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To find the most inexpensive yet high performing Pilates machine on the market, browse our exclusive collection of Pilates equipment for sale.

Just because every Pilates machine we stock in this collection features an extremely affordable price, doesn’t mean it’s of lesser quality. Some of the best Pilates Cadillac, Pilates reformer, and Pilates chair brands in the industry feature their products in this collection, out of their shared commitment to making Pilates equipment accessible to everyone.

We are fervent believers that all Pilates enthusiasts- no matter their age, occupation, level of physical mobility, and fitness goals- should have access to state of the art equipment that elevates and expertly supports their exercise experience. That’s why we are committed to providing Pilates equipment, like all the products showcased in this sensational collection, that fits into absolutely everyone’s budget.

Whilst all of the Pilates equipment for sale in this collection tends to go quickly- the most popular product is the Pilates reformer for sale we stock from many brands. Due to its accessibility and myriad features, the Pilates reformer is so popular we have even created a buyers guide for it. Once you know what reformer you're looking for, we recommend to act quickly- they get bought up fast!

If you want to browse exclusively by the reformer, we recommend you visit our Pilates reformer on sale collection.  And if you're willing to invest a bit more on the pricey side, visit our complete reformer collection to find a pristine Pilates reformer machine.

If you're searching for a Pilates machine for home or professional use that isn’t a reformer, other fantastic and inexpensive options are our Wunda chairs and Pilates Cadillacs. Wunda chairs provide exceptional support for your back, spine, neck, and arms are ideal for exercises focusing on balance, concentration, flexibility, and core strength. Pilates Cadillacs meanwhile are fantastic for vertically aligned exercises involving hanging, stretching, and posing amongst the bars, which build phenomenal upper body strength.

To browse our options for chairs or Cadillacs exclusively, we recommend you visit our Cadillac collection and chair collection, to discover if either equipment option is your dream Pilates machine for home or studio use.

In this collection we specifically have cost-effective Pilates equipment for home and for professional use, so both amateur enthusiasts and experienced practitioners can enjoy Pilates without a huge financial sacrifice. Ultimately, your customer satisfaction is imperative to what we do, which is why we will continue to strive to make Pilates more accessible, welcoming, and accommodating to everyone who adores and enjoys the exercise.

To hear more about us, what drives our ethical vision and what commitments we have made to the global Pilates community, we implore you to visit our main page.

Pilates Equipment On Sale FAQs

Pilates equipment goes on sale for an assortment of reasons. Often, we want our customers to consider new and daring options unlike anything else on the market, and one of the ways to do this is to reduce the price.

In addition to this, we are constantly striving to ensure our products have the best accessibility and affordability they can.

One of our primary goals is to make Pilates equipment accessible to everyone no matter their financial situation, and through slashing the prices of specific products we endeavor to realize that goal.

A Pilates reformer for sale from us has the same premium performance, impressive durability, multifaceted features, and sleek design as all of our reformers- just with a reduced price.

If you want an exceptional Pilates reformer without making a big financial sacrifice, a model from this collection is an option you should consider.

A Pilates machine designed for home use tends to boast superior comfort, support, and security than other reformers on the market.

Especially as many, especially older and disabled lovers of Pilates, use their machines to help themselves cope with debilitating physical injuries and challenges.

A Pilates machine designed for professional use tends to boast more advanced features and be overall bigger and taller, as a conventional studio has far more space than your average home gym.

The benefits of using Pilates equipment include superior athletic performance, accelerated weight loss, improvements to core strength, lessened recovery time, stronger bone density and straightened posture.

Regular engagement in Pilates using equipment has also been proven to increase your mental wellness by releasing ‘happiness hormones’ including endorphins and serotonin which contribute to mental wellness.

You may contemplate buying a Pilates chair or Pilates Cadillac over the conventional reformer if it better serves your body’s needs and requirements.

We suggest consulting with a trained Pilates professional and of course, a licensed doctor to understand what your body’s needs and requirements are and how Pilates could possibly help.

However, we can outline the unique benefits to your body of each major piece of equipment. The Pilates Chair supports a lot of exercises focused on posture and balance, especially for those who will need to sit down at any point during the workout.

Meanwhile, the reformer is instrumental in forming a strong core, quick reflexives, and muscular and toned legs and arms. Finally, the Pilates Cadillac is wonderful for full-body workouts and exercises designed to target your mobility, grip, and flexibility.

Pilates equipment on sale covers an extremely diverse range of prices, which naturally cannot be detailed in full here.

However, I can inform you that Pilates reformers, one of the most popular items, can range from mid $300 all the way up to mid $4000.