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7 Pilates Workout To Tone And Strengthen Your Arms

Toned arms don’t have to be bulky! Get sexy arms with our tailored Pilates arm exercises just for you.

Do you wish for toned arms like Gal Gadot? Well, who doesn’t, right!

She doesn’t just look sex; she actually looks like real-life Amazon who’s independent and can protect herself.

Because having toned arms is more than just decorative, it symbolizes strength and power.

So we’ve listed the top 5 Pilates arms workout routines that will sculpt and strengthen your arms in no time.

Tone them well: 7 Pilates Arms Workout

1. Ring Squeeze

    For our first workout, we’ll activate your muscles by doing some isometrics Pilates arm exercises. This will help boost your brain-body connection, preparing your body for a more extensive workout.

    Pilates arm steps:

    a. Begin by kneeling on a mat. Hold the Pilates ring in your palm, bend your elbows to 90 degrees, and your arms close and parallel to your body
    b. Take a deep breath, engage your core, squeeze the Pilates ring as hard as you can and hold for 10-20 seconds
    c. Place your hand inside the ring with the back of your hand resting on the handle, and assume the same position as before
    d. Take a deep breath, engage your core, push the ring with the back of your hands to activate your external rotator muscles and hold for 10-20 seconds
    e. Repeat 10 to 15 times

      2. Triceps extension

        Ohh, triceps! Why so hard to achieve?

        Toning and strengthening your triceps is hard work, we know! But no worries, we’ve added a few Pilates arms workout that focuses on your triceps.

        Pilates arm steps:

        a. Lie comfortably on the carriage of your Pilates equipment and place your head between the shoulder support
        b. Hold the straps, place your arms parallel to your trunk, and bend your elbows. Your palms should be facing away from your shoulder
        c. Bend your hips and knees to form a perfect “L”; keep your toes pointing outwards
        d. Take a deep breath, engage your core and slowly extend your elbows. Control your movement so that you’ll target the correct muscles
        e. Repeat 10- 15 times

          3. Bicep Curls

            Bicep curls… the exercise that never gets old! It may be ancient but its effectiveness is undoubtedly one that works.

            But don’t worry, we won’t do it the traditional way. We’ll use a Pilates Reformer to make it more targeted and advance for you.

            Pilates arm steps:

            a. Before you begin, make sure that you adjust the Pilates Springs for resistance so as not to over or underdo your Pilates arms workout
            b. Kneel on the carriage with the front of your thigh touching the shoulder rest
            c. Hold the respective straps, extend your elbow and keep it at shoulder height. Make sure your palm is facing upwards
            d. Slightly lean backwards to engage your core and quadriceps then flex your biceps
            e. Do this 10-15 times

              4. The Z Triceps With Upper Back Workout

                Here’s another triceps workout but in combination with your deep shoulder muscles.

                This exercise will help you sculpt your back muscles so that the next time you wear a sexy bikini, it won't just be your arms that will look good.

                Pilates arm steps:

                a. Kneel on the carriage of your Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Machine with your knees touching the shoulder rest. Hold the straps on each hand and assume the Z position with your toes pointing out
                b. Position your elbows slightly past your back and bend them to 90 degrees
                c. Extend your elbows as far as you can while maintaining a neutral spine, engaging your core and back muscles
                d. Repeat 10 - 5 times

                  5. Reformer Shoulder Press

                    More often than not, when people talk about the upper arm they imagine it as separate from the shoulders. But anatomically speaking, your upper arm is part of your shoulder.

                    The reformer shoulder press is one of the best Pilates arm exercises that will really strengthen and tone your entire shoulder.

                    Pilates arm steps:

                    a. Kneel on the carriage with your right knee parallel to the shoulder rest
                    b. Hold one strap with your right hand. Bend your elbows, externally rotate your right shoulder, and extend it overhead, pulling the strap away from the pulleys
                    c. Remember to do the breathing exercises and engage your core muscles
                    d. Bring your arm to the starting position
                    e. Do this 10-15 times

                      6. D2 Shoulder Flexion

                        D2 shoulder flexion is one of our favorite exercises because it targets your deep and superficial muscles.

                        This exercise is called Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) which is usually prescribed for stroke patients.

                        Pilates arm steps:

                        a. On your Elina Pilates Reformer Machine, kneel on the carriage with your right knee parallel to the shoulder rest
                        b. Cross your left arm and grab the strap from your right side. Now, engage your core and back muscles to keep your trunk in a neutral position
                        c. Diagonally move your left arm toward your left side, extending your elbow with a reaching outwards motion. Don’t twist your trunk, keep it straight
                        d. Bring your arms to the resting position and repeat 10 to 15 times

                          7. Pilates Arm Circle

                            Let’s finish strong! So we’ve save the best for last.

                            Pilates arm circle will combine all the exercises we’ve been doing in one motion.

                            Pilates arm steps:

                            a. Kneel on the carriage of your Pilates reformer with the sole of your feet pushing on the shoulder rest
                            b. Extend your arms and hold the straps with your palm facing forward. Move your arms forward and draw a circle on the side of your body using your hands
                            c. Make sure that your core is engaged all the time and keep your body straight
                            d. Do this 10-15 times

                              Do you feel like an Amazon now?

                              We bet you do!

                              But before you start swinging your Lasso of Truth, just a few reminders when doing Pilates arm exercises:

                              1. Always engage your core
                              2. Never rush your movement, control is the key when targeting muscles
                              3. And most importantly, always breathe! Inhale when relaxing and exhale when exerting an effort

                              Be a symbol of strength and power! Check out our Pilates catalogue and become a real-life Amazon today.

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