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Pilates Barrels

Browse our expansive collection of the most beautifully constructed and comfortable Pilates barrels on the market, all of which are sold at shockingly reduced rates.

One of the most inexpensive and accessible Pilates equipment options on the market, the Pilates barrel is grounded in simplicity, accessibility, and a modern, clean aesthetic. All of our barrels are made out of only the most premium sustainable materials, including polished oak or beech wood and sumptuous leather upholstery.

Potential buyers should be aware, this collection of Barrels, known as step barrels or Pilates arc machines- come without a ladder. Our barrels are your typical barrel, with an upholstered curvature on a wood base. Meanwhile, a Pilates arc boasts more ergonomic curvatures and a light design, typically constructed out of hard polystyrene designed to support reformer use.

To discover options for a ladder barrel, also commonly called a High Barrel, we recommend you visit our Pilates ladder barrel collection to explore more of our exceptional and elite exercise machines...

A sophisticated tool for an active spinal extension, ladder barrel Pilates is the perfect exercise for any Pilates enthusiast who struggles with posture, chronic body/back pain, and overall flexibility. For many of us working in non-physical fields, our posture and back can suffer due to long days of working at a desk or computer- which is just one of the reasons the Pilates barrel is an ideal at-home Pilates exercise machine.

The ladder barrel is inexpensive, extremely lightweight, easy to store, and will blend seamlessly into your living space, without the size and complexity of a Pilates reformer or Cadillac. This is why it remains a prominent feature in the collections of internationally respected Pilates equipment brands- with BASI Systems and Elina Pilates having their own ladder barrel collections.

However, the ladder barrel is also a fantastic choice for studio use, evident in its prominent use in private 1 on 1 Pilates sessions where instructors endeavor to observe, guide, and give advice to Pilates students on their movement, progression, and body. Ladder barrel Pilates is ideal for low-impact, slow, soothing routines that focus on rehabilitating the mind, as you stretch the areas of your body that undergo the most repetitive strain throughout your life.

On the subject of strain, for those who struggle with overexertion and pain during exercise, the Pilates barrel allows you to use your bodyweight alone to stretch and rehabilitate, so you can reap the benefits of Pilates without any stress. Meanwhile, if you want to build the endurance and strength of your muscles, you will be surprised how intense active spinal extension over the barrel can be in conditioning your arms, legs, and core.

A ladder barrel from this collection is a machine designed to elevate your fitness capabilities to profound levels of control, sophistication, and confidence. Despite its simplicity, a ladder barrel is a tool that will give users a lifetime of enjoyment, happiness, and physical improvement.

This range of expertly engineered machines also comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Which is our promise to all of our loyal customers that every exercise machine we sell will boast the same exceptional quality, performance, and authenticity it is advertised with.

Providing satisfactory customer service and perfect Pilates equipment is the number one priority of our business, so we encourage you to contact us with any suggestions, questions, queries, or concerns here on our website, or via our email.

Ladder barrel Pilates provides all the major benefits of the exercise without a massive price tag, making a barrel a Pilates machine you should definitely consider.

Pilates Barrels FAQs

The best ladder barrel for you will be entirely unique decision- guided by your own individualistic wants and needs when it comes to fitness and Pilates.

However, a good place to start when choosing a Pilates Barrel is to determine what kind you want- once you have decided this, finding the ‘best one for you is significantly easier as barrels across brands are very consistent.

If you want a barrel as a full-fledged piece of equipment, however, we would recommend you go for a traditional Barrel- as other types tend to be accessories designed to be used alongside other machines.

Barrels used for Pilates are short and wide, meaning they store extremely well and take up a small amount of space. They are also immensely lightweight, designed so anyone no matter their strength can carry them.

The average dimensions for a barrel are  34″ tall x 20″ wide, meaning it will fit in the vast majority of exercise spaces.

Measure the dimensions of where you intend to keep it in and compare it to the specific model you wish to buy to be sure.

While a barrel admittedly has less functionality, features, and uses than other Pilates machines, however, it does have major benefits as an exercise equipment investment.

For newcomers to Pilates, it may be less intimidating than moving from mat work to a reformer, and a reformer may not fit your budget and space anyway. A barrel is significantly cheaper, highly acessible, lightweight, and easy to store.

Furthermore, if your primary reason for getting into Pilates is to rehabilitate your body as you struggle with disability, chronic illness, or back pain, a barrel that supports more guided, comfortable, stationary exercise may better suit your needs than a reformer.

On average, a barrel goes for mid $300, however, it can be more or less depending on its size, make, materials used in its construction, and parent brand.

You can buy a Pilates barrel here, directly on this page. However, if you want to browse beyond our barrels, you should visit our complete Pilates equipmentcollection to discover our full range of equipment and accessories. Review Medals

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