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Why You Should Add Pilates To Your Day

Why You Should Add Pilates To Your Day

…Because why not?

Do you feel that you’re not achieving your ideal body and state of mind from your current workout routine? Or are you looking for a more meaningful routine?

Whatever your reason is, we’ll tell you as early as now that you're making the right decision of adding Pilates to your everyday routine.

And here’s why…

Pilates is a household name for a reason

Pilates has become a household name in the 21st century and it’s not just because celebrities rave about it all the time… no, the reason is more meaningful than that.

You see, Joseph Pilates, the founder, created the 6 Principles of Pilates that became the foundation to achieve the ultimate goal of strengthening the coordination of the body, mind, and spirit.

This is why working out on a Pilates reformer can strengthen more than just your physical body; it’s a journey of self-discovery, life balance, and peace of mind.

So if you want to achieve fitness for both your mind and body, keep reading.

You just might find what you truly need…

Learn meditation while working out

Yes… with Pilates, you’ll achieve both.

The meditative nature of Pilates is what makes people fall in love with it.

As we said earlier, the goal of Pilates is to strengthen the coordination of your body, mind, and spirit.

And what better way to achieve this than pure concentration - which happens to be one of the principles of Pilates.

With Pilates, you’ll be able to strengthen your physical body while learning the art of mindfulness and discovering the beauty of a balanced mind and body.

So don’t be surprised when after you practice your Pilates routine you suddenly feel the positive energy pulsing within you.

Create a happier life

One of our lovely clients who, in the beginning, was very hesitant in buying Pilates equipment shared how Pilates transformed her life.

She told us that prior to purchasing her Elina Pilates, she didn’t expect anything other than to get physically fit and attractive.

But after a month of religiously doing Pilates workouts, she found her mindset changing.

Before, small things would tick her off or she would let stress sip into her peaceful morning. But after Pilates, she has learned how to deal with stress in a healthier way.

She told us that whenever she encounters a problem now, instead of finding blame, feeling guilt and regret or letting her pride decide for her she would take a deep breath, calm her mind, and start finding a solution.

This made her happier… and she attributed this transformation to her Pilates routine at home.

The healing power and meditative nature of Pilates can help you become more mindful, resilient, and smarter.

It’s not your average core strengthening

… for 2 main reasons:

  1. It doesn’t just focus on your abdominal muscles (unlike other types of exercises).

In Pilates, the core muscles are called Pilates Powerhouse and are composed of 6 important muscles: quadratus lumborum, diaphragm, multifidus, transverse abdominis, rotators, and the pelvic floor.

These muscles protect your organs and improve your posture and balance.

So a weakness in these muscles could lead to back pain, spine deformity, gait problems, poor posture and so on…

2. There’s a Pilates principle devoted only to your powerhouse muscles

This principle is called centering.

Joseph Pilates believed that your core or powerhouse muscles are the center of energy from where you derive your strength and vitality to fuel your whole body.

Which makes perfect sense!

Look back at the time when you experienced back pain. Did it affect your work, social, and personal life? Did you experience whole-body fatigue or headache?

This is because your center can dramatically affect your whole body.

Starter Pack: 3 Pilates Beginner Routine

1. Pilates Breathing

Breathing is an important element in Pilates because learning how to breathe properly will help you optimize your workout.

With Pilates breathing, you’ll learn how to engage your core.

So when you breathe, you’re not just consuming air you’re actually training your powerhouse to be stronger with every breath.

Steps for Pilates breathing

a. Stand up straight and keep your spine in a neutral position
b. Place your hands around your ribcage, just below your breast, with your fingertips touching
c. Relax your shoulder and imagine that your ribs are an accordion, as you bring more air you need to expand it. So inhale through your nose and let your ribcage expand like an accordion; take as much air as you can
d. Purse your lips and exhale through your mouth. Feel your ribs drawing inward and contracting, and your fingertips touching again
e. Repeat 10 times or do it for 3-5 minutes

2. Spine Stretch Forward

Let’s loosen your spine to decrease the tension and increase flexibility.

Steps for spine stretch

a. Sit up straight on a mat with your spine in a neutral position; your legs straight and your knees extended (but if you have tight hamstrings, bend your knees to make sure that your spine doesn't curve). Keep your lower extremities shoulder-width apart and toes pointing at the ceiling
b. Extend your arms at shoulder height and your palm facing down
c. Move your body forward while creating a round posture on your spine while maintaining your arms in a straight position. Come back to the starting position by lifting your chest out
d. Repeat 10 times

3. Pilates Hip Raises

    We’ll be able to practice some Pilates principles with hip raises.

    Steps for Pilates hip raises

    a. Lie on an Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Machine with your shoulder comfortably pressed against the shoulder block for momentum
    b. Place your feet on the footbar with the foot arch pressed against it and keep your legs hip-width apart
    c. Take a deep breath by practicing Pilates breathing and when you’re ready, lift your hip off the carriage towards the ceiling without overarching. Control your movement by contracting your abs and squeezing your glutes
    d. Repeat 10 times

      Pilates: Strengthen Your Mind, Body, And Spirit

      So have you decided? Just keep in mind that the practice of Pilates transcends physical fitness…

      It’s a physical transformation as well as a spiritual and mental journey that will help you strengthen your resolve.

      Giving you a more positive outlook in life while achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of.

      Are you ready to add Pilates to your routine? Check out our Pilates reformer catalogue to create a happier and healthier lifestyle!

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      Need Help Choosing The Right Pilates Machine?

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