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Pilates Reformers with Tower

Browse our phenomenal selection containing the finest Pilates reformer with tower, which features all the functionality of the classic reformer with added height- and added challenge.

Feel free to practice tower Pilates, which elevates mat Pilates and adds advanced vertical exercises, or adapt reformer in new and innovative ways- the choice is yours with a tower, which offers unique opportunities for highly customized workouts.

Activate your core, tone your arms, and fine-tune your flexibility with the additional versatility and dynamism of a tower, fitted with extra straps, pulleys, bars, and resistance. Using a reformer with tower, you can avoid putting pressure on your legs, allowing you to benefit from a full-body toning and conditioning workout- without any unexpected long-term strain.

With the additional springs of a tower reformer, you get even more opportunities to tailor your resistance to your unique physical goals. No matter if you want to get in shape, heal an injury or cool down after a long day at work, a reformer with tower gives you the options to adjust and customize your workout endlessly...

Explore exciting options like the BASI systems wood Pilates reformer with tower which boasts quick and simple conversion from the conventional reformer back to the reformer combo. Alternatively, consider the Elina Pilates Elite wood reformer with tower with its large foot bar and adjustable 4 position shoulder straps. Elina Pilates is particularly renowned for the quality and convertibility of their towers, which are best showcased in their full reformers with tower collection.

A Pilates tower for home will allow you to innovate and experiment with your exercise, reaching literal and metaphorical new heights, all in the privacy and sanctuary of your own domestic space. And a reformer with tower designed for the studio boosts the range of movement students can engage in, allowing for more complex and experimental routines that truly challenge the fitness and control of Pilates practitioners and students.

A reformer with tower for sale is a fantastic way to get the benefits of Cadillac Pilates exercises involving suspension, upward stretch, and vertical posing without the greater investment of a Cadillac. With its added stability and security a Pilates machine boosts your confidence and self-control while exercising, helping you further your Pilates progression with exceptional ease.

A reformer with a tower is your conventional Pilates reformer with an additional edge, truly designed for those who enjoy the reformer’s functionality but crave extra obstacles, challenges, and additions to their workout.

A Pilates machine from us comes with the promise of elite functionality and phenomenal performance- expressed through our 100% satisfaction guarantee. All of our products do, which you can explore and evaluate on our full collection page. To understand why we commit to such a bold and inclusive guarantee, you can read all about our ethical vision and dedication to customer service on our homepage.

Pilates Reformer With Tower FAQs

A Pilates tower is a classic reformer with an added tower- which is a vertical unit boasting a variety of attachments.

These include arm springs, legs springs, a push-through bar, and a roll-back bar which provide increased upward challenge to your Pilates workout.

These features also can give additional support to Pilates newbies, as they move onto advanced poses and moves through providing additional stability and security.

Whilst Joseph Pilates created the classic trio of Pilates equipment- the reformer, the Cadillac, and the chair in his official studio in the 1920s, the tower was made later.

The tower was created in the 1980s when the dance department at studio SUNY Purchase was inspired by the design of the Cadillac and Mr. Pilates’s unused design for what he called a home “door frame gym”.

They wanted a more compact piece of equipment which like the Cadillac allowed for hanging and stretching moves, to work with the reformer for use in individual and small group classes. Thus the tower was born, making it far easier for dancers to master seated, standing, and hanging exercises during a routine.

Tower Pilates is a form of Pilates that combines core mat work and exercises specific to the tower.

The tower provides extra resistance to tone, strengthen and define muscles, whilst through its system of bars and springs greater stabilizing the body.

These newfound conditions have allowed for the creation of additional tower Pilates exercises designed to challenge flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, and concentration.

The tower adds extra versatility, dynamism, and height to your typical reformer workout.

With its additional elements of height and resistance, you have a greater capacity to customize your workout and target specific areas of your body like your arms, whilst still activating your core.

Unlike the classic reformer, there is less emphasis on the legs, allowing for a total body strengthening workout without the same stress on your joints.

Its anchored form also allows for greater stability and security while exercising, which will put you at ease and make you feel significantly more confident in your movements.

A reformer tower goes on average from mid $3,000 to mid $6,000. There are more expensive and more inexpensive options, and models where the tower is detachable.

If you are reconsidering purchasing a reformer with tower, but still like many of the brands displayed here, we advise you to visit our complete Pilates Reformers collection to find options by the same big-name brands without a tower.

You can buy one here in this collection, or filter via our complete equipment collection.

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