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10 Reasons Why You Should Try The Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer.

The iconic and insanely popular Pilates Machine created by Joseph Pilates to ‘reform’ the body during Pilates, and support the progression of all lovers of the exercise.

Anyone passionate about Pilates has at the very least heard of a reformer. But those new to the exercise may be wondering- why is it such a big deal? 

Surely, I can just practice Pilates for cheap on a mat? 

Of course, you can. Mat Pilates has a host of impressive physiological and psychological benefits that are sure to improve your quality of life. 

But it isn’t reformer Pilates. And what reformer Pilates machines are undeniably an upgrade from mat Pilates. 

The advanced technological features of the Pilates reformer like the springs and platform, allow for a versatility of movement and resistance training not possible on the restrictive mat. Making Pilates reformer workouts far more intense and invigorating.

Due to its limitations, mat Pilates tends to just tone the core- compared to the Pilates reformer which can be utilized to tone the entire body. For this reason, any serious Pilates enthusiast should at very least consider giving the reformer a try.

Because ultimately, Pilates reformer exercises will boost your Pilates progression and challenge your fitness in a way that mat simply can't. 

That’s just one of the reasons you should give the Pilates reformer a try. 

And if you aren’t convinced by that one, guess what? Here’s ten more. 

Increased muscular endurance and core strength 

The increased resistance of the Pilates reformer builds your muscular strength, size, and endurance without any aesthetic bulk. 

With your increased endurance, you can perform everyday tasks without fatigue, and with your toned forearms inspire jealousy in a tank top. 

In addition to this, proper form and technique are crucial to successfully exercise on the Pilates reformer. The key to proper form is your core, lower back muscles, and abdomen, but primarily your core. 

Reformer Pilates conditions the core muscles, which stabilizes and correctly aligns your spine by contracting with exercise. Core strength, therefore, increases the impact and strength of all your exercise due to your ability to maintain proper form. 

Boosts Sport performance 

Here’s one for you really sporty people- exercising on a Pilates reformer not only makes your Pilates better but also helps you achieve an extra edge in competitive sports.

Pilate machine workouts improve flexibility, balance, and of course- core strength.

That’s why athletes from sports as diverse as rowing, running, gymnastics, and weightlifting regularly use the reformer. 

And not just for resistance training and improving strength- pilates reformer workouts help stretch and rehabilitate their bodies post-injury. 

Improves your flexibility 

Pilates reformer exercises require you to go through a full range of motion, stretching and elongating your muscles, a process that massively improves your flexibility. 

More flexibility means you lessen stress and strain surrounding your muscles and joints and reduce your risk of soreness, stiffness, and injury. 

Also, flexibility allows your muscles to contract more efficiently, which makes you more effective overall at exercising. 

Improved posture and breathing.

Pilates machine workouts should be performed with what is known as “lateral” or “intercostal” breathing, which promotes the full use of your ribcage and respiratory muscles.

Breathing in this way increases your breathing efficiency and thus your lung capacity during both workouts and daily life. 

During intense exercise, it helps your lungs better supply your body with essential oxygen. And during rest, you will naturally breathe deeper and less frequently, which helps to lessen anxiety and improve overall relaxation. 

Using a Pilates reformer also improves your posture by realigning your spine. This strengthens your muscles to improve your stability and spinal support, to to mention improving your posture gives you a taller, slimmer appearance. 

This re-alignment helps to decrease the risk of injury by correcting muscular imbalances and gives you proper posture in your personal life as well. 

Burns Unwanted Fat 

As I’m sure your aware, exercise increases your metabolism, which is essentially the rate by which your body burns calories. 

Whilst Pilates reformer workouts aren’t geared towards cardio in the same way running or cycling is, working out on a reformer Pilates machine can significantly boost attempts to burn unwanted fat.

Not just through the exertion of the exercise itself but through its benefit of inducing lean muscular growth.

When you have increased muscle mass your base metabolic rate is far higher, as your body requires greater energy to sustain itself. 

So, even when resting you will burn more fat, making any weight loss journey a whole lot easier. 

It’s low impact and better for your joints 

Pilates reformer exercises are low impact, meaning it’s a lot easier on your body and joints. When I say ‘low impact’ here I am not referring to the intensity of the workout or its benefits- rather the pressure and weight it exerts. 

Exercises like running or dancing put a lot of pressure on your joints, as with each step they are facing the weight of your entire body, which is made even heavier by gravitational force. 

This strain can lead to long term health issues surrounding the joints, and the risk of injury is ever-present. 

By contrast, almost all Pilates reformer exercises can be performed on your back, knees, or front, meaning there is none of that risk. 

Meaning it’s perfect if you suffer from injury-related strains or want an intense workout without risking the current and future health of your joints. 

It’s A Major form of movement therapy and rehabilitation

Pilates is one of the best and longest-standing forms of movement therapy and rehabilitation out there. 

It’s even recommended globally by many doctors and therapists who recognize it’s healing potentialities as the go-to exercise for active rehabilitation. 

Compared to the Pilates mat, the Pilates reformer offers a greater range in working specific muscles and retraining movement to heal the body. 

Pilates reformer workouts can be utilized to treat almost every problematic area and dysfunction with the body, with the reformer adding extra comfort and support.

Also with the spring-loaded feature of the Pilates reformer, there are no jarring movements, which means you can exercise at any level of rehabilitation or fitness.

Toned abs and physique 

A short reason, but definitely one worth mentioning. 

One of the major benefits of pilate reformer workouts is that through toning and building muscle you build a pretty fantastic physique. 

While the idea of Pilates giving you longer muscles and limbs is a myth….. it undeniably does give you some incredible abs. 

So if your searching for the equipment to sculpt your dream body, the reformer Pilates machine may just be your best bet. 

Aww yeah. 

Wonderful social outlet 

Pilates is an incredibly individualized exercise where the point is the progression and improvement of your own body. 

Meaning, it’s rarely as competitive as other sports where everyone in a room will ultimately have the same goal.

This creates a relaxed, supportive environment that can be a conduit for friendship and socialization for people from a diversity of backgrounds, genders, and ages. 

Everyone from the young to the elderly can enjoy pilate reformer workouts. Meaning trying out a Pilates reformer in a class setting can be both a wonderful social outlet and a way to expose yourself to people you may not typically meet. 

A fun, easy, and accessible way to stay fit 

Sadly, many solo exercises can quickly become painful and boring.

Meanwhile, exercising on a Pilates reformer is exciting, gives you a sense of freedom, and is significantly more comfortable.

You can lay on the carriage, pull ropes, move on the platform, pose midair using the bars, the list of positions and exercises is truly endless. This perhaps explains why the Pilates reformer remains the most popular and sought after Pilates machine. 

You can constantly switch up and experiment with your routine, keeping things fresh, fun, and challenging 24/7. 

In addition to this, there is Pilates for everyone, no matter their age, physical capacity, body type, and routine- it is a highly accessible and inclusive exercise, and the added support of the Pilates reformer only makes it more so. 


So...there you have it! Ten highly convincing reasons you should give the Pilates reformer a try. 

Of course, we recommend you try it first out with a qualified Pilates practitioner in a professional and controlled studio environment, to fully understand how to safely use one, and how it can benefit your individual body. 

Once you’ve done this, why not consider purchasing one of your own? at Pilates reformers plus, we offer a diverse and exceptional range of high-quality Pilates reformer for sale.

If you are looking to compare Pilates reformers and find the perfect one for your needs, check our list of the 11 Best Pilates Reformer Machines.

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Need Help Choosing The Right Pilates Machine?

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