Elina Pilates Reformers with Tower

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Browse our phenomenal collection of elite Elina Pilates Reformers with Tower, which combine all the classic functionality of the reformer with added height- and challenge.

Active your core, fine-tune your flexibility and tone those arms with the dynamism and versatility of a Pilates reformer with tower, which features an abundance of innovative pulleys, straps and bars. Using Pilates tower equipment, you reduce the degree of pressure put on your most essential joints, freeing you up to benefit from the full-body toning and conditioning potentialities of Pilates- without any unexpected long-term strain.

Tower Pilates significantly elevates the potentialities of both mat and reformer Pilates, allowing users to enjoy vertical focused exercises that truly harness their upper body strength and harness those triceps and lats. With additional springs you can greater tailor the machine’s resistance to your individual physical needs, challenges and strengths, making a Pilates reformer with tower for sale a machine that supports both you, and a myriad range of workout modes.

Elina Pilates Reformers with Tower come in a variety of configurations. From studio machines designed to convert simply and efficiently from conventional reformers to tower machines, to safe-spacing home options which are designed to be both as  innovative and comfortable as possible. Meaning there is truly something from this innovative collection designed to suit every Pilates enthusiast.

A Pilates reformer with tower for studio use has been specifically designed to boost and increase the exercises students can engage in, allowing practitioners and students alike to enjoy the benefits of more experimental and complex routines. While Pilates tower equipment for home is fantastic for those who want to reach incredible new heights in terms of their fitness progression, in the sanctuary and privacy of their own living space.

This collection features exceptional Pilates reformer with tower for sale options, including models renowned for their quality and convertibility, boasting adjustable four position shoulder straps and large foot bars. Elina Pilates Reformers with Tower allows you to get all the benefits of Cadillac Pilates exercises at a reduced cost, with all of their Pilates reformer with tower options constructed from premium, sustainably sourced maple wood. To discover more options like these, visit our complete Elina Pilates reformer with tower sale.

Elina Pilates is an internationally renowned brand, born and based in the heart of Southern Europe in Spain. All of their impeccable Pilates tower equipment has been exclusively designed and developed with the oversight of top Pilates professionals in their field. All of their Pilates reformer with tower for sale boast expert construction, premium, natural materials and highly customisable technological features. Their range of reformers with tower is no exception, which is why this brand enjoys an exceptional degree of popularity across the world, highly rated throughout the US, UK and wider Europe.

Like us, they are a customer-centered business, who prioritize the satisfaction and happiness of Pilates enthusiasts through every step of their business. Which is why we sell every piece of their equipment with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee is our promise to you that every Elina Pilates Reformer with tower will deliver on the elite functionality and phenomenal performance it promises.

Elina Pilates Reformers with Tower FAQs

Elina Pilates is a leading Pilates equipment company with stores across Europe, the UK and of course- the US. Their equipment is utilised globally in studios and sports centers, due to it’s robust, elegant and efficient construction and design.

Elina Pilates comes highly recommended by a long list of Pilates professionals, due to their high quality, making a machine from this brand an investment worth considering.

An Elina Pilates reformer with tower is a Pilates combination machine consisting of both a Pilates reformer and a tower.

The reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment, having the bed-like appearance of a Pilates reformer with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys. And a tower is a vertical unit constructed typically from aluminium that uses a range of attachments, including a push-through bar and a roll-back bar.

Both of these pieces of equipment together provide a full body workout.

The benefits of using a Reformer with tower are extensive. The tower allows adjustment of springs and resistance according to your weight, height and strength, allowing you to target any area of your body for toning and strengthening without potentially overworking yourself.

It also is an incredible option for cultivating your core strength, which improves your athletic performance, injury recovery, balance, posture and can even contribute to weight loss. The stretch possible on a tower is paralled only by the Cadillac, allowing for a full body conditioning workout that targets all areas of your body.

A reformer needs a space of about 40 to 50 square feet. An Elina Pilates tower is on average 79,53 inches, though height and size will differ from model to model.

We recommend measuring the dimensions of your required space, and comparing these to the measurement listed in the product description of the Elina Pilates reformer with tower you wish to purchase.

An Elina Pilates reformer with tower on average costs $3,600, though this cost can differ according to the specific model you want.

We recommend drawing up a list of the selling points of the reformer your considering, including it’s make, size, functionality and reviews,  to see if the price is worth the investment.

You can buy one directly here on this page. Or if you want to explore Pilates reformers with additional towers from other brands than Elina Pilates, you can visit our official Pilates reformer with tower collection.