Pilates. A conduit for improved flexibility, strength, and mental focus like no other. It’s a fantastic way of getting fit and having fun at your own unique pace. 

Maybe Pilates already occupies a special place in your heart? or maybe you're considering getting involved in the popular and beloved exercise. 

Either way, If you want to take your Pilates journey beyond the gym, to get superior comfort and results, you may want to consider a dynamic change. 

AeroPilates may just be that ‘aero-dynamic’ change you need. 

Founded by fitness company Stamina Products, AeroPilates specializes in affordable, durable, and high performing Pilates equipment. 

If you’re experiencing a bit of deja vu seeing the AeroPilates collection, particularly their pro Reformers, don’t worry. We doubt you're being haunted by a Cadillac tower. 

It’s far more likely you saw their star offerings being advertised on TV. 

Stamina was one of the first major companies to showcase their products on infomercials, paving the way for the mega-success of the fitness industry advertising their wares on the media platform. 

From that moment forth, the Stamina Aero Pilates reformer was a product to watch out for. The AeroPilates range remaining one of the most popular and well-received pilates equipment brands out there. 

Suitable for both home or studio use, the AeroPilates range consists of a choice of exceptional products, including state of the art pro reformers designed to strengthen user stamina and precision. 

The Stamina AeroPilates range includes Home Pilates Reformers, Pilates Towers, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates Chairs and so much more. Stocking equipment like the AeroPilates reformer plus, AeroPilates premier reformer, and the AeroPilates pro reformer that will support and uplift Pilates enthusiasts of all fitness and experience levels.

Because no matter if Pilates is your full-time professional passion, a catalyst for cardio burn, or a meditative mode of relaxation, it’s critical to have exercise equipment that supports and protects your body. 

Especially as more and more of us move to exercise at home, due to the impact of the global Coronavirus Pandemic. 

AeroPilates premier reformers are stunning, professionally constructed, and customizable pieces of equipment that can adapt seamlessly to your home, with features to reduce noise output and increase user comfort. 

AeroPilates even offers specialized pro reformers that support the posture and spine, helping Pilates users who suffer from debilitating medical conditions centered on the spinal cord to exercise and tone their body without risk or damage. 

For those at a truly advanced level who desire a greater challenge, A stamina AeroPilates reformer can be purchased with optional upgrades and accessories which can elevate your Pilates experience even further. 

These include their innovative Pilates box, pull, and handles, which provide newfound flexibility, resistance, and movement to fuel greater full-body and intensive workouts. 

On the flip side, for total beginners, AeroPilates offers a series of free introductory DVD videos and a full-color wall chart with selected purchases. 

These videos include the introduction to AeroPilates, level 1 pure pilates, and level 1 simply Cardio, introducing beginners to the basics of toning and improving cardiovascular health, and how to keep their premier AeroPilates reformer in pro condition. 

In addition to this, AeroPilates even offers three more additional online video workouts, which can be accessed upon purchase with an Aeropilates reformer. 

These routines are contemporary and energetic, carefully crafted by trained practitioners through the modern medical understanding of how Pilates is a powerful tool to train, strengthen, and relax the body. 

And AeroPilates allows you to follow these routines for free, from the privacy and comfort of your home. 

Hearing all this, I am sure your mind’s made up. Affordable and fully customizable pro pilates equipment with 100% free additional training? Count me in. 

You’ve decided- you want to boost your cardio, tone those muscles and get your Pilates into gear with one of the AeroPilates premier reformers.

But how do you know you're making an investment that is not only worth your hard-earned funds, but will also up your exercise regime to a whole new level?

By hearing from other buyers of course. 

Here on our site we proudly display beneath all of our products, including the AeroPilates range, your customer feedback. 

And AeroPilates with its glowing testimonials and abundance of five-star reviews has an incredibly high customer satisfaction rate. 

A fact AeroPilates recognizes with its 100% satisfaction guarantee. Ensuring that all of their products are 100% authentic, 100% new, and 100% up to standard. 

With this pledge of quality and integrity, We here at Pilates Reformers Plus are proud to stock all of AeroPilates extensive stamina equipment collection. 

And support in the process an innovative and forward-thinking brand that helps Pilates lovers everywhere achieve their fitness dreams. 

The AeroPilates collection includes The: Pro XP 557 Reformer, Pro Series 565 Reformer, Pro XP 556 Reformer, 700 Reformer, 651 Reformer, Precision Cadillac Studio Tower, 608 Reformer, Precision Series 535, Precision Pilates Chair, 287 Reformer, 266 Reformer, Precision Spine Corrector, and so many more! 

With such a diverse, specialized, and customizable range of pro Reformers, the AeroPilates collection is not one to be missed if you’re considering a worthwhile and long term fitness investment this year. 

With this pledge of quality and integrity, We here at Pilates Reformers Plus are proud to stock all of AeroPilates extensive stamina equipment collection. 

Click here to shop today and discover our expansive collection of the most high-quality and innovative Pilates equipment available, and make sure you visit our full AeroPilates collection

At Pilates Reformers Plus, we will always strive to help you find the exceptional piece of equipment you need to truly enhance your Pilates experience.