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If affordability is your number one priority, look no further than our selection of professional Pilates reformers on sale. 

From classic pilates reformers to innovative, modern designs, browse our pilates reformer for sale selection to find the best home pilates reformer that won’t break the bank. 

Pounce on the perfect gift for a loved one, or even treat yourself during a special occasion, with our sensational selection of reduced Pilates reformers. 

Alternatively, if your needs are more commercial, you can search for a professional studio reformer that combines expert performance with a shockingly low price. 

Because when you’re trying to balance the budget and boost your business, any Pilates professional would seize the opportunity to make a big equipment investment, without blowing their hard-earned cash. 

No matter what Pilates reformer you’re looking for, with our premium collection of reformers on sale, you can secure it for less. 

We at Pilates Reformers Plus are selling all these fantastic pieces of pilates equipment at a reduced price:Pilates reformers, Pilates reformers with tower, Pilates wood reformers, Pilates aluminum reformers, Pilates Cadillac reformers & trapeze tables, Pilates Equipment, Pilates chairs and so, so much more. 

And, to make your buying process even more efficient and streamlined, we have fine-tuned the navigation of our sale collection to give you three distinctive ways to browse. 

You can explore our exceptional range of low-cost pilates reformers by brand, by category, and by price, making it even easier and quicker for you to secure the reformer of your dreams.

But before you browse our exceptional reformers for sale collection we recommend you check out our 2021 Pilates Reformer Buyers Guide, to ensure the brand and model you choose perfectly suits your lifestyle and needs.  

Browse By Brand 

Every reformer for sale we stock is from big-name brands. Established companies renowned for their dedication and devotion to pilates who we have meticulously vetted for quality, authenticity, and reliability.

That’s why every reformer for sale we stock from brands like Peak Pilates, Basi Systems, Elina Pilates, and Stamina Aeropilates is sold with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Because at Pilates Reformers Plus we are steadfast in our commitment to providing exceptional equipment and exceptional service- meaning if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. 

Browse By Category

You can browse by category, which includes both material categories of reformer and types of equipment. 

We organize our collection of pilates reformers on sale by separating our collection of pilates reformers from generalized pilates equipment, making it easier for all our buyers to navigate our expansive collection.

We have also categorized our reformers according to their material. We offer reformers constructed from two distinctive materials: wood or aluminum. All of our wooden reformers are made with the finest, natural oak and constructed by expert tradesmen. Similarly, all of our aluminum reformers have been flawlessly engineered, out of the finest aluminum. 

The choice of a wooden or aluminum reformer has more of an impact than you may think. While both reformer types perform to the same high standard, they bring a different aesthetic quality to your home or studio space, which is important to consider when making such a long term investment. 

The wooden reformer follows Joseph Pilates classic, traditional design and thus has more of a down to earth, homely feel, making it a stunning fit for a cozy home gym.

Meanwhile, the aluminum reformer exudes contemporary professionalism, and with its sleek and modern look and feel will shine in a professional studio environment or a home with a more refined aesthetic. 

Ultimately, both material reformers perform to the same outstanding quality, so the decision between wood or metal is ultimately one of personal taste. You can contrast and compare material options here, all listed at an impressively low price. 

Browse By Price

Also, critically we at Pilates Reformers Plus allow you to browse according to price, so you can see what ideal pilates reformer fits into your budget. 

We offer Pilates reformers for as low as under $500, which are some of the lowest prices out there both online and offline for professional pilates reformers. Act quickly though if you want to take advantage of our deals and secure one of these shockingly low-cost options, as they tend to be popular and go extremely fast. 

For a slight step up in price, we have pilates reformers on sale for a range of $500-$1000 for a more sustainable selection that is less likely to sell out too quickly.  These reformers tend to feature a versatile and lightweight frame, making them easily portable and therefore a slightly pricier but still fantastic gift. 

Minutely more expensive is our pilates reformers on sale for $1000-$2000which feature an upgrade in innovative features and exceptional quality without a major upgrade in price.

This is true as even for the best pilates reformer at the top end of our collection, which sells for only slightly over $2000. Meaning even the most premium options featured in our pilates reformer for sale collection come equipped with a shockingly low price tag. 

That’s because, with our products at Pilates Reformers Plus, you’re getting a cheap price- not a cheap experience. As evidenced by our sophisticated features designed to provide you elite customer service. 

Like our comprehensive home delivery and additional installation service, which for a small additional fee sends out qualified installation and delivery professionals based in the US to ensure your affordable pilates reformer truly becomes an at-home Pilates reformer.  

And with our flexible financing options, partnering with Klarna and Paypal credit, you can make your dream piece of pilates equipment even more affordable, as you pay in installments over a flexible period.

That’s because we are committed to delivering all of our loyal customers’ low-cost deals on the finest pilates equipment, slashing our prices at a rate you’ll find nowhere else. 

That’s because we want to ensure everyone, no matter their current financial situation, has the chance to access the expert equipment they need to excel at the exercise they love. 

So go explore our ample collection of Pilates Equipment, and buy that perfect reformer for the perfect price. And continue to check out the rest of our collection, full of a diversity of professional equipment, to expand your exercise horizons.


Pilates Reformers for Sale FAQs

This is our space for high-quality Pilates reformers that have been reduced in price.

Here you can browse for the best home Pilates reformer for your home gym, or search for a Pilates reformer suitable for studio use, without the burden of big financial worries.

We are committed to stocking a professional-grade Pilates reformer for sale here for everyone, no matter their budget.

We stock Pilates reformers from a diversity of big-name brands, including Lagree Fitness, Basi Systems, Elina Pilates, AeroPilates, and Peak Pilates, among many others.
We only collaborate with brands that share our core values.

Namely, to delivering flawless customer service and making Pilates more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

What constitutes the best Pilates reformer for you will depend on a variety of factors, including your fitness level, fitness goals, space, and income.
It will also matter if you’re searching for an at-home Pilates reformer or one for a professional studio.
The best reformer for studio use is one with multifaceted features and impressive durability, as it needs to withstand use by individuals of different body types and transitions from basic to advanced Pilates exercises.
Meanwhile, the best home Pilates reformer needs to feature a compact design, vertical stackability, and a reinforced carriage to help you save space and remain supported when exercising alone.

A Pilates Reformer on sale has the same functionality as any other reformer- it just costs less.
Pilates Reformer exercises take advantage of the unique features of the reformer and there is an immense range of exercises to suit both beginners and experts.
Typically exercises involve moving, stretching, and balancing using the moving carriage or pulleys, ropes, and holds on the frame.
Reformer exercises are often low-impact and versatile, meaning they can be adapted to suit a diversity of ages, body types, and fitness levels.

We stock Pilates reformers for a reduced cost because we believe the best Pilates reformer for you should never be out of reach.
Pilates exercises can be a holistic blessing for your physical and emotional health, and nobody should be shut out of such staggering benefits due to their financial situation.
That’s why we have sales on all our equipment, from our standard Pilates reformers to the best home Pilates reformer we stock, because we so fervently believe that high performing equipment should be accessible to anyone passionate about Pilates.

We want every Pilates reformer we sell to be the best Pilates reformer you’ve ever used, especially those you’ve secured for a reduced price.
That’s why every single brand we stock has been meticulously screened for quality, authenticity, and reliability, ensuring even our options which are low cost still deliver on quality.
We’re so confident in the quality of all our reformers we have a 100% quality guarantee under all of them.
In addition to this, we proudly display the reviews for every single reformer for sale underneath the product, so you can hear from buyers like yourself about their impressive quality.

As this is a collection of reformers on sale, expect reduced prices. Our reformers for sale are sold from as low as under $500 to slightly over $2000.
Brands including AeroPilates, which specialize in providing affordable reformers, are frequently showcased in our sales.

Our under $500 options are some of the lowest-priced reformers on the whole US Pilates market, so make sure you take advantage of such staggering prices while you can.
With plenty of sales still on, check out our full reformer collection today to contrast and compare your options and find the perfect Pilates reformer for you.

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