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Pilates Reformers & Equipment

Explore our expansive collection of Pilates equipment for sale, which brings together the most diverse, innovative, and accessible Pilates machines available in the industry today

From exceptional Pilates reformers to high-performing Pilates chairs, you will be astounded by the sheer durability, adaptability, and affordability of everything in this collection.

We feature Pilates equipment for home and studio use, designed to be both comfortable and functional for a diversity of users. For professional practitioners, we feature robust and technologically advanced equipment, including the modern reimagining of the Pilates reformer machine- the megaformer. For those seeking a Pilates machine for home, this collection boasts a variety of equipment that combines expert functionality with built-in comfort features.

Lovers of reformer Pilates will be sure to discover a Pilates reformer for sale that fulfills all their unique lifestyle and exercise needs...

However, if you’re still struggling to find the best Pilates reformer for you in this collection, don’t worry. As the most popular product on our site, we pride ourselves on having the most diverse, multifaceted, and affordable collections of reformers on the market. You can find inexpensive reformers to balance the budget in our Pilates reformer for sale section, or if you just want to filter for reformers more generally we recommend you visit our Pilates reformer collection.

If you’re searching for other Pilates equipment, this collection also features a sensational selection of Pilates Cadillac, Pilates chair, and combination machines. One especially ingenious combination machine is the Pilates Cadillac reformer, which combines all the classic functionality of the reformer with the innovative vertical height of the Cadillac. You can filter specifically for this piece of Pilates equipment for sale by viewing the full collection here.

Our options for modern and sophisticated stability chairs are also sure to impress. The Pilates chair while more obscure than the reformer is the most recommended Pilates exercise machine for those seeking to quickly rehabilitate the posture and wellbeing of their body. It makes a fantastic option for those seeking a foundation of traditional comfort and support as they focus on exercise that improves balance, stretch, and posture. To filter specifically by Wunda chairs, visit our Pilates chairs collection.

No matter if your searching for the best home Pilates reformer or a Cadillac for studio use, you can browse this collection knowing that all of its products have been meticulously screened to ensure their authenticity, high quality and, impressive performance. Delivering exceptional customer service remains our number one priority, a fact expressed in our 100% satisfaction guarantee, our promise to you that all of our products will deliver in terms of performance, longevity, and functionality.

There is Pilates equipment in this collection, and in our wider Pilates equipment sale made to uplift every Pilates enthusiast, regardless of their body type, fitness level, experience with Pilates and ultimate exercise goals. Visit our homepage to learn more about our commitment to this inclusivity and accessibility, as we strive to make Pilates an exercise open to absolutely everyone.

Pilates Reformers and Equipment FAQs

This Pilates equipment collection covers all the equipment available on our site.

Here we stock Pilates reformer, Cadillacs, chairs, barrels, spine correctors, and all the additional equipment accessories you could ever imagine.

The benefits of regularly using a Pilates reformer are profound.

The reformer provides significant benefits to the strength and definition of your abs, lower back, hips, and glutes, areas critical to athletic performance.

Using one also strengthens your flexibility, balance, coordination, and posture, elements key to your overall body alignment.

In addition to all this, you will find after regularly using a reformer you will be better able to  control your breathing, focus, and emotional wellbeing.

Yes, anyone can use Pilates equipment.

This includes younger and older people spanning all ages, sizes, and levels of mobility. Pilates can be especially helpful for the elderly and disabled who are navigating and rehabilitating injury and mobility issues.

From total beginners to experienced enthusiasts to actual professionals, Pilates equipment is open for anyone to have fun and experiment with.

However, if you are completely new to Pilates you must get some practice and get to know your desired piece of equipment. Start regularly attending a class, consult with a Pilates professional and do some reading about the average cost, maintenance, and space needed for your desired machine.

Only make a purchase once you're 100% confident you're ready and prepared.

The price of Pilates equipment for sale varies greatly from piece to piece. A megaformer for example will cost significantly more than a chair or a classic reformer.

Whilst due to this there is an immense amount of price diversity throughout this collection, the bulk of our options are very affordable.

For reformers, they on average sell for between $1,200 to $7,000 though we recommend you browse prices yourself to get a real sense of what equipment will fit into your budget.

What constitutes the best piece of Pilates equipment is entirely down to you and your fitness goals.

Whilst the reformer is undoubtedly the most popular, that doesn't necessarily mean it is going to be right for your exercise needs.

Chairs and Cadillac can be better for those with mobility issues who need extra support, or who want to better hone their flexibility, balance, and coordination.

If you value the judgment of buyers like yourself on what is the ‘best’ Pilates equipment, visit our best-selling equipment sale to view our most popular products and their glowing reviews.

Most people practicing Pilates at home are not qualified professionals, meaning they often don’t need certain professional-grade features that come at a higher price. These are features, like ‘studio height’ directly associated with the studio reformer.

Therefore, an at home Pilates reformer is typically more oriented towards comfort, support, and easy storage than versatility or technological advancement.

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