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Wood Pilates Reformers

Browse our collection of classic and stylish wooden Pilates reformers, many of which conform to the original designs of Joseph Pilates.

Constructed by highly experienced engineers from impeccably high quality, sustainable materials, the Pilates wood reformers we stock come only from established brands. So you know with every purchase you are getting highly dependable quality, performance and service trusted by millions.

Browse stunning and bold options like the BASI Pilates reformer, which features the longest, widest carriage in the entire Pilates industry. The solid and fully equipped Private Pilates reformer, or, for a refined option that combines elegant presentation with impressive customization, try the Elina Pilates reformer, constructed out of varnished rock maple wood and boasting a powerful six-string resistance system.

The classic wood reformer, with its natural, down-to-earth aesthetic will be a charming addition to your home or as a studio Pilates reformer. Fitting seamlessly into your gym or domestic space, you will be free to exercise on a piece of equipment that effortlessly blends in rather than standing out. Strengthen, tone, and condition your muscles, improve your concentration and flexibility, and control that abdominal core with an impressive and dynamic wood reformer...

These Pilates wood reformers come at all sizes, prices, and models, meaning there is something in this selection to suit anyone who’s a lover of classic design. Everyone, from the young to the elderly, will feel comfortable, secure, and supported exercising on a wooden Pilates reformer. Especially since so many of our premium options, boast additional comfort features like non-slip grips and padding.

A Pilates reformer wood is a long-term investment all Pilates enthusiasts should consider, as, with its reliable, durable form and timeless design, there’s a reason it remains the most sought-after exercise machine in the Pilates industry. If you’re seeking a wooden Pilates reformer for a more inexpensive price, visit our full Pilates reformers collection, for phenomenal and high-quality Pilates reformer wood options that will help you balance the budget.

With so many options for a pristine Pilates reformer machine, it can be challenging to know how to find the perfect one for you in this collection. To help all of our customers in this complex process, we ensure every single wooden reformer we stock has been listed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So you know no matter your eventual choice, your satisfaction with the quality, performance, and longevity of your wood reformer is completely promised by us.

We believe everyone deserves to have an exceptional exercise experience- especially Pilates enthusiasts who are taking that next step by investing in wooden Pilates reformers. Therefore, we implore you if you have any concerns, questions, or queries when browsing this meticulously curated collection to contact us, via phone call, email, and even web chat.

Sometimes, the reason for reaching out might be that you just aren’t finding what you’re looking for in this collection. If one of our wooden reformers isn’t what you need, maybe a reformer made from another material or another brand may interest you. Visit our complete reformer collection to experience the full scope of all our reformers for sale.

Pilates Wood Reformers FAQs

Joseph Pilates, the inventor of Pilates, created the reformer. To this day it remains the most popular and sought out model of Pilates equipment on the market.

It consists of a flat platform, called the carriage on a bed-like frame that rolls forwards and backward on wheels. The carriage is attached via a series of springs, which provide resistance to your workout.

The reformer, when used regularly, can significantly strengthen areas of the body that undergo frequent strain- the back, thighs, glutes, and core. In addition to this, it can correct body alignment and increase your balance, coordination, and flexibility.

The Pilates reformer is a particularly appealing piece of equipment, as it’s easy to use, highly accessible, and immensely supportive of those suffering from debilitating physical injuries/ chronic pain who use Pilates to alleviate their symptoms.

As the more classic option, a wooden reformer poses less risk of injury and is less impacted by temperature than the aluminum reformer.

In a home environment, an aluminum Pilates reformer may appear too cold and mechanical, clashing with your warm and comforting environment. On an aesthetic level, a wooden machine is a softer, more traditional choice than the aluminum reformer.

To be clear, however, you can still exercise exactly as you would on an aluminum reformer on a wood Pilates reformer.

Cleaning your Pilates equipment is hugely important for the look of your studio, the feel of each exercise, and the safety of your clients. It’s best to clean down your Pilates wood reformer with a microfiber cloth, using these solutions in spray form.

Plain tap water is perfect for 90% of the cleaning you must do and works for both wood and aluminum. Wipe down the wooden reformer frames, roll-down bars, and push-through bars to ensure sweat and oil from your skin don’t build up.

For tough grime on wooden surfaces add regular dish soap (just one teaspoon) with your spray bottle of water and scrub.

Important to remember- you may read some info on cleaning your reformer that mentions using silicone spray. Under no circumstances use silicone spray on your reformer's rails and wheels, as it will cause issues with the functioning of the equipment.

Yes, you can. We stock Wunda chairs, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates barrels and so much more made of only the most premium, sustainable wood. Visit our complete equipment collection to discover all these options and more. Review Medals

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