11 Best Pilates Reformer Machines - Pilates Reformers Plus

11 Best Pilates Reformer Machines for 2022

Take your Pilates workout to the next level! We’ve reviewed the best of the best Pilates reformers in the market.

11 Best Pilates Reformer Machines - Pilates Reformers Plus

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You’re reading this because you’ve discovered the miracles that Pilates can do to your body. Specifically, the Pilates reformer machine (or reformer Pilates - it’s the same thing). 

You’ve also heard how the Pilates reformer has changed a lot of celebrities’ lives including Adele’s. Her magnificent transformation brought awe and inspired a lot of us to believe that we can achieve our dream bodies.

But it’s not just Adele.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, swears by the Pilates reformer. So as the forever sexy Kate Hudson; the gorgeous Margot Robbie, and Lady Gaga who suffers from fibromyalgia found comfort in Pilates.

The overwhelming benefits of the Pilates reformers are undeniable.

But all credit goes to Joseph Pilates. Who had a vision of unifying and conditioning the body, mind, and spirit through the Pilates reformers. He believed that doing so will help our bodies achieve their full potential.

However, for a lot of women (and men), the Pilates reformer goes beyond just achieving core stability and postural alignment. It is also a form of healing and strengthening of their mental health.

You see, Pilates brings people together. It builds a community of people who shares the same passion.

One of our clients who suffered from social anxiety didn’t feel comfortable going to the gym because she felt judged. She felt more tired emotionally than physically after working out.

But when she discovered Pilates, she felt her life transformed. In her first session, she felt welcomed, safe… Safe to make mistakes and to look stupid while exercising. Gradually, her social anxiety faded and she felt empowered. She now belongs to a community of people who shares the same passion for life and Pilates.

So besides physical transformation, Pilates is both a spiritual and social journey. Its holistic approach in life creates belongingness and empowers people.


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Pilates Reformer Machine Buying Guide

So What is a Pilates reformer?

What is a Pilates reformer?

You might not know this, but Pilates reformers were actually conceptualized during World War II. They were used as beds for injured soldiers. However, they were not ordinary beds.

They were specifically designed to rehabilitate injured soldiers to help them regain muscle strength and prevent muscle deterioration.

So how did this simple rehabilitative machine turn into a celebrity-endorsed, life-changing workout machine?

Well, thanks to Joseph Pilates because he didn’t stop with just helping injured soldiers.

After World War II, he opened his own studio in New York City and he constantly improved the Pilates method and innovated the Pilates reformer.

The modern Pilates machines you see are products of his advocacy to a healthier mind and body.

So no wonder why it’s so popular! Even after a century, his advocacy still resonates with us who yearns for a healthy body, calm mind, and thriving social life.

Also, unlike other workout machines, the Pilates reformer was designed to target your core muscles. Giving you a more centralized yet holistic approach so you can achieve the summer body you’ve always wanted.

Mat Pilates vs Pilates reformer

Mat Pilates vs Pilates reformer

A lot of you are asking if there is any difference between doing Pilates on a mat and a reformer. Because after all, they use the same principles of Pilates just on a different surface.

To answer your question, we’ve decided to list the 3 qualities that make the reformer incomparable and far more superior than a mat.

  • Resistance

Sure, you’ve heard how performing Pilates on a mat can transform your life and that the only resistance you need is your body weight. And if you need more resistance, there are always the dumbbells.

They’re cheaper, easier to move, and travel-friendly.

But… And that is a big but, further strengthening your muscles and improving your core stability can only be achieved through progression.

There should be a constant increment to the resistance you’re applying to your body or else, the development of your muscles and endurance will plateau.

That being said, dumbbells and body weight are overrated yet very limited when it comes to achieving a fully sculpted body.

And this, my friend, is what makes Pilates reformers a far more superior workout machine.

Parts such as springs, pulleys, and carriers of the Pilates reformers are not there for aesthetic.

They’re there to give you the maximum resistance you need so that your body can achieve its full potential.

Pilates reformer one, mat Pilates zero.

  • Endurance & Core stability

When it comes to your endurance and core stability, resistance plays a very important role (again). Because endurance is built when we introduce progressing resistance and we further develop our core stability the same way.

This may surprise you, but your body strength and endurance are linear to the fitness machines you use. 

So if you only use dumbbells, bodyweight, or a stability ball you will not be able to 100% achieve your capability. Because their capability to give you resistance is also limited.

And we don’t want that. Having an active lifestyle means breaking barriers and challenging your physical, emotional, and mental limitations.

Why sweat for hours and gain nothing?

Why settle for less if you could have it all?

That’s what the Pilates reformer machine for sale offers. Almost unlimited ways to build, increase, and achieve endurance and core stability.

  • Targeted muscles

Yup! This too.

Joseph Pilates designed the Pilates reformer so that it can target and activate specific, deep muscles in your body in a way that you just can’t achieve when using a mat.

Remember, he created Pilates and he started with using mats as workout surface. But he saw its limitations and decided to innovate.

He knew that our body is capable of performing far more advanced workouts.

So instead of limiting yourself with a simple mat, innovate!

Having a reliable mat anywhere you go is good.

BUT having the best home Pilates reformer where you can work out anytime and achieve your dream body is far better!

Never settle.

What are the benefits of the Pilates reformer?

What are the benefits of the Pilates reformer?
  • Makes you a superhuman

Well… Maybe not a superhuman who can lift cars. Just a physically strong human being who has the emotional and mental capability of a superhuman.

As we’ve mentioned, Pilates is a physical, spiritual, and social journey that strengthens both the body and mind.

Because with Pilates machines you increase strength, endurance, and core stability the way you want and shape your physique into your dream body by activating your deep muscles.

Mix this with Pilates’ principle of body-awareness, your senses are heightened and you become mindful about yourself and others.

Pilates is, in a way, a form of meditation. This is why after every workout session in a studio you feel freer, lighter, and you have a sense of calmness as if you can deal with any stressor that comes your way.

And you actually can!

Pilates reformer gives you just the right intensity so that you can increase your body strength while helping you improve your focus and stamina which positively impacts your mental health.

This is why it makes you superhuman, you become a better version of yourself, both in
physical strength and mental health.

  • Gives you the right curves

What we meant by curves is your postural alignment.

We bet that you’ve experienced back pain (who doesn’t). You’ve also hunched in front of your gadgets for hours, right?

Like right now, you’re hunching while reading this, right? It’s okay!

This is one more reason why you need the best home Pilates reformer. It will dramatically help you with your posture and core stability.


Well, you know that the Pilates reformer targets deep core muscles. But do you actually know what those deep core muscles are?

Those muscles are located on your spine, which controls your movement and postural stability.

So engaging and activating them help your body withstand resistance and give you awareness of your posture.

  • Destress

Imagine being one with the moment you’re currently in.

Your senses are heightened, you understand and know where your body is and where it’s going. You forget everything else.

Wait, let’s rephrase that… You don’t forget, you understand that the moment you’re in is the life you have and not the future nor the past.

You’re in this moment and you savour it with all your might.

Then… You start to appreciate.

You start to know what you need to do to solve your problem. You are hyper-focused now. Dealing with right now instead of the future and past.

Wow! That was a journey, wasn’t it? You just did that while working out on the Pilates reformer.

Right intensity + hyperfocus + conscious activation of core muscles = destressing

It’s the right machine for a holistic life approach.

How to choose the best Pilates reformer?

How to choose the best Pilates reformer

Pilates reformers are not low-cost.

So you might be tempted to buy a Pilates reformer for sale that has the lowest price. That’s reasonable.

BUT overly making the price your basis for decision making is not wise. Sure, you’ll save tons of money now, but the question is, is it the right reformer for you?

Will you really be able to achieve your dream body? Will it target the muscles you intend to build?

Because if it doesn’t then you spent money on nothing.

Remember, you can earn money but emotional investment and time is something you can never earn or take back.

So instead of focusing on the price, focus on three key factors that will actually give you the results that you need.

  • Invest in high-quality

You get why, right? Investing in a high-quality Pilates machine for sale will save you from future problems and tons of money!

There is no use buying a low-quality machine if it will break after a few uses.

Then you have to spend money on repairs or worse, you need to buy a Pilates reformer again. Imagine the stress you have to deal with.

On top of that, you don’t get the workout results you want.

You’ve been working out 2 hours a day for 7 days a week for 3 months… Yet, you still feel feeble.

Don’t waste time and money!

Only buy the best Pilates machine for your home.

This will ensure the longevity of use and will give you the results you want.

  • Design

When selecting a Pilates reformer for sale, you need to make sure that the design is compatible with your home or studio space.

If you have limited space, you can either buy a foldable or stackable Pilates machine.

On the other hand, if you have ample space then you could choose from a wide variety of brands that will meet your Pilates workout routine.

  • Provides greater resistance

As experts, we’ve heard clients complain about how the springs in their home Pilates reformer easily broke after a couple of intense workouts.

And in more frustrating instances, some clients complained that they no longer feel challenged no matter how much they increase the resistance.

They bought it in a different store and now they’re looking for spare parts. Imagine the frustration they feel…

Don’t let it be you! High-quality springs are the lifeline for good resistance. The intensity you want is dependent on their quality.

Now, we’ve come to the moment you’ve been waiting for! Here are the 11 Best Pilates Reformer Machines of 2022 that will change your life.

These best 11 Pilates reformers are top of the line.

Each one offering a unique solution that will meet your workout needs and give you the mind and body that you’ve always dreamed of!

Most Popular Pilates Reformer Machines

1. Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Machine

Best Selling Pilates Reformer

Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Machine

Here are its main features:

  • Gear bar with 4 positions
  • Includes the jump board and box
  • Stackable, with wheels for easy transportation
  • Smooth, quiet glide, special wheels and precision bearings
  • Solid, top-quality rock maple wood frame with perfect stability
  • Adjustable quick-release and removable 4-position shoulder blocks easily adapted to each user

Who is it for?

  • Studio owners
  • Pilates enthusiasts

The Elina Pilates brand originated in Spain.

They are known for their high-quality and innovative Pilates machines leaving the Pilates community totally in love with their products.

And because they offer high-quality Pilates reformers at a very good price, the Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Machine has become one of our best selling machines.

Its classy and elegant maple wood finishing makes it the top choice for studio owners. It’s easy to store, looks great, and is designed to give you the complete Pilates workout.

If you buy a Pilates reformer for home use, Elina Pilates Elite is perfect! 

Imagine owning a studio-grade and Pilates instructor approved reformer in your home. 

It’s like working out in a studio without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package Reviews
"I have been looking for a nice solid reformer to have at home instead of going to the club and this is it. Wonderful quality. This is like the nicest one I have found and believe me I have been looking for at least two months because I want to be sure it is the best for the money I paid." - Guianina S. Verified Buyer

Starting at $3,995


2. Align Pilates F3 Folding Reformer Machine

Best Folding Pilates Reformer

Align Pilates F3 Folding Reformer Machine

Here are its main features:

  • Adjustable headrest: 3 position headrest, with locking string for storage
  • Folding ability: locks open & close and can be wheeled around in either state
  • Adjustable shoulder rest: removable & lockable shoulder rests, with a choice of two widths
  • Includes Align-Pilates Double Loop Handles with "silent" metal free connectors for a quieter workout

Who is it for?

  • Pilates enthusiasts who want a home Pilates reformer in their home gym

We bet that you’re very familiar with this European brand, Align Pilates. It is well-known in the Pilates community as a producer of high-quality Pilates machines.

So it’s no surprise that they would produce a high-quality foldable reformer (one of the few). F3 is a self-containing machine that you can easily wheel around and store.

And if you hate machines that squeak, F3 has double loop handles with silent metal free connectors that will give you a peaceful and calmer workout session.

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package Reviews
"The machine is really superb!! Plus, the customer service that I got from this store is commendable. They were really patient with my questions and guided me through the whole buying process. Thumbs up for them!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" - Angela M. Verified Buyer

Starting at $2,499


3. Peak Pilates Fit Reformer Machine

Best Pilates Reformer for Limited Space

Peak Pilates Fit Reformer Machine

Here are its main features:

  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Simple and intuitive one-hand gear bar
  • Side-split platform with center orientation grip pads
  • Designed with the ability to add a jump board and easy rope adjustment
  • This Peak Pilates premier reformer is the only reformer in its class to be “Studio Height”

Who is it for?

  • A great addition to your home gym 
  • Studio owners with limited space

If you’re looking for a Pilates reformer for sale to include in your home gym, Peak Pilates Fit Reformer Machine is for you!

When we work out in a Pilates Studio, it doesn’t bother us if the studio is a bit messy. Or if the Pilates reformers are not aligned, or stack elegantly.

We are not bothered about how they arrange their machines.

However, when it comes to our home, we tend to be a bit obsessive-compulsive, right?

And that’s what’s great about Peak Pilates Fit, it’s lightweight and easy to store!

You can fit it in your closet because you can stack it vertically.

Plus, the height is just right. You can store it in a room with a low ceiling.

But don’t be fooled by its compact design. It can perform what big reformers can!

It provides you with an efficient and effective workout routine.

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package Reviews
"Having serious back issues I was recommended to try Pilates. After doing much research I selected a Peak reformer. It arrived in perfect condition two weeks earlier than I anticipated. The set up was easy and quick. It took less than half an hour. The moves on this machine are very smooth and the tension is easily adjusted. I am very impressed with the quality of this reformer. I highly recommend Peak and this company. They are both terrific." - Joy Bellisario-Jenkins Verified buyer

Starting at $2,595


4. Align Pilates M8 Pro Maple Wood Reformer Machine

Best Wood Pilates Reformer

Align Pilates M8 Pro Maple Wood Reformer Machine

 Here are its main features:

  • Fully customizable reformer with an optional half Cadillac, jump board, platform extender, etc. 
  • Rapid Change (RC) single action spring bar adjustment system
  • Includes Align-Pilates ‘Silent’ system with silent pulleys, padded straps, and metal-free double loop handles

Who is it for?

  • A choice for professionals and studio owners

Make the most of your purchase with this fully customizable Pilates reformer, featuring several optional add-ons, including a half Cadillac, jump board, sitting box, platform extender, and mat converter. The M8 also comes with an adjustable headrest, shoulder rests, a patent-pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar, and a fully adjustable rope system for maximum comfort.

Speaking of comfort, this Pilates reformer equipment comes with an improved 8-wheel system and Align-Pilates “Silent” system for quiet movements.

Tack on a solid Maple Wood frame and five nickel-plated quality music wire springs, and this reformer is built to last a lifetime. Look no further than Align Pilate’s M8 Pro Reformer for the best value and range of customization.

Starting at $3,790


5. BASI Systems Wood Pilates Reformer Machine

Best Pilates Reformer for Professionals

BASI Systems Wood Pilates Reformer Machine

Here are its main features:

  • Highly adjustable headrest, shoulder rests and foot bar
  • Orthopaedic padded cushion extends the full width of the frame
  • Aircraft quality aluminium tracks for a smooth, quiet carriage ride
  • Pulleys can be set anywhere along with the height and width of the half tower

Who is it for?

  • This BASI system is great for studio owners and professionals

We’re sure that you’re familiar with BASI Systems Pilates reformers.

Who isn’t?

They’re well-known for crafting sturdy and effective Pilates machines. So it’s no surprise that BASI Systems Wood Pilates Reformer Machine for sale is on our list.

BASI Systems Wood was engineered with studio use in mind, making it one of the most innovative Pilates reformers that ever existed.

We highly recommend this for studio owners because BASI Systems Wood is almost the complete package.

Your clients will love the relaxing and rehabilitative low-impact Pilates workout they can perform on it. (Now, that sounds soothing…)

But not just that! When they’re done relaxing and they want to amp up their game, they can instantly switch to exhilarating workouts that are good for building their endurance.

And we know… We know… We said it’s highly recommended for studio owners, but how about you who simply wants it as home workout machine?

Well, another thing that makes BASI System Wood one of the best is that it’s easy to operate.

Its powerful resistance system is color-coded that allows you to adjust your resistance hassle-free.

And its Enhanced Pulley System (EPS) was engineered to be easy to adjust while the expanded gear system allows precision.

Amazing, right? It’s as if it was designed to be used even by beginners.

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package Reviews
"I love my Basi Pilates Reformer! The quality of the reformer is spectacular. The best birthday present I have ever received.
I would recommend this Pilates reformer to everyone! Shipping was fast and assembly was easy :-)" - Teresa D. Verified Buyer

Starting at $5,999


6. Private Pilates Premium Wood Reformer Machine

Best Value Pilates Reformer

Private Pilates Premium Wood Reformer Machine

Here are its main features:

  • Patented silence drive system
  • Has anti-drop spring protected pulley system
  • Detachable shoulder rests that provide 4 different shoulder widths

Who is it for?

  • Recommended for studio owners and experienced Pilates enthusiasts

You may not be familiar with the Private Pilates brand because they’re relatively new in the market.

However, within just 4 years, this Turkish brand has successfully become one of the fastest-growing and most trusted brands in the Pilates community!

And how did they do this?

Easy… Genuine passion + 25 years of experience = Pilates reformer that is both top-of-the-line and affordable

Their Private Pilates Premium Wood Reformer Machine is a unique reformer.

It’s the only reformer that offers 5 different sliding distances and a shoulder rest that has 4 different shoulder widths. This means that it can accommodate different types of body shapes and heights.

Talking about practicing inclusivity! Way to go, Private Pilates.

And you think their passion for customer satisfaction would stop there.

Nope! Not Private Pilates.

Not only did they meticulously create Premium Wood Reformer to accommodate all body types, but they also made sure that it’s a complete package!

You don’t have to separately buy auxiliary parts like a foot mat, stretching wood stick, orthopedic box, jump board, foot belt, and many more because they’re all part of the package when you buy the Premium Wood Reformer.

How awesome is that!

You didn’t only save money, you actually amped up your Pilates game without the hassle.

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package Reviews
"Very happy with my new reformer. It is well built and was very easy to assemble. And the customer service was excellent! Would definitely recommend the Private Pilates reformer and Pilates Reformers Plus!" - Katherine K. Verified Buyer

Starting at $4,699


7. Align Pilates C2 Pro RC Reformer Machine

Best Studio Pilates Reformer

Align Pilates® C2 Pro RC Reformer Machine

Here are its main features:

  • Space-saving as it can be stacked and can be wheeled for ease of movement and storage (though weight is a consideration)
  • Patent-pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar for the fastest spring bar changes available, using one hand and a single action
  • Longest travel of any standard reformer: 113cm (suits more people & requires less adjustment). Long travel means less adjustment and easier transition between exercises.
  • Widest carriage bed on the market at 67cm and longer carriage at 90cm for greater comfort & to suit more body types than other reformers

Who is it for?

  • Studio owners and professionals will love the C2 Pro RC!

Have you heard of Align Pilates C2-Pro Reformer? And have you also heard how excellent that machine was?

Well, double… No! Triple all of those good qualities and voila! You have the C2-Pro RC.

What makes it triple the excellence?

First, it has a pending patent for RC, which stands for Rapid Change.

This means that C2-Pro RC is not your ordinary reformer, it has been innovated by Align Pilates. Taking the C-series to the next level.

Second, RC is not just another flowery term. It actually describes the ease you’ll experience when shifting your speed while performing Pilates on the C2-Pro RC.

You can rapidly change your speed without doing any 12-step actions, instead, with just one swift motion you can instantly adjust the spring bar.

Making it a huge advantage for studios that offers a group class environment.

And that, my friends, is what you call innovation.

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package Reviews
"The RC feature is really amazing! I didn't have to stop in the middle of my workout to change the speed, I didn't lose momentum. And that's really amazing especially if I'm hyper-focused on my Pilates workout." - Sonia H. Verified Buyer

Starting at $2,499


8. AeroPilates Pro XP557 Pilates Reformer Machine

Best Pilates Reformer for Beginners

AeroPilates Pro XP557 Pilates Reformer Machine

Here are its main features:
  • Strengthens the total body, improves flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and relaxes the mind
  • Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 557is one of the best home Pilates reformer has Free-Form Cardio Rebounder, 2 workout DVDs, online access to additional online workouts, wall chart, owner's manual

Who is it for?

  • Highly recommended for Pilates enthusiasts who want to add a Pilates machine for home use

Are you looking for a Pilates machine for home use that was designed specifically for you?

Well, you have it!

AeroPilates Pro XP557 Pilates Reformer Machine was designed to ensure that you can use it within the comfort of your home without getting frustrated.

And if you’re new to Pilates, AeroPilates Pro XP557 comes with a DVD and a full-color wall chart to guide you in toning, tightening, and strengthening your whole body.

Isn’t AeroPilates thoughtful? You can see that their no.1 priority is you!

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package Reviews
"I received product in timeframe expected. I confirmed with Pilates Reformers Plus and Nina was very responsive. I mostly put it together myself, with lifting help from hubby, it was very easy. I have been on this machine everyday since. I love it!" - Cheryl Fox Verified Buyer

Starting at $1,499


9. Elina Pilates Physio Wood Reformer Machine

Best Rehabilitation Pilates Reformer 

Elina Pilates Physio Wood Reformer Machine

Here are its main features:

  • Includes the jump board and box
  • Built-in standing platform with non-slip surface for safety
  • Soundless sliding system with 8 PU wheels arranged in vertical and horizontal positions
  • Padded headrest provides 3 positions: 2 above carriage and 1 level with the carriage

Who is it for?

  • Professional Pilates practitioners and studio owners

Elina Pilates Physio Wood Reformer is another great machine from Elina Pilates.


Read the name again… It’s called physio for a reason.

Elina Pilates collaborated with professional Pilates practitioners to design a reformer that will provide you with a high-level Pilates workout.

Elina Pilates Physio can provide both high-octane workouts and relaxing low-impact routines.

Compared to Elina Pilates Elite, the Elina Pilates Physio has a taller height but both of them were designed to accommodate both beginners and professionals. 

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package Reviews
"I received the reformer before the projected delivery date. It is a quality piece of exercise equipment. I look forward to many many years of good use! Thank you!" - Michelle T. Verified Buyer

Starting at $3,790


10. Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package

Best Home Pilates Reformer 

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package

Here are its main features:

  • Built to withstand continuous, high-intensity use
  • Adapts to the needs of rehabilitation or pre/postnatal exercises
  • Includes reformer box with foot strap, padded platform extender and metal roll-up pole

Who is it for?

  • We recommend this as a Pilates machine for home use

When we picture home exercises, we usually think of a simple, not so extreme workout routine.

And maybe one of the reasons is because we always associate extreme workouts with studio machines.

However, the Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package will change that!

Because it is a revolutionary machine that allows you to incorporate cardio interval training with your regular strengthening exercises.

Giving you a more effective workout that will burn more calories than you can ever imagine!

Additionally, if you’re looking for a Pilates machine where you can perform Stott Pilates, then the Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package is 100% for you.

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package Reviews
"I've been on a variety of reformers and the SPX max is definitely a favorite. So many progressions with the variety of loads for the 5 springs! Endless exercises and great color choices. I’ll have this for years to come!" - Maureen S. Verified Buyer


11. Private Pilates Premium Foldable Metal Pilates Reformer

Best Space-Saving Folding Pilates Reformer

Private Pilates Premium Foldable Metal Pilates Reformer

Here are its main features:

  • Space-saving foldable reformer 
  • Heavy-duty steel chassis and wheels
  • Provides the largest workout area with a 97 cm sliding distance
  • Easy to install detachable shoulder rest, which has 4 different shoulder widths

Who is it for?

  • For studio owners with limited space, having the Foldable Metal Pilates Reformer will be cost-effective.

Imagine if you live in a world where there’s a foldable Pilates reformer that is sturdy, top-notch, and made of premium quality materials, yet reasonably priced.

Oh, wait… We just described the Private Pilates Premium Foldable Metal Pilates Reformer.

Private Pilates may be new to the industry but, boy… They surely know how to produce products that makes the Pilates community fall in love with!

Foldable Metal Pilates Reformer’s versatility makes it an ideal reformer for both professionals and beginners; for both studio owners and Pilates lovers who want a Pilates machine in their home gym.

But wait! There’s more… Its foldability makes it a space saver.

Instead of having machines that occupy a lot of space, you have a foldable reformer that you can easily store away after use. Giving your other clients space to perform other workouts. 

Merrithew At Home SPX® Reformer Package Reviews
"Much sturdier than other foldable reformers I have owned and it’s nice to not be flush on the floor. The jump board requires a lighter touch than non-foldable models but that was easy enough to get used to. Great reformer and good company to work with!" - Jill B. Verified Buyer

Starting at $3,359


To wrap things up…

You’re now equipped with the best insight into what Pilates reformers can do and the top reformer machines of 2022.

This will make your buying experience less confusing, more efficient and easier.

Just keep in mind the three things you need to look for in a Pilates reformer:

  1. It should be a high-quality machine
  2. Choose a design that will fit your space and needs
  3. Choose a Pilates reformer that can provide great and dynamic resistance

Remember, Pilates is more than just a strengthening technique.

It’s a lifestyle. It’s a journey you take so your body, mind, and soul can achieve their full potential by conditioning and unifying them.

So choosing the right Pilates reformer for your workout routine is not just important, it’s necessary.

Because this will determine whether your experience is averagely worthwhile or positively rewarding and life-changing.

And we at Pilates Reformer Plus, want the latter for you!

We want you to achieve your dream body while also attaining a calmer and more peaceful mind and soul that is ready to take on any challenges in life!

Pilates Reformer Plus, creating a healthier world.


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Pilates Reformer Machine FAQs

What is a Pilates Reformer?

A Pilates reformer is the classic Pilates machine option . It has a bed-like base, fitted with a sliding carriage, springs, pulleys, and ropes.

There is an extensive list of exercises specifically for the reformer, like box rowing, and exercises designed for the mat which can be adapted for reformer use.

The reformer was the first Pilates machine to hit the market and has remained the most sought after since.

Who Created the Pilates Reformer?

It was created in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates. It was designed to assist in the realignment and rehabilitation of the body promised by regular Pilates practice.

Among the first to test it were soldiers returning from World war one, and famous dancers and athletes who wanted to heal their aches and pains.

What are the Benefits of Pilates Reformer?

It boasts some staggering benefits to your mental and physical health. Using the reformer provides a phenomenal workout for your abs, lower back, hips, and glutes, otherwise known as your body’s “powerhouse”.

It also helps improve your flexibility, balance, coordination, and posture- which is key to your overall body alignment.

Reformer Pilates just like mat Pilates, also helps you control your breathing, focus, and calm your overall state of mind- contributing to mental wellness.

What is the Best Pilates Reformer?

Clarifying what is the ‘best’ reformer can only be done on an individualistic basis based on your priorities.

If you value high performance above all else, there’s a reformer designed to support even the most intensive exercise regimen. If you’re more interested in affordability and luxurious comfort when you exercise, an at-home reformer may be more your speed.

To understand your exercise priorities, please consult with your doctor and a qualified Pilates practitioner to understand the state of your fitness and body and how Pilates may be able to help.

What Distinguishes a Home Pilates Reformer From a Studio Reformer?

A home Pilates reformer in comparison to one designed for professional use is likely to be smaller and more oriented towards comfort and support than advanced features and increased mobility.

That’s because the vast majority of people engaging in Pilates at home are not professionals conducting classes, and thus do not need the advanced features and robust durability of a professional reformer.

Where Can I Buy a Pilates Reformer?

You can buy a Pilates reformer for sale directly from our website. If you want to browse and explore other reformer Pilates options, we recommend you visit our full collection to secure your dream Pilates machine today.


Hello Ken, in this guide we share this year’s list of the best Pilates reformer machines in market. Choosing the best Pilates reformer for home use is subjective and depending on your needs and budget. In this guide we also provide information to help you determine your needs and to choose the right machine for you. This should help you narrow down the options.
All the Pilates reformers in this list are high quality and suitable for home use and for studio.
If you have any other questions or need additional assistance please contact us and one of our Pilates experts will be happy to assist you.


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