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Home Pilates Reformers

Browse our exquisite range of Pilates reformers designed for home use, renowned for their popularity and high customer satisfaction rates.

Home is where the heart is, and with an exceptional Pilates reformer machine from us, it can also be the place where you get that heart pumping. A reformer makes a fantastic gift for your family, friends, or even yourself in its amazing capacity to allow users to reap all the phenomenal benefits of Pilates without even leaving the house.

Sweat through a riveting cardio workout, get those glutes into gear and stretch to your limits without the hassle of the journey home. The irreplaceable value of a home reformer becomes crystal clear once you enjoy the therapeutic and rehabilitative experience of Pilates and then get to enjoy relaxing and cooling down in the security and privacy of your own space.

Every reformer we stock exhibits a dazzling array of comfort-oriented features, including padded grips, carriages, and bars. In addition to this, a host of our home reformers combine professional, elite-tier performance with convenient space-saving technology like easy conversion and stackability...

One best home reformer which embodies this description is the Peak Pilates fit reformer, which features a four-position gearbox and easy rope adjustment while being the only reformer in its class to be of a ‘studio height. You can test your athletic and acrobatic talent on a reformer sophisticated enough to be suited to a studio space, while in the safety and privacy of your own home.

Alternatively, another great Pilates machine in this collection is the Elina Pilates reformer. Celebrated as the first officially stackable reformer on the market, this reformer will elegantly and efficiently fit into your domestic space, saving room for the people you love. This is an especially desirable feature for a home reformer, as Space is often a major concern for Pilates enthusiasts considering purchasing a Pilates reformer for home use. This effortless stackability along with its stylish glossy Canadian wood finish helps explain why the wood reformer is up there as one of our most popular Pilates machines.

Another home reformer to consider investing in is one of the most affordable and innovative options from our home reformers, the Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP557. Featuring a patented Cardio rebounder, which helps you immensely in improving your cardiovascular health, this reformer is an inexpensive yet high-performing option for home Pilates enthusiasts looking for a cost-effective machine.

All of the reformers available in this collection are sold with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, a testament to the importance customer satisfaction holds for us as a brand. This guarantee is our promise to you that every machine we sell will deliver exceptional performance, durability, and quality.

If after browsing this collection you still haven’t found the right reformer for you, or if your actually searching for a studio reformer, we have plenty of alternative options on our site. Visit our full Pilates Reformers collection, to browse the full scope of our reformers, and find something that truly lifts your exercise experience on a professional and personal level.

Home Pilates Reformers FAQs

Yes, you can.

Anything you do in a studio you can, in theory, do at home. Of course, in practice, your safety, level of experience, and physical ability need to inform the exercises you attempt independently.

We recommend you attend reformer Pilates classes and consult with a qualified practitioner before you consider purchasing equipment. It’s important you have the experience of exercising under the watchful eye of a professional before you start exercising alone.

When it comes to advanced moves, ensure you only attempt them when you are 100% confident and ready, and take as many safety precautions as possible.

What constitutes the best home reformer is entirely down to you.

We can tell you that reformers which are often popular and highly rated home options tend to feature comfort-oriented features, a lightweight frame, an affordable price, and stackability/ easy conversion.

Despite this, you should be making your equipment investment based on your own exercise goals and needs, rather than the opinions of others. Consider the reasons you practice Pilates, and then think about what features of a Pilates Reformer would be of particular help to you.

You can do Pilates just on a mat, but you cant build your agility and strength, particularly as it relates to your core, to the same degree you can on a reformer.

The mat is limited by the fact you largely remain in a static position, posing or stretching. By immense contrast, the reformer has a moving platform and resistance settings, which allows you to heighten the challenge and exertion of your workout significantly.

This increased exertion leads to you building stronger muscles and greater balance, posture, flexibility, and endurance.

In conclusion, it is worth buying a Pilates reformer if you value the fact it elevates Pilates in a way the mat simply can’t.

The estimated space needed is between 40 to 50 square feet of clearance. You can find out the size of all of our products by looking at their individual specifications.

If you are unsure if the room you plan to put your reformer in matches this, measure the dimensions. If the best home Pilates machine for you is a chair or Cadillac, they have entirely different measurements you will need to research.

A reformer for home use is often slightly cheaper than one designed for studio use.

On average, they go for anything between $400 all the way up to mid $4,000, the cheapest tend to be from AeroPilates which was designed with affordability in mind.

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