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Private Pilates

About Private Pilates

Private Pilates is a Turkish Pilates equipment brand that manufactures all of its equipment 100% on domestic soil. Emerging into the global market as one of the most highly respected and internationally renowned brands, Private Pilates is known for its unique patented designs and outstanding expert construction.

Having exceptional Pilates equipment is essential when it comes to your Pilates progression- a fact which Private Pilates, through their use of high-quality materials and durable engineering clearly understand.

About The Private Pilates Collection

Private Pilates elevates the exceptional body and brain benefits of Pilates by selling equipment tailored to your unique body, fitness level, and exercise goals. All of Private Pilates equipment is made from sanded seamless beach wood and AISI 304 quality stainless steel, giving it a gorgeous aesthetic appearance and robust reliability suitable for any exercise environment.

To take full advantage of the tailored advice and precise instruction of an experienced practitioner, any lover of Pilates needs equipment they know will adequately support and strengthen their body...

Equipment you will discover in this meticulously curated collection- where you can discover a private Pilates reformer, a Pilates Cadillac, or a Pilates chair for sale that feels exclusively designed for you. A Pilates reformer for sale from this collection spans both simplistic, traditional reformer options and more technologically advanced models. Ultimately what all the choices here share is their capacity to precisely alter the level of resistance and challenge areas your body will experience during a workout.

This is Pilates equipment for sale designed for maximum comfort, durability, and performance, allowing you to strengthen, stretch and realign your body with total confidence. Exercise to alleviate chronic pain, increase your flexibility, reduce stress, rehabilitate your mind, improve your fitness and get into shape on a machine made to cope with the pressure of even the most intensive Pilates routines.

If you are not seeking Private Pilates equipment and instead want to filter specifically by Pilates machine, don’t worry- we have plenty of select collections for your needs. Like our Pilates reformer collection and our Pilates chair selection. For Cadillac’s, we also offer an exclusive Pilates Cadillac reformers sale, so you can selectively browse for this versatile combination machine.

We Are Here To Help

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, support, and durability, every single piece of Private Pilates equipment we stock comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our promise to you that with a piece of equipment from Private Pilates you are destined to have an exceptional, uplifting exercise experience.

Private Pilates is a brand that we support out of our shared values: which include the desire to deliver exceptional customer service and authentic, high-quality Pilates equipment and customer service.

For us, ensuring all of our loyal customers are completely satisfied with their purchase is our most important goal, which is why we strive in every way possible to match you with the brand and piece of equipment that is perfect for you.

One of the ways we do this is by proudly displaying all of the reviews of our enthusiastic buyers underneath our products. In the hope that through reading the testimony of people just like you on the quality, performance, durability, and versatility of every piece of equipment you will find yourself one step closer to making your perfect investment.

At Pilates Refoemrs Plus, we carry all Private Pilates Reformers & Equipment, and some of their products also made it onto our list of the 11 Best Pilates Reformer Machines.

Private Pilates FAQs

Private Pilates is a Turkish Pilates equipment company that sells its equipment across the world. They specialize in robust, elegant, and efficient exercise machines designed with maximum safety in mind, used in Pilates sports centers and studios throughout the world.

They come highly recommended by many Pilates professionals, due to their equipment’s high quality, suitability to a range of exercise environments, and inexpensive price.

Private Pilates sells a diversity of equipment, from reformers to chairs, to barrels to Cadillacs.

All of their equipment is constructed from ergonomic, high-quality domestic material- including AISA 304 quality stainless steel, making it extremely reliable and long-lasting.

Exactly as you would any other conventional reformer, conditioning and realigning your body through a range of exercises, some adapted from the mat, some unique to the reformer, to heighten your overall fitness.

A reformer from this brand is extremely similar in terms of functionality to those of other leading brands, such as Aeropilates and Elina Pilates.

There are a diversity of reasons why you should consider purchasing equipment from this brand.

Their equipment is used throughout sports centers, homes, and Pilates studios worldwide, a testament to the brand’s broad appeal and capacity to produce patented designs to suit every exercise environment.

They use extremely high-quality materials for their equipment, like seamless beach wood and anodized aluminum, which makes their machines durable, reliable, and long-lasting.

In addition to all this, their pricing is not as high as competitor brands, making them a highly affordable option.

The benefits of regularly practicing Pilates can be staggering.

You will see your physical health and strength improve, as all the muscles in your body from your triceps to your core get an endurance-based workout.

Pilates boosts your flexibility, awareness, coordination, focus, and balance. It also has incredible benefits to your mental health, studies showing that Pilates can contribute to improved self-esteem, relaxation, and confidence while reducing anxiety, depression, and chronic sleep conditions.

Pilates is one of the most accessible exercises in the world and has benefits that everyone from the elderly to the young should take advantage of.

You can buy their equipment, including reformers, chairs, and Cadillac’s directly here from this exclusive collection. For more equipment options, we recommend you visit our full page of Pilates equipment.

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