About Us

Welcome to Pilates Reformers Plus, the US’s number one website for Pilates reformers and equipment for sale. 

For years we have been delivering exceptional quality and innovative design for affordable prices, partnering with the most beloved businesses and studios in the fitness world.

Why The Plus? 

We at Pilates Reformers Plus are driven by the belief that your buying experience should be as easy, efficient, and fulfilling as possible. 

That’s why we provide additional perks, benefits, and bonuses to our customers beyond that of any other major Pilates equipment retailer. 

Our business perspective is oriented towards uplifting and celebrating the Pilates community who made our company a reality and continue to practice, innovate, and enjoy the exercise. 

Providing elite-tier equipment is for us both a personal and professional endeavor, as we are uniquely and proudly invested in the development of Pilates and the satisfaction of all our customers. 

Ultimately, the plus symbolizes that we are so much more than just a company providing essential Pilates equipment services.

We are an active force in fueling the passion for Pilates across the US. Because we boast superior customer service, affordable pricing, support major Pilates organizations and provide all the high-quality Pilates equipment a person could ever need.

pilates reformers and equipment for sale - pilates reformers plus

Our Core Values

Here at Pilates Reformers Plus, everything we do is underpinned by our five essential core values. 


    At Pilates Reformers Plus, we are devoted to our ideal of honesty. Honesty between higher higher-ups

    Here we have cultivated an environment where everyone feels comfortable and empowered to speak out, ask questions, and express themselves honestly. While other companies just say honesty is the best policy, we go one step further- we make it policy. 


      Loyalty is another of our key core values here at Pilates Reformers plus. We’re loyal to our esteemed customers, always striving for new ways to provide you exceptional deals, service, and state of the art Pilates equipment.

      And we are loyal to each other, ensuring every single one of our employees is content, adequately compensated for their work, and happy with the direction and progress of our brand. 

      Loyalty is the moral heart of any business, and here at Pilates Reformers Plus it always comes first.


        At Pilates Reformers Plus, we’re all about positivity. Towards our prospects, and yours when you find that perfect piece of equipment. 

        We want to cultivate an online environment where you feel uplifted and supported in your buying decisions, full of forwarding thinking options like flexible financing that allow you to feel positive about the place a Pilates reformer Plus purchase will hold in your life. 

        All of our highly professional and friendly service staff are distinguished by their positive attitude, happy to help you with anything you may need. 


          Providing exceptional service is another one of our integral brand values here at Pilates Reformers plus. 

          That’s why we possess such an extensive customer service apparatus, and meticulously screen and evaluate all the brands we stock to ensure their service is worth your investment. 

          We believe wholeheartedly a business is only as good as the standard of its service, so you can expect exceptional levels when you shop with us. 


            At Pilates Reformers Plus, our openness to learning and ever-improving the service we provide is our final essential core value. No business will ever be perfect, but we believe by being 100% open to advice and feedback on how to innovate and evolve, you can get pretty close.

            We’re proud to listen and learn from our customers, businesses we collaborate with, and the wider pilates community, to keep making our services better and better. 

            As a business that puts principles before profit, we are proud to never compromise on these values, and they will continue to shape all of our small and large scale decisions for years to come.

            pilates reformers and equipment for sale - pilates reformers plus

            The Brands We Stock

            We stock a range of brands, including Aero Pilates, Lagree Fitness, Elina Pilates, Balanced Body, Basi Systems, Peak Pilates, Private Pilates, and more. All of which are distinguished by both their superb equipment and their record of high customer satisfaction.

            Feel free to browse, compare, and contrast our expansive range of premium Pilates equipment, including pro reformers, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates Wunda Chairs, trapezes, studio equipment and so much more. 

            Here at Pilates Reformers plus, we only partner with brands that reflect our core values. And our number one priority will always be delivering you exceptional and efficient customer service.

            pilates reformers and equipment for sale - pilates reformers plus

            Our Commitment To Customer Service 

            At Pilates Reformers Plus, we have an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service. We’re a people-driven organization, and we want to ensure that your buying experience will be just as enjoyable as your Pilates one. 

            That’s why we have several major features to our site:

            • We champion a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. Firstly because we are so confident in the impressive quality, performance, and construction of all our products. And secondly because if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. 
            • Were proud to showcase every single product review on our site, so you can easily access honest and detailed testimonials from likeminded people on the quality, features, and affordability of all our items. 
            • We Offer Two flexible financing options. With PayPal Credit and Klarna you can purchase your dream Pilates machine now, and pay it off later. Allowing you to finance your piece of dream pilates equipment according to your cash flow, and balance your investment with other financial demands.  
            • We’re constantly striving for new ways to boost the affordability of our products through discounts, coupons, and sales, so everyone can have access to equipment that will elevate their Pilates experience.
            • Our live chat is open for queries and questions no matter how small, and you can reach us via email or phone for any concerns, including extra help in picking your perfect piece of Pilates equipment. 
            pilates reformers and equipment for sale - pilates reformers plus

            Our Professional Delivery And Home Installation

            We at Pilates Reformers Plus include ground/curbside delivery for all our orders, to ensure receiving your Pilates equipment is as efficient and convenient as possible. However, we have also devised an additional service to improve your delivery experience even more.  

            We have partnered with professional installation experts and movers across the USA, to offer all our customers an exclusive home delivery and professional installation service.

            A service that is truly a step up when it comes to the installation and delivery of your Pilates Equipment:

            • We only work with extremely qualified technicians who have been subjected to a rigorous background check. Meaning every installer and mover working with your equipment is guaranteed to work to a highly professional standard.
            • You get to schedule a delivery date and time that works for you. The carrier will call to schedule your delivery date, then you pass on those details to us. It’s simple, efficient, and hassle-free. 
            • The installation is quick, efficient, and easy. Rather than stressing about installation yourself, sit back and relax as professionals ensure your Pilates equipment is properly set up and functioning to the quality it should be.
            • We offer all this for an affordable cost. A small price to pay for a professional one-time service that ensures your Pilates equipment is correctly installed in your home or studio.
            pilates reformers and equipment for sale - pilates reformers plus

            Our Work In The Pilates Community

            Our vision at Pilates Reformers Plus extends beyond just giving you first-rate customer service. We recognize the sheer passion, dedication, and drive that characterizes all lovers of Pilates, from budding beginners to experienced practitioners.

            So here’s how we’re giving back to the exercise that so many people love so much. 

            • We are a major sponsor of the Pilates Method Alliance, an organization that provides professional certification for Pilates teachers. A PMA membership gives you total access to technical resources, networking opportunities, training, expert guidance, and cutting-edge research on the physiological and physical benefits of Pilates.
            • We finance upcoming Pilates fitness brands we see real potential in. We are honored to champion small businesses driven by passionate, forward-thinking people, to ensure you have an even greater diversity of choice when choosing Pilates equipment. 
            • We work frequently with businesses, studios, and rehabilitation centers. We love learning about the relationships everyday people have with Pilates, and how industries are striving to showcase its extraordinary benefits. We collaborate and exchange ideas with these industries, in our quest to know more about what changes, features, and styles Pilates enthusiasts want to see when it comes to Pilates equipment. 

            Because at Pilates Reformers Plus, we sell outstanding, affordable, and contemporary state of the art Pilates reformers & equipment, but we also sell an unbeatable customer service experience.

            pilates reformers and equipment for sale - pilates reformers plus