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Pilates Chairs & Wunda Chairs

The only major piece of Pilates equipment that can convert from a durable exercise machine into a piece of living room furniture. Browse our premium Pilates chair collection.

One of the most unique and distinctive pieces of Pilates equipment, the Wunda chair got its name from the fact it does ‘wonders’ for your body. Strengthening the spine, abdomen, lower back, and pelvic region, the areas it targets during exercise are those not catered to by the standard Pilates reformer or Pilates Cadillac.

A Pilates chair that may pique your interest is the Basi systems Wunda chair featuring orthopedic cushioning designed from easy-grip antibacterial material to make sitting hygienic and comfortable. Contrastingly, Elina Pilates offers a sensational stability chair- the elite wood combo chair with handles- which features 4 springs of varying resistance and even four additional side springs. We advise you to explore the full selection of Elina Pilates chairs if combination chairs that feature extensive customization options are something you are explicitly looking for...

A Wunda chair should be considered by those Pilates enthusiasts who are struggling with pain or weakness in their arms, shoulders, neck, and/ or spine. The chair not only offers additional structure and support to those specific areas of the body while exercising but also is a powerful accelerator of the rehabilitation of pain in those specific areas.

The wunda chair is recommended to all who struggle with debilitating physical injury, illness, or chronic pain, due to the fact it has been scientifically proven to boost rehabilitation far quicker than any other Pilates machine. Like the Cadillac and Reformer, it also has the capacity to support a variety of exercises, from beginner to advanced.

Everyone, from young adults to the elderly can exercise on the stability chair due to its accessibility, back support, and conventional design. Making it a far more familiar and comforting option for Pilates newbies or those who may be intimidated by the look and functionality of the Cadillac or reformer.

With a Pilates chair, you can massage your muscles free from aches and pains, and take comfort in your investment in a worthwhile, obscure but still adored Pilates machine.

Every chair in this collection comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, our promise to deliver the impressive performance, authentic quality, and reliability in our products which you deserve. We strive to deliver on this promise with absolutely all of our products, a reality you can evaluate for yourself by visiting our complete guide on choosing the best Pilates chair.

If you yearn to learn more about us as a business, our goals, aim, ethos, and how that reflects in the storage, delivery, pricing, packaging, and promotion of all our products, please head on over to our homepage.

Pilates Chairs FAQs

The Pilates chair was created by Joseph Pilates himself back in the 1920s.

The original chair developed by Joseph Pilates was extremely simple and lightweight in design, with only a seat, pedal, and springs making up the whole of it. Nowadays a Pilates Wunda chair can come in a diversity of designs with added functionality. However, almost every stability chair incorporates the original essence of the chair Joseph Pilates built.

A modern stability chair can come with a split pedal to give access to broken limbs, as well as with added spring to allow for better movement of the body while in the chair. There are also advanced exercises tailored to suit the chair only, making Pilates even more useful for the body.

The benefits of using a stability chair are staggering and quite distinct from that of the traditional Pilates reformer and Cadillac.

The Wunda chair specifically benefits the abdomen, the spine, and the pelvic region alongside the lower back. It also works wonders for your arms, shoulders, neck, and spine.

One of the biggest benefits of using a chair is this: it is proven to help you rehabilitate faster from an injury faster than that of any other machine, as well as being able to relieve the body of muscle aches and knots.

Elina Pilates and Basi systems are two brands that are renowned for their chairs. Elina Pilates maintains its popularity due to its combination chairs, which add additional challenge and functionality to the existing stability chair.

Basi Systems produces high-quality chairs that deliver on comfort and cleanliness, being extremely easy to clean, making them again a desirable option for buyers.

Ultimately, the popularity of a brand shouldn’t dictate your buying decision. While reviews and ratings should be a significant part of making any major investment, ultimately it should be your opinion alone that informs your equipment choice.

Take the time to evaluate the quality, functionality, size, shape, make, brand, and materials used for a Wunda chair, and use that information to consider if it would be the right piece of equipment for your unique fitness needs and professional/ personal space.

What Pilates chair will be best for you depends on your preferences.

Everyone has extremely individual physical goals when they start Pilates, from toning up to losing weight to lessening the pain of long-term injury or debilitating illness.

Everyone also has unique challenges when it comes to the process of exercise. What’s key to choosing the perfect Pilates Cadillac reformer is recognizing both your goals and your limitations.

To do this, we strongly suggest consulting with a registered doctor and Pilates professional, as they will be able to give you professional advice on the state of your health, and how exercise may help.

Our chairs go from mid $400 up to mid $4,000 for models with combination features or additions like a barrel.

Price often reflects quality, so if you pay a premium price you should expect a premium chair and nothing less.

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