with an integrated tower anchoring system¬†
  • Quiet glide wheels with precision bearings
  • 6 Stability springs (2 red, 2 green, 2 yellow)
  • 4 spring bar positions and 4-position shoulder straps
  • Adjustable pulley rods
  • Padded seat and front adjustable strap
  • Extra-large foot bar provides perfect stability

Elina Pilates is one of the most recognized brands in Pilates and delivers its signature style with this elegant Elite Wood Reformer with Tower. This reformer features stunning rock maple wood and precision glide wheels for an aesthetically pleasing and sounding reformer.

Most importantly, this Pilates reformer tower offers several built-in features that achieve the most comfortable workout experience possible.

For example, this Pilates reformer tower includes a padded seat, padded front adjustable straps, 4-position adjustable shoulder straps, and 4 adjustable spring bar positions that allow users to adjust this device to their body type and enjoy a comfortable workout.

Additionally, users will enjoy Elina’s Stability spring system that allows them to take their workouts to the next level with precision resistance.

What this Pilates reformer tower lacks in amenities or add-ons, it makes up for with aesthetics and comfort. For this reason, this Pilates reformer tower is the best Pilates machine for people with injuries or physical disabilities that prevents them from using other workout devices.

Merrithew At Home SPX¬ģ Reformer Package Reviews
"I've tried them all in different studios, read all the specs, and compared prices and quality. Elina Pilates is the winner. A studio quality equipment I can use at home. The Elite Wood Reformer with Tower comes with everything you'll need, and it's easy to assemble. Don't hesitate, this is the best investment you can make." - Steven T. Verified Buyer

Starting at $5,295


3. Align Pilates C8 Pro Reformer with Tower

Best Budget Pilates Reformer with Tower

Align Pilates C8 Pro Reformer with Tower


  • All stainless steel metal frame
  • Detachable half-Cadillac/trapeze tower
  • Wall mounting brackets available (sold separately)
  • Collapsible leg extensions
  • Maple roll-down bar and aluminum push-thru bar
  • Quick-release safety strap¬†
  • Pair of foot straps, handles, and 2 pairs of double eyelet spring holders

Finally, we’d like to close out our list with the most affordable and accessible Pilates reformer towers on the market, the C8 Pro Reformer with Tower by Align Pilates.

Similar to the A8, the C8 offers many of the same amenities, including a detachable trapeze tower, wall mounting brackets, and stainless steel frame, for a more affordable price. In addition, the leg extensions, maple roll-down bar, and aluminum push bar make this reformer a great buy by offering everything you need to get started with a Pilates reformer and expand your workouts beyond the mat.

So enjoy the benefits you get from a fully functional Pilates reformer and tower for a price that won’t break the bank.

Starting at $4,769


4. Private Pilates Premium Wood Reformer with Tower

Best Space-Saving Pilates Reformer with Tower

Private Pilates Premium Wood Reformer with Tower


  • Solid beech wood frame with stainless steel metal tower¬†
  • Honeycomb foot bar improves grip
  • Mobile frame with precision positioning
  • Anti-drop spring protected pulley
  • Expanded gearbox
  • Precise spring adjustments¬†
  • Adjustable foot bar, headrests, and shoulder rest
  • Metal/wood push-thru bar
  • Orthopedic mat cover and anti-bacterial leather cover

Private Pilates delivers one of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional Pilates reformer towers with its Premium Wood Reformer with Tower. This Pilates reformer tower features a luxurious beech wood and stainless steel metal frame for a truly sturdy and durable design.

However, don’t let its toughness fool you because this reformer is designed to work in any space, whether it's the studio or the basement. Users can adjust this device with precision positioning thanks to its mobile frame. Additionally, this reformer includes adjustable cushioning and headrests to achieve maximum comfort in tight spaces.

This Pilates reformer tower device also comes with a three-tier gearbox system that allows precision spring tuning and an anti-drop spring-protected pulley system. Users will also enjoy working out with multiple straps, ropes, a push-through bar, and a honeycomb foot bar for added grip that opens up a whole new list of exercises.

Its space-saver design and versatility make this Pilates reformer towers one of our favorites on the list.

Merrithew At Home SPX¬ģ Reformer Package Reviews
"I bought the private premium wood reformer with tower last month. Worth every penny! Great spring quality, I could really feel the resistance." - Meagan Verified Buyer

Starting at $5,699


5. Align Pilates A8 Pro Reformer with Tower

Best Pilates Reformer with Tower for Beginners

Align Pilates A8 Pro Reformer with Tower


  • Optional half Cadillac offers a trapeze tower attachment¬†
  • Wall mounting brackets available¬†
  • Durable stainless steel frame
  • Aluminum push-thru bar with quick height adjustments
  • Quick-release safety strap¬†
  • Maple roll-down bar
  • Includes a pair of foot straps, 2 pairs of double eyelet spring holders, and a pair of handles

If you’re looking for a solid Pilates reformer with a tower attachment to give you the functionality of a Cadillac reformer, this is the perfect device. This Pilates reformer tower features an optional half-Cadillac trapeze tower that can be installed and ready to use in 10 minutes.

Furthermore, Align Pilates offers an optional wall mounting bracket if you want to work solely on the trapeze tower to get a feel for it.

In total, this Pilates reformer tower offers everything you need to get started with Pilates, including an aluminum push-through bar with rapid adjustments, a quick release safety strap, a sturdy maple roll-down bar, and a pair of foot straps for a wide range of exercises.

Starting at $5,419


6. Merrithew SPX Max Plus Reformer Bundle

Best Reformer Tower for Intermediate and Expert Skill Levels


  • Padded platform extender with a reformer box and foot straps
  • Vertical frame with a Mat convertor
  • Maple roll-down bar with 2 resistance springs
  • Push-thru bar with 2 springs¬†
  • Carriage stopper and soft reformer loops
  • Neoprene spring covers
  • Retractable rope system
  • Easy-roll wheels
  • 5 reformer springs with precision spring brackets¬†
  • 2 traveling pulleys with a safety chain
  • 2 extension straps and 2 traveling spring hooks
  • 2 leg springs with long spine straps

The SPX Max Plus Reformer Bundle offers precision spring resistance using its state-of-the-art reformer spring system and precision spring brackets that allow users to coordinate each exercise's resistance carefully.

In addition, the vertical tower comes with a series of push-thru bars, traveling pulleys, extension straps, and leg springs, all with their own variable spring resistance.

As a bonus, all five primary reformer springs come with neoprene spring covers to dampen noise and provide a calming and relaxing experience.

Customers can also experiment with new workouts using Merrithew’s patented retractable rope system, maple roll-down bar, and soft reformer loops. Try out new exercises like the side stretch, standing pulldown, bicep curls, and mermaid using this advanced Pilates tower.

Starting at $6,799


7. Activemine Pilates Reformer with Tower

Most Durable Pilates Reformer with Tower

Activemine Pilates Reformer with Tower


  • Sturdy wooden frame with 304 chromium-coated metal tower
  • Special fabric improves handle grip
  • Dirt-resistant vinyl coated leather¬†
  • Non-collapsible and non-slip foot bar sponge
  • Detachable jump board
  • 5 separate springs with 3 resistance levels¬†
  • Pauldron with clamp lever

Look no further than the Activemine Pilates Reformer with Tower for a truly durable, lifetime investment. This reformer device features a solid wooden frame with a 304 chromium-coated metal that prevents rust and corrosion.

Likewise, this reformer and tower come with a non-collapsible foot bar sponge, scuff-resistant vinyl coated leather, 18 tarnish-free carabiners, and a detachable pauldron with a clamp lever for the ultimate protection against rust, scratches, tarnish, and damage.

In terms of functionality, this Pilates reformer with tower offers everything you need for a full-bodied workout, including a push-thru bar, straps, ropes, roll down bar, detachable jump board, mat converter, and spatial fabric handles that improve grip and resist slips.

This tower Pilates machine offers everything you need for a home studio and guarantees nearly lifetime use, making it a great investment.

Starting at $5,899


A Pilates reformer with a tower offers users a full-body workout from head to core. Thanks to the added dimension of the Pilates tower, users can enjoy deeper core workouts and add new challenges to their existing repertoire to keep Pilates fun and fresh.

Additionally, most of the machines on this list offer precision spring resistance tuning and feature various accessories, ranging from push-thru bars and jump boards to straps that spice up workouts and help you achieve that desired burn.

At Pilates Reformer Plus, we offer Pilates reformer towers for every skill level or physical ability to help those with injuries or just beginning to enjoy the benefits of Pilates. Be sure to browse our wide selection of the best Pilates equipment on the market or our list of the best Pilates reformers with towers to take the fun of studio Pilates directly into your home.


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