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Work Your Glutes: 5 Pilates Exercises For Firmer Glutes

Work Your Glutes: 5 Pilates Exercises For Firmer Glutes

It’s not just about the curve… Firmer glutes give you brain power!

There is more to having a bigger and firmer butt than just boosting your physical attractiveness.

Recent studies indicate that having bigger glutes can actually keep you healthy and boost your brain power.

Talking about having the complete package – you get to have the curve and the brain!

Bigger Glutes Bigger Brain

As we’ve mentioned, having a bigger butt can boost your brain power.

But how, exactly?

The simplest explanation is that your buttocks area has a lot of fats stored in it - mostly good fats - and it’s called gluteofemoral fat.

And your gluteofemoral fat is the main source of your omega-3 fatty acid, which is critical to brain development.

It also increases blood flow to your brain, giving you an advantage when performing cognitive tasks.

Pilates Butt Muscles Prevent Back Pain

Have you heard of the Pilates Powerhouse muscles?

These muscles are called powerhouse because they stabilize your body especially when you’re performing gross movements.

This involves your muscles starting under your ribs to your glutes.

So when you have weak glutes, it can affect the stability of your trunk, which can lead to back pain.

That’s why it’s important that you perform a Pilates butt workout along with Pilates back exercises to prevent back pain.

Larger Hips = Longer Life

The phrase “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” doesn’t sound so negative now that we know having a larger hip and thigh can actually add years to your life.

And yes, this is scientifically proven! So flaunt those hips.

Don’t Skip Leg Day!

Don’t let your hamstring do the work. Weak glutes can overload the muscles of your back thigh.

So having firmer and stronger glutes can actually protect you from lower extremity injuries such as strain and tear.

5 Pilates Butt Exercises For Firmer Glutes

1. Pilates Glutes Sidekick

Let’s start with the basics.

All you need for this exercise is your mat or any Pilates equipment for home.

  1. Lie on your left side. Position your feet out 45 degrees in front of you while keeping your legs extended
  2. Place your left hand under your head to prop it. Place your right arm in front of you with your palm flat on the mat.
  3. Remember to engage your core and keep your hips stacked and your shoulders aligned
  4. Lift your right foot to hip level, move it backwards with your knee straight, and bring it forward past your hip
  5. Contract your glutes to move your leg while engaging your core to stabilize your body
  6. Repeat this movement 10 times on each leg

2. Clamshell Exercise

Clamshell exercise is an excellent way to isolate and target your hip abductor, gluteus medius.

  1. Lie on your left side. Place your left arm under your head comfortably and your right hand on your hip
  2. Make sure that your shoulders and hips are stacked and aligned. Engage your core for a more stable movement
  3. Slightly bend your knees, keep your feet parallel to each other, toes and heel touching
  4. Lift your right knee towards the ceiling without lifting your toes. It’s like opening a clamshell, your feet are the hinges and your knees are the shell
  5. Perform this exercise on both legs, 10 times each

3. Side Pilates Butt Workout

Now that we’ve isolated your gluteus medius, it’s time that we focus on your largest muscle, the gluteus maximus.

It’s a hip extensor and the most prominent of your three glute muscles. 

  1. Lie on your left side, align your shoulders between the shoulder rest of your Pilates reformer and use a block or pillow to support your head
  2. Plant your right foot on the foot bar. Both of your knees should be positioned at 90 degrees and parallel to each other
  3. Remember to engage your core while keeping your shoulders and hips aligned and stacked while performing the exercise
  4. Push yourself towards the head of the Pilates reformer using your right leg while maintaining your left leg in a 90-degree position
  5. Slowly bring yourself back to the starting position
  6. Perform this exercise on each side 10 times

4. Next Level Glute Kickback

This Pilates reformer glute exercises is a modified version of glute kickback that will provide you with more resistance so you can build firmer glutes.

Here’s how you do it…

  1. Stand on the side of your Pilates reformer machine
  2. Plant one foot to a shoulder block without your knee touching the carriage. While the other foot is firmly planted on the floor with your knee slightly bent
  3. Gently place your fingertips on the foot bar for support
  4. Push the leg that is resting on the Pilates reformer backwards. Keep your back straight and core engaged
  5. For more resistance, adjust the springs
  6. Repeat this movement 10 times on each butt

5. Bridging on Pilates Cadillac Reformer

This is an advanced Pilates glutes bridging that 100% targets your powerhouse muscles.

  1. Connect your foot straps or Pilates TRX to the swing springs
  2. Lie on your back and rest each of your ankles inside the foot strap or Pilates TRX. Keep the palm of your hands flat on the carriage
  3. Bring your trunk to a plank position, keeping your hips and knees straight. Squeeze your glutes and engage your core
  4. Pull your right leg towards your body, as far as you can, while keeping your left leg straight and balanced
  5. Perform this exercise 10 times on each leg

You’re the complete package!

Yes, you are.

Because now that you’ve learned how to make your glutes firmer and bigger…

  1. You just boosted your brain power
  2. Saved your knees and back from years of pain
  3. And most importantly, you might have just added a few years to your life

You’ll get their attention with your bootylicious body while you dazzle them with your intelligence.

Planning to start your Pilates glute exercises today? Check out our Pilates reformer catalogue to help you achieve the curve you want.

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