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The 6 Best Pilates Wunda Chairs of 2021

6 min read

The wunda chair. Part of the iconic central trio of Pilates equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. It’s versatile, it’s comfortable, and it’s fantastic for your posture.

What more could you ask for when it comes to Pilates?

As one of the more obscure and petite pieces of Pilates equipment, Pilates chairs are typically cheaper and arguably harder to buy than other alternatives. There is less information out there compared to reformers, which evaluates every Pilates chair for sale and lets you know what should be considered the best of the best.

So you know what? We thought we would remedy this.

With our fully comprehensive guide to the best Pilates chairs of 2021.

Now, obviously what is ‘best’ differs from each Pilates enthusiast to the other.

Some want to balance the budget, some seek a super compact and traditional choice, and some want a Pilates wunda chair that provides ultimate comfort. And you know what? All of these are valid priorities. This is why we have made sure every single option we list here, caters to at least one of these buying priorities.

From the intoxicatingly inexpensive to the clever and comfortable, there’s sure to be a wunda chair available here that will fuel your fitness, mold your mind and brighten up your year. So, with that said, let’s explore our list of the best Pilates wunda chair options for 2021. 

BASI Systems Pilates Wunda Chair

For those searching for technological precision, look no further, with this BASI Systems Pilates chair.

With ports specifically designed to accommodate BASI’s revolutionary F2 system upgrade, this model features a unique and highly versatile pedal design that smooths out transitions, supports fine-tuned resistance, and allows for large varieties of mobility and height.

Its handle grips, pedal, and seat are covered in a sleek orthopedic cushioning engineered from easy-grip antibacterial material, and its wheels are silicon for effortlessly smooth movement. Not to mention, the rounded ergonomic split design of its pedals provides a level of motion control and efficiency that will put you 100% in control of your workout, making you capable of cultivating that core and toning those arms in incredible new ways.

Does BASI stand for brilliant, amazing, sensational, innovation? You’d be forgiven for thinking so, with this Pilates chair.

Elina Pilates Elite Wood Combo Chair With Handles

Made from Elina Pilates trademark varnished maple wood, this stylish chair features a padded foot bar system which allows for unprecedented levels of control and stability.

With its comfortable synthetic leather seat and 4 tier spring resistance system, prepare to enjoy both relaxing and revitalizing exercise on this one-of-a-kind wunda chair. With its non-slip pedal coating and metal parts engineered from stainless steel, you will feel completely and utterly supported on this standout machine.

Shipped directly from the manufacturer in Spain, prepare to be blown away by this environmentally friendly, versatile, and compact Pilates chair for sale, available for the small price of only $1,489.99.This option is especially perfect for those who need extra support while exercising due to its robust handles, a feature prominent heavily through the complete Elina Pilates Chairs collection. 

BASI Systems Pilates Arm Chair Barrel Set

We’re back again with another option from BASI Systems, this time a set. The most premium (cha-ching) of the Pilates chairs on this list, this armchair barrel set comes with a variety of accessories, add ons, and modes.

Embrace barrel work with added functionality with this machine, with features a saddle flat-top accessory, the longest track in the industry, and a ladder and chair box constructed from premium beech wood. Handcrafted like fine, artisanal furniture, this chair is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely efficient, rendering workouts an enjoyable and exciting experience on multiple levels.

The F2 system levels of this incredible set are particularly innovative, serving as handles to place your wrists and shoulders when engaging in weight-bearing exercises. This machine truly takes a huge weight off your shoulders- in more ways than one. While $4,545.00 is undoubtedly an investment, with the quality, longevity, and utility of this beautiful machine it’s so so worth it, elevating your Pilates practice to unprecedented heights. 

Elina Pilates Combo Chair With Handles

To finish up we have yet another option by Elina Pilates- their combo chair fitted with handles.

We added this in as it is a slightly less expensive version of the first on this list, providing similar functionality and features with a reduced price. This model features four spring resistance settings, environmentally friendly materials, EVA high-density foam, and a stylish, understated look.

With its adjustable handles, capable of being extended from 43.7 inches up to 50, this impressive chair features a seat board with a newly developed style of non-slide leather, specially created with Pilates exercise machines in mind. This is a sophisticated, accessible, highly functional, extremely durable machine that sits in the middle in terms of cost, making it a suitable option for families or couples who want premium quality in their equipment without a major investment.

Elina Pilates is particularly popular for their Pilates chairs, which epitomize modern, clean, stylish design with advanced functionality, so we recommend if you’re considering one of the Elina options we have listed here you act fast, they sell out super quickly!

Private Pilates Premium Combo Chair

Keep your Pilates ‘private’ with this stylish combination chair, specifically designed for home use.

Private Pilates is newer than its competitors to the Pilates scene- and with new brands, come new ideas. Nowhere is this more prominent than with this chair, which has a shocking six springs providing resistance and fully adjustable handles fitted with non-slip padding. Its design is super portable and compact, allowing users to cultivate strength, flexibility and stabilize their bodies whenever and wherever- including in tide areas.

Despite this, the comfort it provides- with its luxurious orthopedic cushioning- makes it the perfect choice for a home workout. With a similar design to Elina Pilates’s range of chairs, this option is slap bang in the middle in terms of price and quality- making it a fantastic option for Pilates enthusiasts who are devoted to the exercise but feel they don’t need advanced forms of equipment and accessories.

Similar options to this can also be found in our collection of Peak Pilates Chairs, which are more oriented towards comfort and portability. 

AeroPilates Precision Pilates Chair

The cheapest option on our list, this Pilates chair for sale from big-name brand AeroPilates is perfect for those Pilates enthusiasts not seeking to spend big for reliable quality.

Providing low-impact, gentle full-body toning, this Pilates wunda chair features an innovative dual pedal system and an intuitive clip lock which allows you to rapidly switch between using a single pedal and independent dual pedals.

Though it only has a two-spring resistance system, this option still provides plenty of challenge, and it’s extremely compact design make it optimal for saving space. Compared to other options on this list it’s more mechanical and industrial looking, but if that’s your style we couldn’t recommend it enough. AeroPilates, as they do with much of their equipment, have also provided two 100% free workout videos, created by Pilates experts for you to work out along too on your chair. You can stream these on your smartphone, tablet, television, or PC, making this a purchase that for a minute cost, provides a whole host of incredible benefits.

The low cost and expansive list of additional free features provided with this AeroPilates chair make it the perfect option for amateur Pilates enthusiasts, Pilates beginners, or those who simply prefer a more inexpensive option. Aesthetically it’s less stylish than an Elina Pilates option, but for many, that is secondary to getting the perfect workout.


If you’ve read through this list and find your thinking: huh, I haven’t seen something here that feels right for me-don’t panic! We have a whole host of alternative options for you to explore in our expansive Pilates chairs collection.

Or if you’ve realized that a chair is perhaps not the piece of Pilates exercise equipment you truly need, make sure you visit our Pilates equipment sale where you can explore a whole host of exciting options- from reformers to Cadillac’s too sophisticated combination machines.

If reading this your reaction has been yes! I think I know what Chair I need to buy now- what can we say other than that we’re over the moon. Every Pilates enthusiast deserves to have access to professional, informative guides on what perfect pieces of equipment are out there, especially considering this is an industry growing every single year, with so many options it can feel incredibly overwhelming.

We hope it feels less overwhelming now, and that you can dare in 2021, to buy that perfect chair.

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