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Studio quality reformer for home

I already knew that Elina Pilates carry good quality Pilates reformers but when I received it I was very impressed. It's a studio quality reformer but also perfect for home use.
I took 2-3 weeks to arrive as advertised and customer service was awesome. If you are looking for high quality reformer for a good price, this is the one.

the Best lagree machine!

I used the megaformer in my Lagree studio but due to COVID and everything that's been going on I've decided to make the investment and purchase one for myself. The best decision I have ever made. Lagree method really getting me the best results and when having the megaformer m3s machine at home I can workout more often.
The shipping was pretty fast and I also bought the installation service with the purchase so everything was handled for me and I could just start working out. Thank you Pilates Reformers Plus.

Sturdy foldable reformer

It arrived in about a week from Turkey. Much sturdier than other foldable reformers I have owned and it’s nice to not be flush on the floor. I had some issues with setup but the manufacturer called me (again from turkey) and spent a lot of time walking me through it making sure everything worked well. The jump board requires a lighter touch than non-foldable models but that was easy enough to get used to. Great reformer and good company to work with!

Great equipment and even better customer service

I've been wanting a Cadillac ever since I started doing Pilates. Go big or go home, right? Well, I went small previously and got an Aero Pilates reformer/tower combo and it was okay except it was very basic and didn't have enough springs for my liking and was just basic. So I finally splurged and got the Private Pilates Cadillac Reformer, because why not get the most comprehensive one when you're buying your third reformer, right?

There were some hiccups with DHL with shipping (they kind of sucked) but Nina at Pilates Reformer Plus was a godsend. She kept me informed of the delivery, handled the mishaps that kept coming up with DHL and without her assistance I would probably be crying in a corner right now waiting for my new equipment to get here.

Once it finally arrived setup was a breeze. My only complaint is that it doesn't include the lambswool fuzzies, but rather some basic straps but I missed the memo on that when ordering.

The equipment itself is wonderful. Very sturdy, can easily handle my 190# frame holding onto the bars and flipping myself over thinking I'm ready for some advanced acrobatic routines. And it's nice to have proper springs so when I'm following along with my Pilates Anytime workout and they say "2 reds and a blue" I actually have 2 reds and a blue, not just 2 blues and 2 yellows like the Aero Pilates equipment.

It's also so much quieter than the Aero. Sturdier ropes and pulleys, and the short one fits just fine in my standard, open ceiling basement that has about 84" of clearance.

If you're debating on equipment I definitely recommend this one and especially the great customer service from Nina!

megaformer EVO

Very well designed and built machine!

Excellent equipment

Evo is a latest and greatest! Really enjoying my daily workouts.

EVO megaformer

Delivery and installation process went smooth.

Love it

Good product and feels good to be back on the reformer.

Great Reformer!

I received the reformer before the projected delivery date. It is a quality piece of exercise equipment. I look forward to many many years of good use! Thank you!

LOVE this machine

I am very pleased with this reformer. I was in studio Pilates classes for 3 years and wanted to have a reformer at home. I did a lot of research (and my daughter is a PIlates instructor) and chose the Casa Reformer. It is a great machine for the price--very close to the machines I used in studio. It was easily and quickly assembled and functions smoothly and quietly. The spring tension is a little different than what I was used to, but I was able to quickly determine the resistance I needed.
Overall, this is an excellent machine that I would highly recommend. Also the personal service from Pilates Reformers Plus was great. I am glad I chose to purchase from them.

Great reformer

I have had this reformer for just a week and I have used it every day and I love it!!
I did pay $$ to have it put together, and I am glad that I did! It came with a couple 100 extra pieces parts...screws , bolts and the such...
it is a solid piece of equipment and I am very glad I purchased it.

I love this machine!

The microformer exceeds my expectations! Lagree is the class I miss the most during pandemic so bringing it home is truly amazing. The machine is a little bulky to handle and just setting up and putting it away can be a workout in itself but I still love using it. One minor complaint I have it that the spring changes are difficult - the knobs are quite difficult to pull out (meaning, I'll have to pause my virtual lesson to manipulate it, but I'll survive).


I’m really happy with the Aero Pilates 651 . Instructions weren’t too bad understanding. I have a bad back and was concerned at first but it’s been great for it. I feel elongated and stretched out after using it. Great purchase for me.

AeroPilates Pilates Equipment Mat

Great customer service, delivery and prices!

Pilates Performers Plus is absolutely a great company to deal with. Although it is a small business but the customer service is the best. By the way, their prices are the best and a way better compared to others on the market. The customer service via chat support promptly will help you and even the general manager (company founder) follows up with you in subsequent email. They even called to help me with choosing the type of the reformer that matched my need and budget, and helped with the payment too, I bought the Aeropilates pro xp 557. I got the reformer and the box and pole set, each separately, even earlier than their scheduled delivery date and was very excited about this. I was worried about delivering this heavy and bulk item, but the in fact, the delivery was so convenient and very professional that exceeded my expectation. So don’t worry at all about delivering it to your door. I like it so far but didn’t use it a lot to make a fair judgment. It is not like the studio pilates reformer as those are fancier but it really does a very good job and great machine for the budget. I may think to upgrade it in 2 years or so to a different brand with a higher quality if I become more advanced. But, if I will buy a newer model, I will definitely buy form this company again because of their exceptional customer support and individualized services.

Excellent customer service. Install easy.

Love! Love! Love!

I love this reformer! I have been practicing Pilates since 12/26/2019 and decided I would rather invest my money in a reformer at home than to keep paying for the studio. This reformer took abut 2 hours to put together BY MYSELF and I had no problems lining up the holes in the brackets. I had a small reformer and it just didn't do the job, lower to the ground, smaller carriage and had 4 cords. This reformer is much wider and has springs. I just love it! I also joined and they have hundreds of workout videos by awesome instructors! I am thrilled to be saving so much money per month and still get outstanding workouts!

Peak Pilates reformer

Great experience overall - great company to deal with.

Waiting to hear if shoulder rest is okay with a missing whole. Only 3 wholes on one side and 4 o...

Only 3 wholes on one side and 4 on the other side of the shoulder rest. Have the screw but no place to put it. What to make sure I can use it with only 3 screws on the one side. I sent a picture to the company I purchased it from and hoping to get a response very soon

Love the reformer, one rope was damaged in transit, but was quickly replaced by manufacturer. Ve...

Great reformer!

Love my CASA reformer

Arrived so fast, easy assembling and top quality product. I’ve owned professional Peak Pilates equipment and this quality is comparable.

Great Reformer

The hardest part of setting this up was getting the rails to align but otherwise this is a very good reformer for the price.

Our installation was quick and flawless and completed by a very nice and helpful man. We greatly appreciate him. Thank you!

Works great!

Needed to elevate my Pilates machine as was recently diagnosed with Polymialgia rheumatica. The stand was easy to assemble and raises the machine about twelve inches. Very sturdy and stable.

Great work out!

This works on all the muscles my elliptical and treadmill doesn’t. Love how it engages the core!