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Explore our expansive collection of AeroPilates reformers, engineered to be as high-performing, stylish, and affordable as possible.

AeroPilates reformers are some of the most inexpensive and versatile reformer options on the market, with built-in foldability, lightweight frames, and smooth and silent carriages. Options like the AeroPilates 651 and AeroPilates pro XP 755 feature a 20’ fully padded platform, high-density foam shoulder pads, and wide accommodating foot bars, to bolster your comfort and security so you can focus 100% on your workout.

The wide foot bar, while a smaller feature on a Stamina AeroPilates reformer, is instrumental in helping Pilates enthusiasts sculpt their hamstrings, quads, and glutes in a variety of versatile ways. Made out of high-quality, natural materials including sustainable oak wood and polished aluminum, every high-quality Aero Pilates machine in this collection has been engineered to peak industry standards, to provide elite performance for an affordable price. However, if you discover AeroPilates perhaps isn’t the Pilates brand for you, you can find other impressive reformer options in our complete Pilates reformers collection.

One of the most impressive features of a Stamina AeroPilates reformer is their patented cardio rebounder. This innovative feature, unique to AeroPilates reformers, boosts fat-burning exercise, increasing your cardiovascular endurance, tones your muscles and strengthens your pelvic floor, helping you quickly evolve in terms of your fitness. Ultimately, a Stamina AeroPilates reformer is a premier piece of equipment that delivers expert functionality with an elite exercise experience. To explore more of AeroPilates’ highly affordable and accessible equipment options, visit our complete AeroPilates reformers collection.

AeroPilates have also ensured they provide the means for all of their buyers to embrace a truly fulfilling, safe, and professional Pilates experience, by supplying valuable recreational and educational resources with every single reformer.

With one of their exceptional reformers, you receive two 100% free AeroPilates workout DVDs- AeroPilates primer and basic workout, a comprehensive full-color chart to schedule your workouts, and access to three original online video workouts. Allowing anyone who owns an AeroPilates reformer to learn and explore the possibilities of Pilates with qualified practitioners, in the privacy and comfort of their studio or home.

In addition to this, with our helpful financing options, home delivery, and professional installation packages, purchasing an AeroPilates machine is an extremely streamlined and efficient process.

With an immensely affordable and elite performing Aero Pilates machine, you will be making an investment sure to bring immeasurable long-term benefits to your mental, physical and emotional health. AeroPilates creates easily convertible and innovative reformer options which consistently deliver on quality and durability. They strive to constantly innovate and update their machines, conducting research, pioneering new designs, and maintaining outreach with Pilates professionals and the wider global community.

AeroPilates with its glowing testimonials and abundance of five-star reviews has an incredibly high customer satisfaction rate, epitomizing the extremely high standards we expect from all of our equipment brands. To learn more about us as our brand and how our ethical and professional commitments guide us and even find that perfect Pilates reformer for sale, visit our homepage.

AeroPilates Reformers FAQs

Founded by fitness company Stamina Products, AeroPilates specializes in affordable, durable, and high-performing Pilates equipment.

Stamina was one of the first major companies to showcase their products on infomercials, paving the way for the mega-success of the fitness industry advertising their wares on the media platform.

A reformer by AeroPilates should be used like any other standard reformer. Conventional reformer exercises, including pulling, pushing, holding, and stretching across the carriage using its ropes and pulleys and holding specific poses are what you should be doing.

However, there are some unique considerations when using an Aero Pilates machine, considering by and large they are designed exclusively for home use. Exercising at home, you lack the guidance and perspective of a qualified instructor who can observe your form and ensure your safety.

So, especially if you are a beginner or suffering from a chronic physical ailment, don’t attempt moves you are not 100% experienced with. We recommend you consult with a licensed Pilates practitioner before attempting advanced exercises, to gain critical insight into your body’s vulnerabilities and strengths.

Reformers made by AeroPilates boast innovative stackability. Stacking your reformer is easier than you might think.

First, you fold the reformer, slide the platform to the top of the track and release all the cords. Then, you will see a hinge you need to gently lift up, to fold your AeroPilates reformer entirely.

If you want a step-by-step tutorial, here is the official video demonstration by Stamina Fitness, the parent brand of AeroPilates.

Their reformers typically retail from the minute cost of $300 to $700, as some of the most affordable reformers on the market. AeroPilates specifically produces their equipment to be as high quality and inexpensive as possible, so expect lower prices than other mainstream Pilates equipment brands.

Perhaps this is why AeroPilates Pilates equipment, especially their premium reformers maintain a reputation as one of the most popular Pilates brands out there. AeroPilates is an appealing option for those searching for a professional reformer without a substantial price tag.

Yes, you can.

Regular exercise on an AeroPilates reformer will improve your cardiovascular health, improve posture, condition your muscles, and critically, burn fat. It is a full-body fitness experience that focuses on building strength and definition throughout your body, instead of just getting rid of unwanted fat.

The fact reformers are designed by AeroPilates specifically for home use to make them especially effective at burning fat, allowing you to take a healthy and low-impact exercise into the home. A place where, due to comfort, complacency, and an abundance of snacks, it’s notoriously easy to fall short of your fitness goals.