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Studio Pilates Reformers

Discover the perfect Pilates reformer for studio use today, in our meticulously curated collection.

It is excruciatingly important for any Pilates professional, from new practitioners setting up a studio to experts who have been in the business for years to have professional and high-performing equipment. No matter if you run an established gym, a professional studio, or have ambitions to set one up, equipment is the one area a dedicated enthusiast of Pilates cannot compromise on.

A studio Pilates reformer should not only be extremely robust with multifaceted design features- but it should also be a stylish, streamlined, and modern aesthetic addition to your working space. The best reformer for studio use is one that significantly boosts, bolsters, and hones students Pilates progression, providing the functional tools they need to reach new athletic and acrobatic heights...

Every Pilates machine used in this collection reaches this standard and is a machine worthy of the enthusiasm, commitment, and drive of Pilates enthusiasts across the US. Options that highlight this fact include the brilliant Basi Systems reformer, which with its enhanced pulley system, EPS for short, allows users to fine-tune and customize the pulley angles and extended gear system. This customization allows for excruciatingly precise resistance settings at a moment’s notice, adding an unpredictable and challenging element to the workout of Pilates enthusiasts that is sure to boost their fitness growth.

Similar models that shine within a studio environment, include the iconic Elina Pilates reformer. This Pilates studio reformer exhibits a truly innovative feature- stackability- which allows it to fit seamlessly into your professional space, no matter how big or small it may be. In addition to this, this reformer is particularly stylish, with a glossy Canadian maple wood finish that ensures its durability and longevity while making it a highly appealing addition to your studio.

Other alternatives that will foster the exercise potential of all your students include the Private Pilates reformer. This machine will allow all Pilates enthusiasts to literally and metaphorically aspire to newfound exercise heights, moving and stretching in innovative and experimental new ways.

Having efficient and exceptional Pilates equipment is crucial for any Pilates professional, not only to ensure their own professional performance but to uplift, challenge and support the students under their care. This studio reformer collection is inundated with impressive options that will harness all of the benefits of Pilates, from those occurring within your brain to those you eventually see within and upon your body.

Because we know how important having the proper equipment is, we sell all of our equipment designed for studio use with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. That is our promise to you that in our dedication to delivering outstanding customer service, we will ensure that the Pilates reformer machine you purchase will provide the phenomenal performance you and your students need.

Studio Pilates Reformers FAQs

What is the ‘best’ of anything is a highly subjective judgment. We all have unique fitness needs, goals, and limitations when it comes to our bodies. And each studio/ gym offers its own unique take on Pilates, which complicates defining the best one even further.

Despite this, people looking for Studio equipment often seek machines designed with durability in mind that feature a streamlined design, and a lot of multifaceted resistance features.

This is because a Studio reformer needs to be able to support any age, body type, and form of exercise- from intensive work to more light and relaxed sessions.

We recommend you do a lot of research into reformers and consider the needs of your clientele before making any purchases.

Cleaning a reformer is very simple. All you do is get some hot soapy water and using a cloth wipe down the reformer. Then rinse with clear water, and dry gently using a cloth.

You can do this no matter if it is an aluminum Pilates reformer or a wood Pilates reformer.

Important to note, do not under any circumstance use silicone spray on your wheels or railings as it can cause serious problems with the functioning of the machine.

Studio reformers tend to be bigger, more durable, and have more technologically advanced features than home reformers.

A studio reformer needs to support a variety of bodies and ages and requires the capacity to support an extensive array of workouts, everything from intensive full-body conditioning to slow therapeutic movement for clients with limited mobility.

The machines in our home Pilates reformers collection, by contrast, tends to be smaller, lighter, and more focused on comfort-oriented features. A studio reformer of course still needs to be supportive and comfortable, but this is typically less of a priority compared to home reformers.

Studio reformers tend to be slightly more expensive than reformers designed with home use in mind, this is due to two reasons.

Firstly those running a studio/gym are buying products for their business and therefore have the budget for it. Secondly, they often need bigger, more advanced reformers which naturally come at a more premium price.

Studio reformers however like home reformers can go for anything slightly under $400 to above $4000, though they are less likely than home reformers to be around the $400-$1000 mark.

You can buy a studio reformer directly here, in this expansive collection.

However, in case you find none of the studio Pilates reformers showcased here are exactly right for your professional and personal fitness needs.

If that is the case, we recommend you visit our full Pilates reformers collection, to explore the full extent of reformers we stock. Review Medals

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