Elina Pilates Reformers

Explore our Elina Pilates reformer sale, consisting of some of the finest reformer options on the Pilates equipment market.

Driven by the sheer popularity and renowned reputation of the Pilates reformer, Elina Pilates constantly endeavors to innovate, improve and re-imagine their designs. With their unique focus on premium materials and professional, classic design, there’s sure to be a Pilates reformer in this stylish, affordable, and sophisticated range to suit your fitness needs.

Calm your state of mind, condition your muscles and cultivate superior fitness with an Elina Pilates reformer, which epitomizes elite functionality and modern mechanical design. Suited to serving the fitness needs of everyone, no matter their age, mobility level, and body type, regular exercise on an Elina reformer boasts exceptional therapeutic and physical benefits beyond your wildest expectations. Despite being a low-impact exercise, reformer Pilates requires unprecedented levels of strength, flexibility, and endurance that will burn fat and build muscle tone, making everyone, from amateur enthusiasts to seasoned athletes start to sweat.

With an Elina Pilates reformer, you can enjoy all these incredible benefits, knowing you’re secure and supported on a professional-grade reformer engineered from only the most ergonomic, robust, and reliable materials. Each Elina reformer comes with an advanced color-coded resistance system, which allows the user to tailor the level of resistance to their own unique fitness goals and needs. Meaning, a Pilates machine from Elina Pilates is one that truly adapts to your individual body and preferences- instead of the other way around.

An Elina reformer is also highly adaptable, blending effortlessly into both home and studio spaces, due to their mechanical versatility and modern aesthetic. Elina Pilates produces reformers with specialized, multifaceted features like stackability and easy storage, ensuring they never take up too much space. In addition to this, they boast impressive longevity and durability, allowing Pilates enthusiasts to practice a wide range of exercise routines of varying speeds and intensities. While an Elina reformer is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment, if you’ve realized Elina Pilates as a brand is not right for you, we encourage you to head on over to our comprehensive collection of Pilates reformers to find your perfect reformer instead.

Every single reformer for sale we feature in this Elina Pilates collection is sold with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee is our way of making clear your customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and that every reformer we sell has been meticulously screened to ensure it meets high standards of authenticity, quality, construction, and performance.

All of Elina Pilate’s equipment meets this rigorous industrial standard, which is why we showcase them in all their exquisite quality and beautiful designs here in this exclusive collection. Elina Pilates remains one of the most internationally respected Pilates equipment brands in the world, their high sales from both major sports studios and private enthusiasts communicating their product’s mass appeal, and the high esteem they are held in.

This high esteem remains a product of the brand’s technological innovation, forward-thinking ingenuity, and state-of-the-art craftsmanship, which is showcased prominently in their line of reformers. To discover more of Elina Pilates equipment, from Cadillac’s to combination machines, we recommend you visit our exclusive Elina Pilates reformer collection.

Elina Pilates Reformers FAQs

Elina Pilates is a Pilates equipment brand based in Spain, that specializes in modern, classic reformers constructed primarily for studio use made out of sustainable, premium materials.

They are internationally renowned, supplying their equipment to sports centers, gyms, Pilates studios, and Pilates enthusiasts across the globe.

The benefits of purchasing an Elina Pilates reformer are the same as buying any other reformer.

Regular exercise on a Pilates reformer, like mat Pilates, helps you calm your overall state of mind and control your breathing and focus, a critical aspect of elevating your mental wellness.

It also provides a phenomenal workout for your body’s “powerhouse” ergo your glutes, hips, lower back, abs, and importantly, your core. You can cultivate superior body alignment, coordination, balance, posture, and flexibility by using a reformer.

You clean a reformer by Elina Pilates just like any other reformer.

Plain tap water mixed with a small amount (a teaspoon) of dish soap is perfect for 90% of the cleaning you must do. Bottle it up in a spray form.

Wipe down the roll-down bars, push-through bars, and most importantly the wooden reformer frames to avoid build-up of dirt, sweat, and oil using a microfiber cloth.

Important to remember- you may read some info on cleaning your reformer that mentions using silicone spray. Under no circumstances use silicone spray on your reformers rails and wheels, as it will cause issues with the functioning of the equipment.

Clarifying what is the ‘best’ Pilates reformer is a difficult task, which can only be done by analyzing your unique priorities and fitness goals.

If you value high performance above all else, there are options that have been designed to support even the most intensive exercise regimen. If you’re more interested in affordability and luxurious comfort when you exercise, there are other reformers engineered with that in mind.

To understand your exercise priorities, please consult with your doctor and a qualified Pilates practitioner to understand the state of your fitness and body and how Pilates may be able to help.

On average, an Elina Pilates reformer goes from between $3,000 to $3,500. Most however are cheaper than $3,500 ending up in the $3,000 to $3,200 range.

You can buy it here, and explore their other equipment options on their collection page. You can also explore the rest of our Pilates equipment by visiting our complete Pilates equipment collection.