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Elina Pilates Reformers & Equipment

About The Elina Pilates Brand

Elina Pilates was born in the heart of Southern Europe, in sunny Galar in Spain.

For fifteen years they have been selling their exceptional equipment across the world, with established and highly popular stores throughout Europe, UK, and here in the US.

All of their premium quality, impeccable equipment has been exclusively developed and designed in collaboration with experienced Pilates practitioners and trainers. Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, carried out by experts in the field, Elina Pilates provides a diverse range of equipment, from reformers to Cadillacs to barrels to chairs to assorted accessories.

They center the wellbeing and satisfaction of Pilates enthusiasts as their number one priority, which is why Elina Pilates fervently maintains an enthusiastic and devoted relationship with the global Pilates community.

They invest in the research and development of knowledge related to education and sport and consult and donate to professionals and experts involved in psychomotor skills and health studies...

This research helps feed their process as they reinvent and reimagine the iconic designs of Joseph Pilates, including the classic Pilates reformer for sale and Pilates Cadillac, in new and accessible ways. 

The Elina Pilates Collection

The Elina Pilates collection features a diversity of products, from professional studio Pilates equipment to home reformers.

They stock premium Pilates Reformers, Pilates Towers, Pilates Cadillacs/Trapeze, Pilates Cadillac Reformers, Pilates Chairs, Pilates Accessories, and more for both premium and inexpensive prices.

At Pilates Reformers Plus, we carry all of their equipment, including the Elite Wood Reformer, Elite Wood Reformer with Tower, Elina Physio Wood Reformer, Elite Cadillac-Reformer, Elina Physio Wood Reformer with Tower, Elina Aluminum Reformer, Elina Aluminum Reformer with Tower, and more.

If you are new to the brand, standout options from the collection include the Elina Pilates reformer which was the first stackable reformer on the market and looks stunning in its top-quality rock maple wood.

For those searching for more height, Elina Pilates even offers an alternative reformer fitted with tower.

For those more interested in a classic Cadillac, this groundbreaking model features a precision carriage with an eight-wheel rail system, that balances stable and silent movement with ultimate support. We offer the ultimate Elina Pilates Elite Cadillac reformer.

You can find incredible offerings like these, and more in the Elina Pilates collection. 

Or if you are searching for a different style of Cadillac to the option pictured above, feel free to browse our complete Pilates Cadillac and Trapeze table selection to discover the model that’s perfect for you.

Why Invest In Elina Pilates Equipment?

With an Elina Pilates reformer or an Elina Pilates Cadilac you can be sure you are getting the finest quality, as the brand subjects its materials to strict quality control checks, and consistently evaluates its stock to ensures it remains competitive on the market.

No matter if it’s packaging, handling, or the analysis of production processes and raw materials, every process and product from the company meets strict European Standards and Certifications. These certifications legally ensure quality and reliability in terms of mechanical and physical properties.

In addition to this, we have our meticulous vetting process for all the brands we stock at Pilates Reformers Plus, to ensure authenticity, reliability, and quality, Elina Pilates has earned its place on our list of brands sold with a 100% quality guarantee.

Their equipment is impressively innovative, fits with lots of adjustable and removable features including foot bars, pulleys, and ropes. The moving platforms on a Cadillac or reformer are silent and smooth, and their resistance features offer a substantially greater range of choice and customization than many competitor brands.

The quality of their equipment is indisputable- any Pilates reformer or Pilates Cadillac from their brand features the same exquisite quality of construction, with maple wood complete with a vanished finish and anodized aluminum which protects against wear and tear.

This gives all of their equipment a distinctively clean, minimalistic, and modern feel that suits an amazing range of environments, from a top-end expensive studio to a cozy home.

Furthermore, they are a highly affordable option, with prices for an Elina Pilates Reformer ranging from slightly above $3,000.00 to mid $4,000.00. Compared to many other Pilates brands they offer exceptional equipment for a truly reasonable price, making them an option any Pilates enthusiast should carefully consider when choosing equipment. 

We Are Here To Help

Elina Pilates is undoubtedly an impressive, high-quality brand, but the question remains of how you can be 100% sure their equipment is right for you.

We’ve strived to help as much as we can in this by proudly displaying all of the reviews of our loyal customers underneath our products.

Meaning every time you browse this exquisite range you can read the testimony of people just like you on the quality, performance, durability, and versatility of every product.

This not only helps you- it helps us too. Providing elite customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, and knowing the reception and opinion of our buyers towards our equipment helps us tailor our service to be even more satisfactory in the future.

We only support brands that consistently produce multifaceted, modern, and sophisticated Pilates machines that deliver on our promises of authenticity and quality. You can purchase Pilates equipment from Elina Pilates safe in the knowledge it remains one of the most globally trusted and renowned contemporary brands in the world of exercise equipment.

We are proud to stock and support a brand that prioritizes premium quality as much as we do, a fact reflected in their stunning range of equipment which will assist any Pilates enthusiast no matter their skill level in boosting their exercise progression in a truly significant way.

From the extremely customizable and robust Elina Pilates Cadillac to the sumptuously understated Elina Pilates Reformer, there is sure to be something in their fantastic collection which will make a fitting long-term fitness investment for everyone. 

With the integrity and innovation that characterizes Elina Pilates, we are proud to stock all of their extensive collection, In the hopes, you will find the exceptional piece of equipment you’ve been searching for there.

Browse, contrast, and compare everything that’s on offer from the collection, and make sure you visit our main product selection, so you don’t miss out on the other high-quality offerings we have for sale.

At Pilates Refoemrs Plus, we carry all Elina Pilates Reformers & Equipment, and some of their products also made it onto our list of the 11 Best Pilates Reformer Machines.

Elina Pilates Collection FAQs

Elina Pilates is a Spanish Pilates equipment company established in 2003 with stores across America, Europe, and the UK. They sell robust, elegant, and efficient exercise machines designed with maximum safety in mind, used in Pilates sports centers and studios throughout the world.

They come highly recommended by many Pilates professionals, due to their high quality and inexpensive price.

Elina Pilates like all Pilates brands sells a diversity of Pilates equipment, from Pilates Cadillac to Pilates reformer to assorted accessories.

Customer comfort and satisfaction is their number one priority, so all of their patented equipment has been designed to be useable and appropriate for both home and gym environments.

Whilst Elina Pilates and Balanced body tend to have similar prices, Elina Pilates does typically have more accessories for their Reformers.

While Balanced body typically has longer carriages and platforms compared to Elina Pilates, they have greater comfort through more padding and a larger optional jump board.

Regardless of these differences, both are exceptionally high-quality brands that perform very well- and purchasing from either is sure to provide a happy investment.

Elina Pilates equipment comes in a diversity of affordable prices, from under $500 to around $4000. As a brand, their prices differ significantly from piece to piece of equipment.

An Elina Pilates Cadillac is on average mid $4,000’s to mid $5,000’s while an Elina Pilates reformer is on average $3,200.

Whilst prices do differ throughout their brand, all their options are overall extremely affordable for the professional package on offer.

For the most part, exactly as you would any other conventional reformer, conditioning and realigning your body through a range of exercises, some adapted from the mat, some unique to the reformer, to heighten your overall fitness.

However, there are additional aspects to the Elina Pilates reformer that require you to adapt to using it slightly differently from other reformers.

The most important of these is gearing out on the Elina Pilates reformer. Gearing out is still incredibly easy, but it just involves squeezing two levers together and sliding a block into position rather than the conventional method.

A reformer with a tower contrary to a typical reformer possesses greater height, and therefore allows you to increase your upward movement and experiment with exercises focusing more on balance and flexibility.

It means you increase your ability to hold extended stretches and lengthen the body, while still having access to the traditional functionality of the reformer. Allowing you to better stretch and realign your back, spine, arms, and legs.

You can find the perfect Elina Pilates Reformer here on our site. We stock a diverse range of reformers for sale from a diversity of brands, both from the Elina Pilates collection and from our wider reformer selection.

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