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Pilate Reformers & Equipment Brands

Browse our collection of premium Pilates equipment brands. Who we partner with, out of our shared commitment to delivering exceptional products, prices, and service.

Here you’ll find the biggest reformer brands on the Pilates equipment market, established globally as brands that consistently deliver on quality and price. Their products meet excruciatingly high industry standards and have been ergonomically engineered out of sustainable and premium quality materials to give all Pilates enthusiasts a superior exercise experience.

We stock brands that specialize in home Pilates equipment, brands that cater to a professional studio audience, and even brands like Lagree Fitness, which have pioneered their own futuristic methods and machines to support Pilates progression. All in the hopes all of our customers no matter their unique fitness and financial needs can find the Pilates machine that is perfect for them.

Browse the best Pilates brands including Algin PilatesAeroPilates, Peak Pilates, Lagree Fitnes Megaformers, Elina Pilates, BASI Systems, Private PilatesIM=X, Activemine, and so much more.

If you’re still searching for that perfect Pilates reformer these brands will surely have something to fit your goals, budget, and space. However if after browsing this collection you still haven’t found the reformer for you, we suggest visiting our complete Pilates reformers collection to view the full scope of our reformers without the focus on their brand.

With our helpful financing options, home delivery, and professional installation package, we strive to bring you a supremely affordable and streamlined buying experience that leaves you feeling as content and satisfied as a full body Pilates workout.

Making an investment in an exercise machine designed to bring immense benefits to your mental and physical health should never be a hassle. That’s why we have ensured with our extensive range of highly affordable and elite performing options from premium Pilates equipment brands it will never be.

These Pilates reformer brands produce innovative reformers, cutting-edge Cadillacs, and easily convertible chairs that continue to impress buyers every single year. Despite this, they strive to constantly innovate and update their machines, conducting research, pioneering new designs, and maintaining outreach with Pilates professionals and the wider global community.

If you are looking to buy a Pilates reformer, compare the best models and find the perfect one for your needs, check our list of the 11 Best Pilates Reformer Machines.


Pilates Reformer And Equipment Brands FAQs

Basi Systems and Lagree Fitness are two brands that come highly recommended for their equipment designed specifically for studio use.

Their equipment is extremely robust, multifaceted, and expertly constructed with features designed for a modern teaching environment.

For studio use, you should be searching for a Pilates machine that can not only support a diverse range of exercises and experience levels- but can also support a variety of body types and sizes. Therefore, the bigger and more reinforced the better.

AeroPilates with the innovative stackability and small build of their reformers which fit seamlessly into the home receives a lot of positive reviews.  As do Peak Pilates, which packages studio reformer quality into a form that works with home gyms and domestic spaces.

Ultimately what brands work best in your home is your own decision, so please browse all of the brands listed on our site before making an investment.

Lagree fitness is an equipment brand that was birthed from the creation of a new Pilates method- the Lagree method.

They specialize in selling the megaformer, a machine inspired by the Pilates reformer, which was created to specifically support the Lagree method.

Subsequently, they differ from most Pilates equipment brands as all of their equipment has been birthed out of their own distinctive method, and the megaformer is a more complex, heavier, and durable take on the classic reformer.

Across collections, the lowest priced brand we stock is AeroPilates, who specifically designed their products to be affordable for everyday people.

AeroPilates reformers can go for as low as under $500 making them a highly desirable option for those who are seeking to balance the budget whilst elevating their exercise experience.

AeroPilates’ low price does not equal low quality, quite the opposite- they are one of our highest and most positively reviewed options on our site.

If you specifically want to filter for more affordable options, we recommend you visit our Pilates reformers collection, to find all of our reduced equipment in one place.

Lagree Fitness with its megaformers that offer functionality and features beyond that of any conventional reformer tends to come with a more premium price tag. Megaformers at their cheapest go for the upper $7,000 and their priciest options can cost up to mid $13,000.

For regular Pilates reformers, Cadillac, and chairs, Basi Systems tend towards the highest price tag, but for good reason- they are renowned for the high quality of their products. Your average Basi systems reformer goes for mid $4,000.

Whilst a higher price may initially seem off-putting, a greater price often translates into superior quality. If you're making a long-term investment and will regularly use your piece of Pilates equipment, the extremely high quality yet slightly more pricey options are worth considering.

Nope! You can mix and match brands as you please. Maybe a reformer from one collection is perfect for you while their chairs are not. If this is the case feel free to experiment and browse other collections, as you might find what you’re looking for there.

Of course, each brand will have its own specifications, requirements, and features in regards to its equipment, so that is something to keep in mind. Read the product description before you purchase, always. You can trust the equipment across all brands due to our extensive screening and evaluation process, which you can read about by visiting our main page. Review Medals

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