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I've been searching for months for a good quality foldable reformer!! I have limited space so I was really happy when I saw that the F2 folding reformer by Align Pilates was the perfect size for it. The machine is really superb!! Plus, the customer service that I got from this store is commendable. They were really patient with my questions and guided me through the whole buying process. Thumbs up for them!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Amazing C2 pro

The RC feature is really amazing! I didn't have to stop in the middle of my workout to change the speed, I didn't lose momentum. And that's really amazing especially if I'm hyperfocused on my Pilates workout.

High-quality reformer

Align Pilates C8 Pro is really good. Had no problem ordering and receiving my equipment and great customer service

Excellent customer service

Well, let me start by saying Nina, was a wonderful assistant in to buying this performer. I have been looking for a nice solid performer to have at home instead of going to the club and this is it. Wonderful quality. This is like the nicest one I have found and believe me I have been looking for at least two months because I want to be sure it is the best for the money I paid.
I know it is coming from Spain and although it is not here yet, it's been 2 weeks now, Nina has kept me informed on when my reformer will get here. Also, I did purchase a reformer somewhere else right before I purchased with this company; nevertheless, the other store cancelled my order because they did not have it in stock. Their price was very good. Well, Nina helped me match that price deal that I had with the other store, so I can't be happier with my purchase. I am so so excited!!! 2 more weeks and it will be here.

Align Pilates H1 Home Reformer

I've used Align Pilates in my local studio and I loved it. So I decided to buy this brand for my home workout and even though I didn't buy the exact same model from my studio, Align Pilates didn't disappoint! I can still do all the workouts I want on my H1 Home Reformer.

Sturdy and outstanding quality

The Elite Cadillac Reformer I bought did not disappoint. The frames were solid and very impressive!

I�m loving my M3S

I tested it before writing a review. I bought a Megaformer M3S by Lagree Fitness and it was the best decision I�ve ever made. I�m an active Lagree fitness member but because of work, I can�t always go to the gym. Even though M3S is a bit expensive, it�s worth it. I actually think that I can save more money by having my own machine than regularly going to Lagree. I�m so happy!

Amazing quality!

I know a good pilates machine when I see one and this is the real thing. Customer service was quick to help me with my assembly problem. Thanks!

Awesome reformer

I bought the private premium wood reformer with tower last month. Worth every penny! Great spring quality, I could really feel the resistance.

Read this before you buy a megaformer

First, I got to say that I'm in love with the Lagree method, but I will give you my best and honest review. I have been training in my local Lagree Fitness studio for a few years now and tried all their Megaformers in every variation. I felt that it is time for me to buy my own megaformer due to my studio being closed for some time now and because I want to step up my game. After my deep research and long discussions with Pilates Reformers Plus experts and my studio owner, I have decided to go with the M3 Megaformer and I don't regret it for a second. It is just perfect! the quality, the size, the features, it has everything I need. Yes, it is not cheap, at all, but it worth every penny. I received it after 2 weeks from the day I ordered it and my husband assembled it for me. I might had to just order their installation service as well because it took him a few days to start working on my project :-)
If you are looking for a professional mega former, the M3 is the one to get.

Great Elina Pilates machine

Elina Pilates reformer is amazing! the price and quality are perfect and I enjoy it every day. I would recommend buying from them.

Five stars!!

The fully loaded option has everything I needed. It has so much more accessories compared to the basic option. If you are familiar with the Lagree method, the Microformer machine is the one to have at home. It is compact and easy to carry around. Shipping was very fast!

Amazing customer service, low price, and I love the reformer!

Overall, I had a great buying experience! Super satisfied with my A8 Pro reformer.

The best Pilates reformer with tower

I've tried them all in different studios, read all the specs, and compared prices and quality. Elina Pilates is the winner. A studio quality equipment I can use at home. The Elite Wood Reformer with Tower comes with everything you'll need, and it's easy to assemble. Don't hesitate, this is the best investment you can make.

I love my Basi Pilates Reformer

I love my Basi Pilates Reformer! The quality of the reformer is spectacular. The best birthday present I have ever received.
I would recommend this Pilates reformer to everyone! Shipping was fast and assmebly was easy :-)

Beautiful piece of equipment

This BASI Cadillac Reformer Combo is a beautiful piece of equipment and very comfortable to use. You can tell that it is constructed of high quality materials and it has every feature I'm used to having at my Pilates studio. I'm loving it.

Studio quality reformer for home

I already knew that Elina Pilates carry good quality Pilates reformers but when I received it I was very impressed. It's a studio quality reformer but also perfect for home use.
I took 2-3 weeks to arrive as advertised and customer service was awesome. If you are looking for high quality reformer for a good price, this is the one.

the Best lagree machine!

I used the megaformer in my Lagree studio but due to COVID and everything that's been going on I've decided to make the investment and purchase one for myself. The best decision I have ever made. Lagree method really getting me the best results and when having the megaformer m3s machine at home I can workout more often.
The shipping was pretty fast and I also bought the installation service with the purchase so everything was handled for me and I could just start working out. Thank you Pilates Reformers Plus.

Sturdy foldable reformer

It arrived in about a week from Turkey. Much sturdier than other foldable reformers I have owned and it’s nice to not be flush on the floor. I had some issues with setup but the manufacturer called me (again from turkey) and spent a lot of time walking me through it making sure everything worked well. The jump board requires a lighter touch than non-foldable models but that was easy enough to get used to. Great reformer and good company to work with!

Physio Wood Reformer Machine

Solid frames, you could really tell that it's high quality. I really recommend this product and buying from them. Their customer service is great, I had no trouble with my order and they were quick to respond to my questions.

Great equipment and even better customer service

I've been wanting a Cadillac ever since I started doing Pilates. Go big or go home, right? Well, I went small previously and got an Aero Pilates reformer/tower combo and it was okay except it was very basic and didn't have enough springs for my liking and was just basic. So I finally splurged and got the Private Pilates Cadillac Reformer, because why not get the most comprehensive one when you're buying your third reformer, right?

There were some hiccups with DHL with shipping (they kind of sucked) but Nina at Pilates Reformer Plus was a godsend. She kept me informed of the delivery, handled the mishaps that kept coming up with DHL and without her assistance I would probably be crying in a corner right now waiting for my new equipment to get here.

Once it finally arrived setup was a breeze. My only complaint is that it doesn't include the lambswool fuzzies, but rather some basic straps but I missed the memo on that when ordering.

The equipment itself is wonderful. Very sturdy, can easily handle my 190# frame holding onto the bars and flipping myself over thinking I'm ready for some advanced acrobatic routines. And it's nice to have proper springs so when I'm following along with my Pilates Anytime workout and they say "2 reds and a blue" I actually have 2 reds and a blue, not just 2 blues and 2 yellows like the Aero Pilates equipment.

It's also so much quieter than the Aero. Sturdier ropes and pulleys, and the short one fits just fine in my standard, open ceiling basement that has about 84" of clearance.

If you're debating on equipment I definitely recommend this one and especially the great customer service from Nina!

Great product!

I love my new Elina Pilates. Worth the money!

megaformer EVO

Very well designed and built machine!

Excellent equipment

Evo is a latest and greatest! Really enjoying my daily workouts.

EVO megaformer

Delivery and installation process went smooth. Review Medals

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