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2020 Pilates Reformer Buyer’s Guide - Pilates Reformers Plus

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A Few Words About Pilates

Reasons to Invest in a Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer Cost Guide

The Top Pilates Reformer Brands of 2021

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pilates Reformer

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A Few Words About Pilates: Your Guide to Getting Started

Interest in Pilates has exploded over the last decade and now millions of Americans practice it every year. But what exactly is this exercise method and is it right for you?

If you've heard Pilates mentioned and thought it might be just a different form of yoga, there's a lot more to it. Our guide will walk you through what is Pilates and how you can join in, no matter what fitness level you're at.

Origin of Pilates

Joseph Pilates led a very active, health-conscious life. He practiced martial arts, boxing, gymnastics, and more.

During WWI, he became a nurse-physiotherapist for others interned in the same English hospital. He had the brilliant idea to arrange bed springs to headboards and bed frames so that disabled patients could use them as resistance equipment.

These were the earliest origins of reformers and other Pilates equipment. Before we discuss the equipment, let's talk about the method itself.

Pilates Method

Pilates exercises focus on your core, that is, the abdominal and trunk area. By building a strong core, you support your spine and increase comfort, flexibility, and strength.

This isn't just about getting a six-pack. Pilates has a holistic approach to physical strength, training your muscles to work together, correct breathing patterns, and centering on deep, stabilizing muscles that are often overlooked.

Exercises are low impact, yet effective. You often use your own body weight—but expect to feel a burn afterward.

Exercises and Classes

You can do Pilates anywhere. There are plenty of DVD or online classes that you can do right from the comfort of your own home.

Your best bet to ensure you have proper alignment and understand the principles is to try a class with a certified teacher. There are two types of classes—mat and reformer.

Mat Pilates is set up like a yoga class in that your main piece of equipment is a mat. Unlike a yoga class, there might be resistance bands, a resistance ring, or small weights.

Reformers are equipment that originated with Joseph Pilate's bed springs idea. A Pilates reformer looks like a sliding platform with various bands and springs attached to it.

Pilates Benefits

There are countless benefits to practicing Pilates. As a holistic practice, you'll start to notice positive changes after you start your practice.

With core strength, the rest of your body feels supported. You'll increase flexibility and range of movement while decreasing those aches and pains we feel when we're out of alignment.

Because there's a lot of focus on small muscles, you might boost your mindfulness. And achieving a lean, muscled Pilates body isn't bad, either!

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what Pilates is all about. Once you start practicing, you'll discover that it's way more than just a fad.


Reasons Why It's Time to Invest in a Pilates Reformer

The Pilates reformer is a powerful all in one exercise machine that can push your Pilates style and progress to expert levels. 

If the Pilates reformer equipment seems daunting to you, let us here at Pilates Reformer Plus convince you! You won't be sorry about this investment after reading these 5 benefits!

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

As with all exercises and skills, practice makes perfect. With the best Pilates reformer right into your home, you can practice whenever it is convenient and not be bound to local gyms or fitness centers.

Owning your own Pilates reformer lets you even get in tiny reps between meals or during breaks. Your machine lets you work on your time

  1. Pilates Reformers for Beginners

The Pilates reformer equipment can feel like an intimidating piece of equipment. When you are only beginning your Pilates journey, the reformer may not only feel unneeded but a dangerous way to overwhelm yourself. 

Pilates reformers aren't machines for experts. They are guides that help you do Pilates right the first time. The designs of the reformers let you know the exact places to rest and move your body, guiding you to a perfect form every time! 

  1. Pilates is for Everyone

Pilates is for everyone and you don't need to be in shape or have a certain body type to start using a Pilates reformer. 

Pilates can also be an intense workout, and a high-end machine can feel tailor-made for those fit enough to work out all the time. 

  1. Price Points for All Budgets

Buying exercise equipment of any size can get expensive. Large home machines like the Pilates reformer is not a small investment, by any means. 

Keep in mind, though, that there are a number of different levels of machines to work with almost any budget. The high-end machines aren't always the best for you, with each level providing different setups and experiences.

A smaller scale and cheaper Pilates reformer will still give all the benefits and usage of a high-end one, allowing you to dive into Pilates without breaking the bank. 

  1. Brands and Styles for All Homes

With any major investment like home exercise machines, it helps to know what kind of variety you are working with. There are a wide variety of Pilates reformer brands and styles that can help you find the perfect Pilates reformer for you.

Pilates reformer brands such as Balanced Body and AeroPilates are great examples of high-quality brand names that provide what you want at a reasonable price. 

Pilates reformers also come in different shapes, colors, and styles to help fit your home better. Whether you prefer to get a specific size, or if you have your eye on a particular color, there is a machine for you.


The Pilates Reformer Cost Guide: Let's Talk Pricing

Did you know that the first Pilates studio in the United States was opened in 1923?

That's right—for over 90 years people have been using this method of physical conditioning to gain strength, increase flexibility, and improve their overall health

More recently, the Pilates reformer has become an essential piece of equipment for the practice of beginner to advanced Pilates. Thinking of buying one for yourself?

Read below to find out about what Pilates reformers cost to expect and what to look for when you're shopping.

Pilates Reformer Cost

Using a Pilates reformer allows you to improve your form while controlling the overall intensity of your workout. This simple machine can give you all the benefits of a strength, stretching, and cardio class all-in-one.

But when it comes to buying your own Pilates reformer you may have a few questions. What features am I looking for? How much is a reasonable amount to spend?

Keep reading to find out the distinguishing features between these categories.

Affordable Pilates Reformers

The most affordable Pilates reformer is, not surprisingly, the most basic version. These models will cost between $300 to $1,500. Basic models often come with fewer accessories but will still allow you to get in a good workout.

Lower priced models usually have the benefit of easy storage. These machines can be folded and easily rolled into a closet or under the bed. Some people find that these models are less comfortable and offer less support, but it also depends on the exact machine you buy.

In the more affordable range of machines, look for something that is comfortable and that will work for your body size. Less expensive machines may not come with the same adjustable features that you are used to in a studio machine. 

Machines in the $600 to $1,500 range can come with adjustable features and may have more padding in the bench for a more comfortable experience overall.

High-Value, Mid-Range Pilates Reformers

If you are willing to spend a bit more on your Pilates reformer, consider a machine in the $1,500 to $2,500 range.

These machines offer superior comfort, adjustable cords, and resistance. Some of these models fold for storage, but others will require a larger space. You can find a high-quality machine in this price range that you can use for years.

The difference between a $1,500 and a $2,500 model could come down to personal preference. If you can, try a few machines in this price range before deciding which one is right for you and the type of workout you enjoy.

Premium Pilates Reformers 

With a sizable budget, you can afford a premium Pilates reformer. These machines are the same or better than the ones you see in Pilates studios.

The premium Pilates reformers costs between $2,500 and $5,000. There are some models that can even cost around $8,000.

These machines are top-of-the-line in material, durability, and customization. They come with all the accessories you could ever need and adjustable resistance to allow variability in your workout.

If you are prepared to use your Pilates reformer consistently over the course of a year or more, this high-quality machine may be worth the price tag.


The Top Pilates Reformer Brands of 2021

Pilates reformers can transform your Pilates journey, but not all brands of reformers are the same.

Are you looking for the best Pilates reformer for sale, but don't know where to start when it comes to brands?

Below, we've compiled a list of some of the brands you can choose from and compared them to see how they stack up. Read on to learn more!

AeroPilates by Stamina

AeroPilates was founded by the fitness company Stamina products to provide high quality Pilates equipment at affordable prices.

Stamina became one of the first fitness companies to champion its products on infomercials. It sold items to fitness gurus like Denise Austin and Suzanne Somers.

AeroPilates materials come with a high customer satisfaction rating. Most of its products are lightweight and suitable for home use.

Elina Pilates

Europe-born Elina Pilates boasts 15 years of experience in Pilates craftsmanship, working with experts to form quality devices.

In order to ensure you receive the best possible products, Elina Pilates subjects its materials to strict quality control checks, and keep growing over time to compete with the top brands in the market.

Lagree Fitness

NAMED #1 - Fitness Trend out of 100 million workouts. The Lagree Fitness Method is a high-intensity low impact, core, muscular strength and muscular endurance workout that is adaptable to all fitness levels. It’s the perfect alternative to other high-intensity training options that can potentially damage the joints and connective tissues. Lagree Fitness effectively combines strength, endurance, core, cardio, balance and flexibility training. Men and women of all ages and abilities can benefit from this complete body workout.

Peak Pilates 

25 years ago, Peak Pilates was created, inspired by the scenic Colorado mountains and Joseph Pilates's original method.

Peak Pilates provides affordable, state-of-the-art lightweight Pilates equipment designed for home use. 

Their designs are meant to be both classic and innovative, honoring both Joseph Pilates and the architectural future of Pilates equipment.

Basi Systems

BASI (Body Arts and Science International) was founded in 1989 as a curriculum-based education company for aspiring teachers of the Pilates method.

BASI is a leading education academy that brings thirty years of Pilates teaching experience to the design of their equipment.

They work with Pilates professionals all over the world who strive for strength, athleticism, rehabilitation and the joy of healthy movement.

They provide premium quality Pilates reformers and equipment suitable for Pilates studio owners and Pilates home users.

Balanced Body

Nearly five decades ago, Balanced Body set out to improve the health of others via Pilates.

Inspired by the original creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, Balanced Body has taken some of the initial Pilates equipment and updated it with newer technology for a modern audience. Their company then set out to change lives via movement.

They have since become one of the biggest Pilates product manufacturers in the world. Throughout its history, Balanced Body has consistently updated its products to fit their customer’s needs.

Balanced Body offers a range of prices for their top-of-the-line products so every person can find what they're looking for, from home users to Pilates studios owners.


Founded in 1928 as a custom design shop, Gratz became the original producer of Pilates equipment.

Now, the company says it has worked with instructors for over two generations, providing them with the best equipment out there.

While some of its products are more pricey than those sold by other companies, Gratz says it has worked to maintain Joseph Pilaters's vision. This includes getting the exact dimensions down for their equipment. 

Stott Pilates by Merrithew

Former dancer Moira Merrithew discovered the Pilates method after she had to leave ballet due to chronic foot injuries.

Merrithew studied with Romana Kryzanowska, a student of the original Joseph Pilates, and eventually, founded Stott Pilates.

Stott Pilates offers products and opportunities to become an instructor, making it ideal for people who both want to learn and teach the craft, providing studio quality Pilates equipment with many customization options.


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pilates Reformer Equipment for You

Folks who are tired of paying for gym subscriptions that they never use- you're in for a treat! Just a couple basic pieces of equipment can get you the same experience with added convenience.

Below are some tips to make choosing Pilates reformer equipment a breeze!

  1. Tailor Your Pilates Reformer Equipment to Your Lifestyle

Dancers and athletes often comment on how much they get out of Pilates reformer equipment. Even with minor injuries, the multi-use product helps you safely build and maintain lean muscle.

If you're used to studio equipment, you'll want to buy a Pilates reformer with great spring action. This will ensure you get the desired resistance from your workout.

  1. You Get What You Pay For

Materials majorly affect the overall cost of your Pilates equipment. You don't want equipment to break (or damage your floors). Flimsy material may result in a waste of money or worse: a safety hazard down the road.

It can help to look up the manufacturer of the equipment before buying it. Also, look for a warranty if you plan to use your equipment a lot!

If you decide to buy used, be sure to gather as much information about the Pilates reformer for sale as you can. Getting a great deal isn't worth much if the equipment is falling apart or missing major pieces!

  1. Factor In the Time You Save with Home Equipment

If you're looking to buy the best home Pilates reformer, you might wince at the price initially. The longer you use a reformer, though, the more it pays off. Many reformers, even some of the high-end ones, offer decades of reliable exercise.

After just a few months of regular workouts, you'll see just how worthwhile a little investment can be!

Spending money at the gym may end up costing you more than buying a reformer would. Few gyms have a Pilates reformer machine, which could limit the workout you get there.

  1. Look for Equipment That Fits Your Space

Space is a major factor when choosing Pilates equipment.

Larger equipment (like reformers) requires a certain amount of space to create consistent resistance. They have to be long enough to stand or lay down and engage in repetitive movements.

If space is limited, you might not want such large equipment in your home. You can also look into compact models. You'll be limited in how many exercises you can do, but you'll still get some bang for your buck.


The Best Pilates Reformers of 2021

Best Selling Pilates Reformer

Peak Pilates Fit™ Reformer

Price: $2,595.00

peak pilates fit reformer 20-036 - pilates reformers plus

Workout at home but can’t fit a studio reformer? Want to add group reformer classes to your studio or fitness center but don’t want to compromise on that studio height? Welcome the fit™ reformer, the first reformer to incorporate vertical stackability and affordability in a studio height reformer. Things are definitely looking up!

The reformer includes a locking foot bar, a four-position one-hand gear bar, an alignment graphic for students and instructors, as well as an integrated side-split platform with the ability to add a jump board. And as always, the performance and quality of any Peak Pilates® reformer are never compromised with innovation.


Best Selling Megaformer / Microformer

Lagree Fitness Microformer Fully Loaded Reformer

Price: $2,395.00

Lagree Fitness Fully Loaded Microformer

The Lagree Fitness Microformer is a new machine specifically designed for home use; although it can be used commercially (ideal for teaching virtual classes from home, or group classes in small rooms or multi purpose room, great option for outdoor classes, rooftops, etc..). The Micro Reformer is adaptable to all fitness level and was designed for both men and women. It is small, light weight, portable, and amazingly versatile. It is designed to fit in places the Mega can’t.


Best Pilates Reformer for Beginners

AeroPilates Pro XP 557 Pilates Reformer

Price: $1,289.00

AeroPilates Pro XP 557 Pilates Reformer - Pilates Reformers Plus

The AeroPilates® Pro XP557 is our longest AeroPilates reformer with all the features and look of an upscale studio reformer. The beautiful wooden base makes this reformer worthy of a place in your home gym. When it comes to performance, the larger commercial-grade ball bearing wheels, wider, more padded platform and removable, and adjustable foot bar make for a quieter, more comfortable, more customizable workout comparable to any commercial studio reformer worth thousands of dollars. With 69″ of platform travel, 4″ more than our standard reformer, it is the perfect reformer for taller users.


Best Home Pilates Reformer

Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer

Price: starts at $3,390.00

Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer


It stands out as the first stackable reformer on the market and incorporates innovative systems such as the rapid change of positions of foot bar, spring bar and pulleys. Also, it has front and rear stability straps, and offers an extra smooth glide. Get to the forefront and make a leap of quality in the Pilates experience with our new reformer, an exclusive and modern design thought to offer the best benefits to the professionals of the sector.


Best Pilates Reformer with Tower

Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer with Tower

Price: starts at $4,640.00

Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer with Tower


It stands out as the first stackable reformer on the market and incorporates innovative systems such as the rapid change of positions of foot bar, spring bar and pulleys. Also, it has front and rear stability straps, and offers an extra smooth glide. Get to the forefront and make a leap of quality in the Pilates experience with our new reformer, an exclusive and modern design thought to offer the best benefits to the professionals of the sector.


Best Pilates Cadillac/Trapeze Reformer

Elina Pilates Elite Cadillac Reformer

Price: $5,250.00

Elina Pilates Elite Cadillac Reformer

Exclusive and modern design thought to offer the best benefits to professionals in the sector. It stands out for incorporating innovative systems such as the quick change of positions of the foot bar, the spring bar and the pulleys. It has front and rear stability straps and offers an extra smooth glide.


Best Aluminum Pilates Reformer

Elina Pilates Aluminum Reformer

Price: starts at $3,000.00

Elina Pilates Aluminum Reformer


Stackable and lightweight. A reformer of modern line with the latest technological advances. Ideal for studios and clubs seeking the versatility and practicality. Elina Pilates most versatile and professional reformer. Incredibly adaptable and durable, superior construction for maximum safety and durability. Fixed foot bar, adjustable in 5 different angles. 


Best Wood Pilates Reformer

BASI Systems Wood Pilates Reformer

Price: $4,575.00

basi systems wood pilates reformer - pilates reformers plus

The BASI Systems Reformer is smooth in movement with powerful adjustability. Its innovative Enhanced Pulley System (EPS) provides fine-tuning control of the pulley angle and the expanded gear system allows precision in spring resistance settings. With the largest carriage cushion and longest track in the industry, it offers unprecedented comfort and range of motion. It comes with four prepared ports to accommodate the revolutionary F2 System upgrade. The BASI Systems Reformer is an expandable system that seamlessly adapts to your needs.


Thank you for taking the time to read our Pilates Reformer Buying Guide. We hope it was helpful and will assist you in choosing the right Pilates Reformer for you.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, our Pilates experts will be happy to assist you and answer any of your questions.



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