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Top 3 Pilates Reformers for Your Home or Class

Even if you've never taken a class in your life, you're probably still aware of the health benefits of Pilates. This popular form of exercise can strengthen your core, improve your flexibility, increase energy levels, and improve strength, among other things.

Most people do Pilates on a mat, whether it's at home or at the gym. While doing Pilates on a mat is still great for you, using Pilates reformers is much more challenging and effective. 

A Pilates reformer is a device that uses pulleys and springs to create resistance and improve your workout. If you're looking to improve your home workout, or if you own a Pilates studio and want to improve your equipment, look no further! Read on for our guide for the top Pilates reformers on the market. 

The Classic Pilates Reformer

There are many types of Pilates reformers to choose from, so we'll start with the classic design.

Our Pilates reformer is an ideal reformer for at-home use. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel and oak-finished wood and features aluminum rails.

This machine is designed for both comfort and functionality, with padding made from high-density foam. It's an elevated reformer so that you're not laying flat on the ground while you're performing exercises. It also comes with an adjustable headrest and footrest.

This Pilates reformer is designed for you to be able to do all the exercises of a Pilates studio at home. If you are looking to compare Pilates reformers and find the perfect one for your needs, check our list of the 11 Best Pilates Reformer Machines.

Pilates Cadillac Reformer

The Pilates Cadillac Reformer is a heavy-duty reformer that is well-suited for a Pilates gym but also can be used in the home if you have space for it. 

The Cadillac Reformer is the most well-rounded reformer on the list, with a whole plethora of workouts available. It has a foot bar, spring bar, and pulleys that can all be interchanged easily. It also has feet and hand loops for a unique take on the reformer. 

Pilates Reformer With a Tower

This reformer is a great balance between the classic Pilates reformer and the Cadillac reformer, as it features more than the classic but doesn't take up as much space as the Cadillac.

You can still do all of the exercises you would normally find on a classic reformer, but the tower addition allows you to do a lot of stand-up exercises that are great for core and upper body strength.

Shopping For Pilates Reformers

Now that you have an idea of some of the best Pilates reformers on the market, it's time to get one for yourself. Luckily for you, you're already in the right place. 

No matter whether you're looking for a basic reformer, a fancy Cadillac reformer, or just various Pilates equipment, we're your one-stop-shop for improving your Pilates experience. Shop our products today!

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