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Elina Pilates Elite Ladder Barrel with Wooden Base


amazing service and was very happy with the personal attention. very easy to set up the reformer.

Great service

I felt like the company did a great job of keeping me informed and the delivery team was additionally supportive in bring the equipment to my door.

Love love love it!

Love this reformer. Easy to put the few pieces together

Perfect Pilates Box

Purchased this box for my home Pilates routine. The box is just as described, great quality and sturdy. Free shipping and tax free was a bonus.

Feeling Fit is Priceless

With the stand I now have variety of exercises, which means: better movement and better health!

Great product….Great customer service!!

I bought the Elina Elite Reformer and Elite combo chair, I couldn’t be happier with both products, and Chaddy was a great help, in answering any questions I had.

Pilates stand

I wish I would have brought this years ago. Excellent quality, and packaging made through the mail.

AeroPilates Pro XP 556 Pilates Reformer

Great product. A wonderful addition to my home workouts.

Love my new Elina Pilates Equipments

1st of all, Thank you Chaddy for your help!
I had a bit difficult time with DHL global forwarding delivery due to it’s a heavy item. (428lb)
But Chaddy helped me so well to get my products right. My new Elina Pilates Equipments from Pilates Reformer Plus are
-spine correctors
-ped o pole
-reformer cadillac
-ladder barrel
-wunda chair
And I am satisfied with my purchase.

Happy with Align Pilates H1

I'm so glad I made the investment in this reformer. The set up was very easy and the equipment is high quality. It is really easy to move around with using the wheels. The company has been responsive with any questions.
Something to note - the reformer was delivered on a large pallet that the shipper would not take away - so be prepared.


I've been searching for months for a good quality foldable reformer!! I have limited space so I was really happy when I saw that the F2 folding reformer by Align Pilates was the perfect size for it. The machine is really superb!! Plus, the customer service that I got from this store is commendable. They were really patient with my questions and guided me through the whole buying process. Thumbs up for them!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


The gentleman who installed our Reformer was professional, thorough, polite and friendly. I can strongly recommend him for future instillations.


This Pilates Reformer is the best. It’s a well built piece
of equipment, and will probably outlast me..
It provides a total workout; strengthening, stretching,
core work…. much safer than free weights. Add a jog
around the block and for a little aerobic exercise.
It was well worth the wait. I must add that Chaddy was
great, no matter how many emails I sent inquiring on
my Reformer arrival. Thank you, Chaddy! You’re a great
asset to the company.
Going to workout……..

Highly recommended

I knew the installers that came from a previous job they did at my home with handyman work. PRP did a great job vetting someone to put together my reformer. The installers did a great job being careful bringing the boxes downstairs and with the assembly. They were both very polite. I would hire them again for other installs. Thanks

I Love my Reformer!

I could not be happier with my Peaks Pilates Casa Reformer! Easy to assemble & delivery was easy. High quality Reformer that I would highly recommend!

Professional Installation - Pilates Equipment

A win to win

Not only do you develop incredible muscles. You also develop the sense of self confidence. This is just as import if not more. Your spirit is the inner strength to keep on going.


Thank You love my new reformer

Love it!

I had been taking classes at a Pilates studio a couple of times a week and am so happy to now have a reformer at my home. It is a beautiful and functional piece of equipment and I love using it!

Love my private pilates Cadillac reformer

This was a large purchase for me and I spent months researching different companies. No regrets! They were helpful the entire journey and I am absolutely in love. Like the other reviewer DHL was a bit of a headache back and forth to deal with but I think this would have been an issue everywhere. Glad that’s over with! I’ve really only used balanced body reformers at the studio and this one is very comparable. Great quality, aesthetic, all the accessories you could ever need

Great reformer and great customer experience

Very happy with my new reformer. It is well built and was very easy to assemble. And the customer service was excellent! Would definitely recommend the Private Pilates reformer and Pilates Reformers Plus!

Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Machine with Tower

Eline Elite Tower Reformer itself is very nine--quality built and durable. But the DHL shipping experience was absolutely dismal--2 months of shipping delinquency, unresponsive to tracking inquiries, no valid tracking number ever provided, and no delivery confirmation call on the day of delivery--dropping a 400 lb crate in the middle of our driveway without signature or inspection opportunity. Fortunately, the Elina packaging was excellent. Our rating: Good product, very ban unprofessional shipping. - Ronald Guinan

Aeropilates cardio rebounder

I had very hard time finding the CR for my Pilates Reformer. Pilates Reformers plus was the ONLY company who had it in stock and for a good price! The customer service is great. They communicate well and very helpful. The delivery was fast and the cardio rebounder is of great quality!!!

I like the machine but delivery was rough and no directions!

I like machine and I am learning through You tube videos. Once I receive my box and it was somewhat damaged your response time was extremely slow. It took another week before I was able to even open it. I was lucky all the parts were there the only thing missing were the directions. I put it together from a YouTube video. I still have no idea if you had a DVD in the package… It seems like that was supposed to be included but I have nothing. As far as so I think in the machine on my own and arranging for payment your company did fine. Following through was the issue even when I left messages by telephone no one returned my calls. I think you probably need to work on that part. If there is access to some thing online for workouts that I did not get in the box please let me know.