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Can Pilates Help With Reducing Stress and Anxiety?

Can Pilates Help With Reducing Stress and Anxiety?

Pilates… It's more than just a physical workout. Here’s what you need to know for a healthier mind and body

Did you wake up feeling anxious? Do you sometimes find yourself spending hours and hours stressing about your future?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We understand what you’re going through.

We live in a time when connecting with the world has become conveniently easy. Too easy that it made disconnecting and getting perspective a struggle for most of us.

Because every day, we're bombarded with news about the world; our friends’ happy moments; celebrities’ glamorous and unattainable lives… That we can’t consciously switch our minds off anymore.

And this constant connectivity, even with its positive impact, has become overwhelming for us - emotionally and spiritually.

So there’s no mystery why more and more people turn to Pilates for anxiety and stress relief.

Pilates takes us away from our phones, laptops, social media… And brings us to a place of serenity where we can free our minds from stress and focus on our present.

So let’s begin our journey to healthier mental health by answering the question…

Can Pilates Really Help Me With My Stress And Anxiety?

Yes, it can! And we’re not just saying this because we love our Peak Pilates reformer.

Studies have shown that Pilates is more than just a physical fitness routine that is focused solely on strengthening your physical body.

And honestly, the outcome of these studies is no surprise.

Because when Joseph Pilates conceptualized Pilates he had a vision of unifying and conditioning the body and mind.

He believed that doing so will help our bodies achieve their full potential.

This is why every time you practice your Pilates for stress relief routine, you feel lighter and better; as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulder.

You don't just feel physically strong but you experience clarity of mind and stability in your emotions.

4 Proven Mental Health Benefits Of Pilates

As you already know, the health benefits of Pilates are amazingly life-changing.

We’ve heard more than a dozen stories from our clients on how their lives became better and healthier the moment they decided to buy the best home Pilates reformer.

And you know why? It’s because, at that moment, they took the first step to consciously disconnect themselves from the overwhelming modern world.

Just like they say, the hardest part in life is taking the first step towards change…

1. Mindfulness is the key

Pilates is a form of meditation that helps you cultivate mindfulness.

Because the moment you start your Pilates workout on your Basi reformer, the background noises disappear.

Suddenly, it’s just you and your Pilates equipment. You focus on your breathing and movement while being aware of your surroundings.

Learning how to be mindful will help you overcome stress by living in the moment instead of rehashing your past and worrying about your future.

2. You don’t get easily distracted

We understand how overwhelmed you feel… Being super connected with the world and everyone around you can be a bit too much.

This is why Pilates is such an important workout because it helps in improving your concentration and makes you less prone to distractions.

When you do your Pilates workout, you focus on your body’s position, so you can carry out each movement slowly and gracefully. Leaving your mind with no room for distraction.

3. Pilates makes you smarter

Yup, Pilates does!

It’s because of Pilates’ mindful movement technique.

When you focus and become more self-aware, your stress level lowers, calming your mind and body. Thus, enhancing your cognitive ability.

4. Brain training

It’s common knowledge that exercising can boost your brain power… When performed correctly!

Brain training can only happen when both your body and mind are functioning while you’re exercising.

This means that when you're performing exercises that are repetitive and don’t require you to be mindful, such as running, then you’re only training your muscles to be stronger and not your brain.

With Pilates, your neurons become more connected and active. Enhancing your cognitive ability and memory.

3 Tips On How To Quickly Combat Stress

We know that you can’t just do Pilates for anxiety and stress relief anytime you’re feeling stressed out or anxious.

So we’ve listed 3 simple ways that will help you quickly reduce your stress level:

a. Breathe…

Cliche and ancient it may sound but breathing is a very powerful practice that can clear your mind in an instant.

So when everything starts to get chaotic and you can feel your stress level rising…

  1. Stop what you’re doing
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Take a deep breath by inhaling through your nose (slowly)
  4. Savor it and when you’re ready, exhale through your mouth

Take your time when doing this. Forget your surrounding and focus on your breath, which leads us to our second tip…

b. Meditate

While you’re doing your breathing exercises, try to focus your thoughts towards your body.

Feel the way your chest goes up and down while you’re breathing or the sensation between your buttocks and the chair.

This will help you to be more present and not think about the past or future. Giving you a clear head to make better decisions.

c. Take a walk

Giving yourself some space can help you clear your mind.

Disconnect while connecting your mind & body…

Isn’t it amazing what Pilates for anxiety can do for your mental health?

Pilates doesn’t just tune out the stressors in your life. It helps you understand them and gives you the power to control how you react and deal with them.

So remember,…

  1. Being mindful is the key
  2. Focus on your movement and let go of the distractions
  3. Connect your body with your mind while performing a Pilates workout
  4. Pay attention to your movements and perform them as gracefully as you can

Don’t let stress and anxiety take over your life!

It’s time that you take the first steps towards a healthier mind and body… Check our Pilates Reformer catalogue and find the right equipment that will help you combat your stress today.

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Need Help Choosing The Right Pilates Machine?

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