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7 Best Pilates Wunda Chairs for Home Workouts

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Check out this list of the best wunda chairs from the best brands to help you find the right one for your home and take your workouts to the next level.

7 Best Pilates Wunda Chairs for Home Workouts

While a Pilates reformer machine is a significant upgrade over a mat, sometimes they are not practical for your home studio.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking to experiment with a smaller and more affordable reformer, the wunda chair is perfect for you.

A Pilates chair, otherwise known as a Wunda Chair, is an excellent piece of Pilates equipment that works perfectly as a standalone Pilates workout device or complement to your existing home reformer.

Thanks to its elevated platform and detachable handles, Pilates chairs allow you to perform a wide range of exercises you can do on a reformer but with added challenges.

Similarly, the wunda chair is ideal for people looking to build core strength or overcome a sports injury. Wunda chairs can also improve your posture, flexibility, and upper/lower body strength.

To learn more about Pilates chairs and whether one is right for you, we’ve prepared this guide of everything you need to know about Wunda chairs, including our pick for the seven best wunda chairs available. 

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Wunda Chairs Buying Guide

What Is a Pilates Wunda Chair?

The Wunda Chair is a piece of Pilates equipment that features a raised platform with an upholstered mat, resistance pedal, and adjustable handles. In addition, a Pilates chair often comes as a solid wooden box and features a padded standing platform.

Pilates chairs allow users to do many of the same exercises done on a mat with the pedal's added versatility, which gives users resistance. However, while footwork on a wunda chair may be similar to a reformer, the lack of stability will actually work to improve your balance.

Furthermore, the adjustable handles open up a new range of exercises, including dips, lunges, and other ab workouts like leg pull-ins and oblique raises.

However, due to its compact surface, the Pilates chair may be better suited for certain exercises over others, which we will discuss in a different section.

What Are the Benefits of a Wunda Chair?

The wunda chair offers users many of the same benefits they will reap using a reformer, including:

  • Improved posture
  • Greater flexibility
  • Core strengthening
  • Upper/lower body workouts
  • Better balance

Working out on a wunda chair is also great training for a reformer if you’re thinking about making the switch.

Further, wunda chairs can be beneficial for any pelvic or spinal injuries requiring physical therapy and muscle development.

Finally, wunda chairs are generally more affordable than reformers, so users can get their feet wet before taking the plunge for a full-throttle machine like the Cadillac reformer.

Who Created the Pilates Chair?

Joseph Pilates created the first wunda chair in 1945 as an in-home workout apparatus that was small enough to fit inside New York City apartments. Like all of Joseph Pilates’ equipment, the wunda chair was developed for personal strengthening and physical rehabilitation for his patients. 

Why Is It Called a Wunda Chair?

Pilates chairs are often referred to as wunda chairs because they are wonderful or wundaful. The term wunda actually derives from the German word for wonder or ‘wunder’, since its creator Joseph Pilates was German himself. 

What Can You Do on a Pilates Wunda Chair?

You can do many of the same exercises on a wunda chair as a reformer or Pilates mat. For example, many wunda chairs allow users to do push-ups, footwork, dips, pull-ups, planks, and any exercise you can do standing or sitting. In addition, wunda chairs also allow you to perform stair climbs, step-ups, and many suspended exercises, such as planks, similar to the ones done on a Pilates reformer with a tower.

With all of these incredible benefits in mind, let’s help you find the best Pilates chair for your home workout studio!

Most Popular Pilates Chairs

1. Elina Pilates Elite Wood Combo Chair with Handles


  • Beautifully varnished maple wood
  • 4 separate spring settings
  • 4 side springs attached
  • Dual pedals with alternate movements
  • Stainless steel metal parts
  • Padded foot bar
  • Adjustable handles of 127 cm, 119 cm, and 111cm height 
  • Synthetic leather seat
  • High-density EVA
  • Slip-resistant rubber handles

Made from Elina Pilate's trademark varnished maple wood, this stylish chair features a padded foot bar system that allows for unprecedented control and stability levels. In addition, its slip-resistant rubber handles and synthetic leather seat give users greater control and comfort during workouts.

Challenge yourself with four variable spring resistance settings and adjustable handle heights that open up a whole new book of workouts.

All metal parts come entirely from stainless steel, and the varnished maple wood provides a long-lasting and durable addition to your home workout studio. This wunda chair is perfect for users looking for a little extra support during workouts or a standalone piece of equipment to do a full range of Pilates exercises. 

Starting at $1,730 

2. BASI Systems Pilates Wunda Chair


  • Compatible with BASI Systems modular F2 upgrade
  • 2 removable metal handles
  • 4 separate spring colors and resistance settings
  • Slip-resistant orthopedic cushioning 
  • Antibacterial leather surface 
  • Ergonomic split pedal

Thanks to its precision tuning features, this wunda chair allows users to fine-tune their spring resistance settings using the four color-coded springs on this platform.

Furthermore, this wunda chair includes removable handles with variable adjustment heights to experiment with different workouts like the lunge and dip. In addition, the ergonomic split pedal allows users to enjoy more exercises, including step-ups and one-armed push-ups that add new challenges to their workouts.

Users will also enjoy the comfort of this wunda chair, thanks to its orthopedic and slip-resistant cushioning featured on the handles, padded surface, and foot platform.

Finally, long-time Pilates enthusiasts will love the F2 compatible upgrade this BASI Systems Pilates Wunda Chair offers that takes their Pilates workouts to a whole new level. This Pilates chair works perfectly as a standalone device or as an addition to your at-home BASI Systems reformer.

Starting at $2,499 

3. Align Pilates Combo Chair


  • Stylish maple veneer marine ply
  • Steel frame
  • Rattle free handles
  • Handle slots compatible with reformer Jump Board 
  • Single or split pedal functionality
  • Large rubber feet

The Align Pilates Combo Chair is perhaps the most functional and modular Wunda chair on this list, offering users single and split pedal functionality, rattle-free handles, and an optional jump board that installs in place of the handles.

Attach your personal loop bands to the side for rigorous arm exercises or the jump board to maintain a straight spine during footwork and other exercises.

Users will love the stylish maple veneer and marine play that is supported by a 100% steel frame for stylish looks and sturdy construction. Speaking of its craftsmanship, Align Pilates also manufactured this Pilates chair with larger rubber feet to prevent fingers from getting trapped during exercises.

This Pilates chair offers everything you need for a complete workout and then some.

Starting at $1,359 

4. Merrithew Split-Pedal Stability Chair with Handles


  • Patented Stability Chair™ 
  • Detachable handles with adjustable positions
  • Interchangeable spring tension with proprietary hook-on system
  • Single or dual pedal functionality
  • High-density foam and vinyl-coated pedals
  • 2 heavy springs, 2 light springs, and 3 hook-on springs 
  • Comes with Essential & Intermediate Stability Chair™, 2nd Ed. DVD
  • Double steel frame 
  • Compact frame with easy-roll wheels

Merrithew Pilates is a highly reputable brand that delivers tremendous value with its patented Stability Chair™, featuring detachable handles with variable adjustment heights and secure locking positions. In addition, these steel handles come with an easy-grip rubber surface that can be extended to various sizes to accommodate multiple exercises, including leg raises, dips, lunges, etc.

Furthermore, this wunda chair comes with a smaller support base that allows for variable bilateral and reciprocal movements to improve your balance and put some cardio back into your workouts.

For greater strength and flexibility, Merrithew manufactured its Stability Chair™ with four native chair springs and three additional hook-on springs that allow users to fine-tune the resistance of each exercise.

As if that’s not enough to love, Merrithew also manufactured this wunda chair with a double steel support frame, high-density foam cushioning, and a small frame that makes this Pilates chair both sturdy and easy to transport. So enjoy the versatility and durability of a Merrithew Pilates chair.

Starting at $2,079 

5. Elina Pilates Wood Combo Chair with Handles


  • 4 total springs (2 heavy red springs, 2 medium green springs)
  • Detachable handles with varying heights of 50 in., 46.85 in., and 43.70 in.
  • High-density EVA foam cushioning
  • Environmentally-friendly construction
  • Non-slip rubber handles
  • Stainless steel frame 
  • Single or dual pedal functionality

Elina Pilates makes another entry on this list, offering a more affordable version of its Elites Wood Combo Chair.

With adjustable handles capable of being extended from 43.7 inches up to 50 and a seat board developed with non-slide leather, this Pilates chair allows you to enjoy a massive range of sitting and standing exercises.

This sophisticated and highly durable wunda chair sits in the middle regarding cost, making it a suitable option for families or couples who want premium quality in their equipment without a major investment.

This chair also offers much of the same functionality as the Elite wunda chair, including four resistance springs and non-slip rubber handles that improve stability and allow you to fine-tune your workouts.

Starting at $1,565 

6. Private Pilates Premium Combo Chair


  • Detachable handles with easy adjustment heights
  • Orthopedic cushioning with antibacterial resistance
  • Non-slip rubber handles and seat surface 
  • 2 yellow and 2 black springs
  • Single or dual pedal functionality 
  • Compact design

This Private Pilates wunda chair is perhaps the most straightforward option on this list, offering easy adjustment handles and four standard springs that accommodate a wide range of workouts and people of different skill levels. Improve your upper and lower body strength using these steel handles and single/dual pedals that allow for variable resistance levels and movement types.

This chair is also highly comfortable and forgiving for people with pre-existing injuries looking to rehab their muscles. All cushioning features an anti-bacterial leather cover that is orthopedic grade and designed for maximum stability.

So work that core and rehab muscles in comfort with this Private Pilates Premium Combo Chair.

Starting at $2,099 

7. Activemine Pilates Combo Chair


  • Dual pedal system
  • Birch plywood 
  • Solid beech panel
  • Rear-wheel system
  • Detachable handles with electrostatic paint 
  • Clamp and lever adjustments
  • 4-grade adjustment system
  • Non-collapsible leather cushions 
  • 2 lights and 2 heavy resistance springs

Finally, the Activemine Pilates Combo Chair finishes off our list as both one of the most expensive and well-crafted wunda chairs available. This Pilates chair features a solid beech wood frame with an integrated pedal joint stick and two auxiliary handles treated with electrostatic paint that resists rust, scratches, or chips.

In addition, this Combo Chair also includes non-collapsible leather cushions, stainless steel hardware, and an extra layer of birch plywood for superior durability.

Users will enjoy the 4-grade adjustment lever and clamp handles that allow easy and secure positioning. The four integrated chair springs also enable users to tack on just the right resistance level to each exercise.

In terms of construction quality and integrity, it doesn’t get better than the Activemine Pilates Combo Chair.

Starting at $2,759 


The Wunda Chair is as wonderful as its name implies, enabling users to enjoy a wide range of exercises, from dips and lunges to standard footwork and pushups.

Wunda chairs are a great standalone option to help you get your feet wet with Pilates and can add some versatility to an existing reformer for new challenges.

Using the list provided above, you’ll find a robust wunda chair that can keep up with your workouts and offer you years of use. Made from the best brands on the market, these Pilates chairs promise you the quality and satisfaction you require.

To find more Pilates equipment and products, be sure to search through our vast inventory and contact us to find the right supplies for your home workout studio.

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