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Pilates Reformers

Browse our exclusive selection of the most elite Pilates reformers on the market. All from brands internationally renowned for their state of the art craftsmanship, technological innovation, and forward-thinking ingenuity.

From professional-grade studio options to the most perfect at-home reformer, our collection is set apart by its sheer diversity, affordability, and quality. The reformer maintains its reputation as the most popular and highly sought-after exercise machine in the Pilates industry, so we have been excruciatingly meticulous in the selection process when choosing which reformers to feature here in our collection. So if you're searching for the best Pilates reformer machine for your distinctive fitness needs, there’s sure to be something in this sophisticated, affordable, and stylish range to suit you...

Condition and strengthen your muscles and calm your state of mind as you embrace the therapeutic and physical benefits of Pilates on one of our phenomenal machines. We have specifically stocked models made with both studio and home environments in mind, so everyone from Pilates professionals to exercise newbies can find equipment that fits their schedule, routine, and level of experience.

If you're angling for a Pilates machine perfect for studio use, we recommend options that boast a sizable list of multifaceted features, stackability, and easy storage. Robust durability is an absolute must, as experienced practitioners will know it’s crucial to have reliable machines with impressive longevity that can support a diversity of exercise intensities and routines.

Meanwhile, the best Pilates reformer for any Pilates enthusiast may be found in our options that prioritize comfort, safety, and stability in their features and design. We want all our buyers to feel free to exercise on an at-home Pilates reformer with total peace of mind, unafraid to experiment, innovate and enjoy themselves. Whilst using a reformer has many significant benefits, one of its greatest ones is its capacity to fuel your existing talent with the exercise. The best Pilates reformer for you will support and motivate you to push your fitness further, allowing you to achieve new exercise milestones you never imagined possible.

If you searching for a Pilates machine with even more added security and boosted vertical height, we recommend browsing our Pilates reformer with tower collection, as the stable base of the tower functions both to allow you to greater incorporate vertical stretch and hanging into your exercise, but it also provides an additional support structure to grip, hold and lean on.

In addition to all this, every single reformer for sale we feature in this collection also comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee is our promise to you that every Pilates reformer we stock is of premium, impressive quality, and that your customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority.

To find the right reformer for an even more affordable price, browse our impressive Pilates reformers on sale collection and make your low-cost investment today. For even more fantastic Pilates equipment options, visit our full Pilates equipment collection and make sure you visit our main page to hear all about our story and ethics as a brand.

Pilates Reformers FAQs

A reformer is a classic option for Pilates equipment. It has a bed-like base, fitted with a sliding carriage, springs, pulleys, and ropes.

There is an extensive list of exercises specifically for the reformer, like box rowing, and exercises designed for the mat which can be adapted for reformer use.

The reformer was the first piece of Pilates equipment to hit the market and has remained the most sought after since.

It was created in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates. It was designed to assist in the realignment and rehabilitation of the body promised by regular Pilates practice.

Among the first to test it were soldiers returning from World war one, and famous dancers and athletes who wanted to heal their aches and pains.

It boasts some staggering benefits to your mental and physical health. Using the reformer provides a phenomenal workout for your abs, lower back, hips, and glutes, otherwise known as your body’s “powerhouse”.

It also helps improve your flexibility, balance, coordination, and posture- which is key to your overall body alignment.

Reformer Pilates just like mat Pilates, also helps you control your breathing, focus, and calm your overall state of mind- contributing to mental wellness.

Clarifying what is the ‘best’ reformer can only be done on an individualistic basis based on your priorities.

If you value high performance above all else, there’s a reformer designed to support even the most intensive exercise regimen. If you’re more interested in affordability and luxurious comfort when you exercise, an at-home reformer may be more your speed.

To understand your exercise priorities, please consult with your doctor and a qualified Pilates practitioner to understand the state of your fitness and body and how Pilates may be able to help.

A home Pilates reformer in comparison to one designed for professional use is likely to be smaller and more oriented towards comfort and support than advanced features and increased mobility.

That’s because the vast majority of people engaging in Pilates at home are not professionals conducting classes, and thus do not need the advanced features and robust durability of a professional reformer.

You can buy a Pilates reformer for sale here in our collection. If you want to browse and explore other Pilates equipment options, we recommend you visit our full equipment sale to secure your dream Pilates machine today. In addition to this, we recommend all lovers of Pilates visit our main page to read all about our story and our commitments to providing you the best customer service imaginable.

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