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Aluminum Pilates Reformers

Browse our premium collection of Pilates aluminum reformers, meticulously selected from brands that only use the most ergonomic, sustainable materials.

Every aluminum Pilates reformer we stock has been engineered to provide exceptional performance at an affordable cost. With carriages, platforms, and springs designed with added functionality and durability, an aluminum reformer can support any workout and any set of fitness goals.

Buyers will be blown away with options like the Elina Pilates aluminum reformer, the Align Pilates F2 Folding Reformer, and Peak Pilates fit reformer, which boasts innovative functionality, easy stackability, and technological features sure to impress even the most seasoned Pilates professionals.

They, like all of our brands in this aluminum reformer collection, have designed their impressive reformers with the modern Pilates lover in mind, consulting with experts in the fields of Pilates and design to produce phenomenal machines.

Perfect for studio use, an aluminum Pilates reformer wraps all the phenomenal fitness benefits of the reformer, from increased core strength to superior flexibility in a durable, sleek, and contemporary package...

Significantly more durable and robust than a wooden reformer, an aluminum reformer is resistant to scratches, stains, and unseemly marks while still being light enough to be carried around by absolutely anyone. The additional support and structure its metal frame brings make it perfect for those using Pilates to rehabilitate debilitating physical illness, injury, or chronic conditions.

Tone and condition your muscles, hone your concentration and rehabilitate and relax in security and style, on a reformer that reflects the enthusiasm, effort, and dedication you bring to every single workout.

It will shine in a studio, blending flawlessly into clean and modern layouts as if it was designed specifically for your space, negating concerns over how much space you will need.

Ultimately, if you want equipment with a more modern aesthetic that is lighter yet more robust than a classic wood Pilates reformer, an aluminum reformer may be an appealing and promising option for you.

Every single Pilates reformer machine we sell here in this collection comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is our promise to you that your chosen machine will deliver phenomenal quality, features, and an overall excellent experience.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority as a business, so if you have any questions, queries, or concerns while browsing our enormous and unique collection of aluminum reformers please don’t hesitate to reach out, via chat, email, or phone call.

If you aren’t finding the piece of equipment you are truly looking for here in this collection, we stock an abundance of other options available on our site. Visit our main page, to read more about who we are as a brand and our dedication to delivering you the highest quality Pilates equipment on the market.

Pilates Aluminium Reformers FAQs

The reformer consists of a rectangular frame that supports a platform called the carriage. This carriage rolls backward and forwards on wheels. Springs, attached to the carriage provide additional resistance and anchor it to the reformer.

It was invented by Joseph Pilates, the man who pioneered the Pilates method, in his original Pilates studio back in the 1920s.

The benefits of regularly using a Pilates reformer are big.

It improves flexibility, balance, posture, coordination, body alignment and helps strengthen your back, core, thighs, and glutes. Every reformer exercise targets a unique sector of your body and can be used to rehabilitate and heal injuries.

However, something that is not a benefit- creating long, lean muscles. Contrary to popular myths that have been around since Pilates took off, you cannot lengthen your muscles using exercise.

If you searching for all the benefits of a reformer with a slightly reduced price to what’s on show here, feel free to browse our wide Pilates machine collection for options that may fit better into your budget.

The benefits of an aluminum reformer over say, a wood one, are primarily aesthetic though they are typically lighter, more durable, and less of a fire hazard.

A reformer made of aluminum has a more sleek, streamlined, contemporary look than the wooden reformer which is heavily associated with classic Pilates. Meaning it can look more at home reformer in studio environments where professionalism is key.

Note that none of these benefits changes your exercise range. You can still exercise on the aluminum and wooden reformer in the same way.

If you find that material, therefore, doesn't matter that much to you, we recommend you visit our complete reformer sale to get the full experience of all our products.

Cleaning your Pilates equipment is hugely important for the look of your studio, the feel of each exercise, and the safety of your clients. It’s best to clean down your Pilates Aluminium reformer with a microfiber cloth, using these solutions in spray form.

Plain tap water is perfect for 90% of the cleaning you must do and works for both wood and aluminum. Wipe down the aluminum reformer frames, roll-down bars, and push-through bars. Sweat and oil from your skin will build up if you do not forget to at least once a week wipes the equipment down. We suggest you add a minute amount of dish soap if you need extra scrubbing power.

Important to remember- you may read some info on cleaning your reformer that mentions using silicone spray. Under no circumstances use silicone spray on your reformer's rails and wheels, as it will cause issues with the functioning of the equipment.

Yes, you can. Our Pilates Cadillac, Pilates tower, barrels, chairs and so much more come in state-of-the-art expertly engineered aluminum.

Swing by our complete Pilates reformer collection to browse all of our exceptional options, and make your dream purchase today.

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