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IM=X Pilates Reformers & Machines

Founded in 2003 by entrepreneur and exercise physiologist Elyse McNergey, IM=X is revolutionizing the fitness industry as a Pilates equipment manufacturer driven by industrial and scientific innovation.

Ms. McNergey, a highly experienced professional in the world of Pilates and fitness has utilized her wealth of skill and knowledge to create a business that provides expert equipment for experts in the Pilates field.

Experienced and well established, IM=X has been manufacturing its equipment in the USA for over 20 years, and its products are used in fitness studios, gyms, and sports centers across the country.

The similarity of the brand’s name to a mathematical formula is intentional, symbolizing their commitment to a meticulously scientific approach to industrial engineering and belief in fitness as a formula to relieve the body and mind of a whole host of ailments.

Its initials stand for Integrated Movement Xercize, a choreographed Pilates workout formula that integrates neuromuscular facilitation with intensive stretching and strength training.

Physical therapists, fitness trainers, and chiropractors can become certified in the Integrated Movement Xercize method, which like the Lagree method is a highly popular modern Pilates fitness craze. The method is designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, supporting and uplifting Pilates enthusiasts no matter their age, size, fitness level, and exercise goals...

Ms. McNergery’s brand promises a futuristic reinvention of Pilates and fitness, evolving beyond the traditional designs and exercises of Joseph Pilates to bring Pilates firmly into the 21st century. An IM=X reformer is not your wooden model of the 1930s, in fact, the company emphasizes moving away from the traditional wooden reformer,  to more modern, industrial, multifaceted Pilates reformer machines, similar to the megaformer. All their equipment has been constructed by experts from industrial-strength materials, ergonomically tested to ensure maximum endurance and longevity, cementing the brand as being at the cutting edge of modern fitness technology.

One of their exceptional products that showcase this is their Xercizer Pilates reformer with jump board which provides a total full-body workout unparalleled by any other Pilates reformer. Made of premium quality steel and aluminum, its large jump board, wide gliding carriage, and precise resistance settings will program your body to perform Pilates exercises with newfound grace and precision. This Pilates reformer for sale was specifically designed to enhance strength-training and cardio workouts, making it a must-have purchase for those seeking to burn fat, tone muscle, and build their strength during Pilates.

If you find an IM=X Pilates reformer appealing but sadly it doesn’t fit your desired budget, we have plenty of other Pilates reformers that boast technological advancement and high performance. We recommend you visit our expansive Pilates reformers’ on sale collection to discover our more cost-effective options that provide phenomenal performance without a weighty price tag.

To explore more of our exceptional reformers from a diversity of other brands, please head on over to our full Pilates reformers collection, which is sure to have something for every Pilates enthusiast and their fitness needs. From robust, technologically advanced studio reformers to lightweight, stackable, and affordable equipment options designed for home use, we have Pilates reformers sure to suit every Pilates enthusiast.

An IM=X Pilates reformer promises a Pilates experience that will make all their users feel strong, empowered to conquer life and uplift themselves and others in confidence and spirit.

We share their forward-thinking perspective of Pilates as a positive, empowering experience for all, which is why we are proud to showcase all of your reviews of this brand’s equipment on our site. So you can hear the glowing reviews of how an IM=X reformer has boosted the Pilates experience of other buyers just like you.

In addition to this, you will notice our 100% satisfaction guarantee for every piece of Pilates equipment in this collection, our assurance to you these products will deliver on the extraordinary quality, performance, and comfort they promise.

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IM=X Collection FAQs

They are a Pilates equipment brand founded in 2003 by entrepreneur and exercise physiologist Elyse McNergey.

They have created a unique Pilates fitness method called Integrated Movement Xercize. This is a choreographed Pilates workout that integrates neuromuscular facilitation with intensive stretching and strength training.

The brand is driven by principles of technological advancement and ergonomic design.

An IM=X reformer is set apart from other reformers in that its design has been informed by a scientific, industrial perspective.

They are designed to be as durable, multifaceted, and high performing as possible, tailored towards those seeking intensive cardio workouts and strength-building sessions. If you are searching for a traditional Pilates reformer to practice relaxed and therapeutic Pilates routines on, this collection may not be right for you.

This brand actively works to move away from the classic wooden reformer, and thus offers a completely different and revolutionary reformer Pilates experience.

Like Mat Pilates, regular use of a Pilates reformer will enhance your core strength and the muscles in your back, glutes, and thighs.

Its resistance will nurture the overall strength of your body, whilst the diversity of movements available on it allow you to heighten your balance, posture, coordination, flexibility, and focus.

Pilates is a fantastic exercise for toning your body, and like all exercises the endorphins released will boost your mood and overall happiness.

Pilates reformers from IM=X go for on average mid $4,000, which considering the innovative and advanced features of it, is a truly reasonable price.

You can find a Pilates reformer for sale and a whole host of this brand’s other equipment directly here in this collection.

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